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Shortly after I entered first grade in 1956, I became aware that I adored two of the three "R"s. (I'm not overly fond of arithmetic.) In college I majored in English with the intent of attempting to add something of worth to the English language during my lifetime.

 After college I decided to see the world first, and proceeded to move around said world with my career soldier husband. Then I made a yet another detour in my plans to upbring the most wonderful son and daughter ever imagined. The husband retired, the children grew up, and we all live happily where I started, in the best place in the world, Tennessee. Now I sit in front of the computer screen and try to explain what I learned.


I'm still trying to explain what I learned while exploring the world.  Now I spend some time spinning yarns for my grandchildren, and I've found that oil paints brushed onto canvas also help tell my tales.


Already 2016! Now my computer and I reside alone in a peaceful, remote location by the Tennessee River where I still strive to put together the pieces of this puzzle we call life and explain it in an understandable manner.

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