The Gentle Old Man

Anne Goddard

Copyright 2020 by Anne Goddard


Photo of old man's hands.
The gentle old man with the talented hands

Sat quietly, puzzling out his plans

Ill carve you a mantel piece

He said one time

So, the wood was purchased

And the plans were drawn

Hed come to our house to stay a while

Had, had a heart attack

And needed to rest for a spell

Waiting for test results

Hoping all was well

Hed sit in our shop on a small white stool

The wood laid down alongside his tools

Hed trace a copy and chisel awhile

Then rest for a bit with a power nap

Id come home from work

To find him in the shop

He knew it was me

Before I opened the door

Hed count the cars going by you see

The third one just past six was always me

Hed stop for a while

And have a cup of tea

Chat a bit, watch some T.V.

Then an early night

And some well-earned rest

Hed be up for his special oatmeal

Chat with his nephew

Keep him company

Throughout the day

Hed carve a little

Chisel and shave

And sometimes whittle

Then, one day I came home from work

The shop was empty

No sign of his stool

The cloth he kept handy

Wrapped around his tools

I thought he was sleeping

Not like him, however

At this time of day.

The gentle old man

With the talented hands

Had suddenly gone away

Not concerned any more

Over Doctors reports

Just a well-earned rest

From years of toil

But the mantel piece

Although never complete

Will grace our place

With memories of

This kind old man

With the talented hands

Anne lives in Alberta, Canada.  Her husband, Lew, has many fine stories on our site.  Most of them were edited with Anne's assistance.  You can access an index of Lew's stories if you click here.

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