Little Johnny Beaman

A Madison Plains Miracle

Aaron Davis        

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Photo of a cabin in the woods.

Way back, back in the day there was a little boy named Johnny Beaman, who was born to the proud parents, Sarah and Mr. Johnny Beaman.

Coming up Mr. and Mrs. Beaman were the typical poor family, stricken with the harshness of poverty.

Mrs. Beaman was a typical old house wife with little education. She barely made it through grade school.

On the other hand, Mr. Beaman was a retired steel worker who took care of his family the best way he could. He had a nice garden beside the house, which sat on ten acres. This was an inheritance given from Mr. Beaman parents a long while ago.

Mr. Beaman did well with the crops that came from the garden and besides this he kept a few cows and a hog around for winter times.

Mrs Beaman was always supportive of Mr. Beaman and Little Johnny.

The neighbors  across the gates were the Washingtons and they were about average, but a little more upscale. They had a son named Alvin who they called little Al.

Back down there in the woods they were the only two families on the block in which the acreage consisted of about 30 all together.

They had a well and there was only one road up there that led to the gates. So every day lil Al an lil John would meet up on their way up there to the gates where they boarded the school bus every morning.

Now upon arrival at school every so often little Johnny was teased because of his skin color. He was a little lighter than average and not bad looking either.

Al was often his protector because of the crowd he attracted an I'm speaking of the girls, of course. So at this level it was a lot of jealousy taking place all the time.

During these times Mr. Beaman was only making a little over 5 dollars and as stated before he was already in retirement so as the plot thickens Mrs. Beaman and Mrs.Washington had a plan and the plans was to. . . shiiiiiiiiiiihush, this was ,top secret. But anyway, they devised a plan to assure that lil Johnny and lil Al would be all right for years to come. 

On a cold winter day just before daybreak Mrs. Sarah can remember her husband having a conversation with an old friend about a lot of money that Mr. Beaman had come into from the family. This went with the inheritance of the land that the family had. Mr. Beaman at times could be very silent about things, but he kept a close eye on the boys, carefully watching their progress over time.

That particular day Mr. Beaman had sat down with Mrs. Beaman and what he told her was shocking and she fainted when she got the news. Mr. Beaman had been keeping a secret from her. His youngest brother before he passed left a hundred and twenty million dollars buried around the well out back of the house. As the conversation went on he finally told Mrs. Beaman about the good news.

As the boys went on, they were now getting a little older and of course they both had girl friends now and were about to graduate from school

Mr. Beaman pulled little Johnny to the side and spoke to him about the money and assured him that the assets would be substantial. He gave Johnny all the information he needed and the security codes to the lock boxes at the post office.

Mr. Beaman and Mrs. Beaman were well in their seventies now and had lived a decent life. And I think that their triumphant moments came from the boys graduating.

Little Johnny went on to pursue his master's degree in science and Al went on to become a doctor.

A few years went by and the Beamans passed away within the same year, a week or so apart. What a coincidence!

Life went on for the boys as they were soon to marry. They both had children. Al had a boy and a girl and Johnny had two girls.

Johnny, never forgetting where he came from, went back to Madison Plains and gave a tremendous amount of money to the city for street repairs, buildings, and such and such. For this Johnny was exalted to be one of the city's key figure's in development and his name is still mentioned to this day in City Hall corridors. He also donated an excessive amount to charities and so on.

As for Al he also came back and practiced his medicine there in town. Both of them lived on the outskirts of Madison Plains and were well off.

This fable is one of many tales about one friend and how he surpassed the jaws of life and became a success from the dirt roads of Madison Plains to the corridors of City Hall.

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