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I have recently returned to a freelance writing career after a hiatus of some twenty odd years where I worked for a monthly paycheck and health insurance to help support the two infants who were left in my husband's and my care. My sons are now in their early twenties and beginning their own life. I figured it was time for me to begin mine again too.

Prior to children, my husband and I spent 6 years living aboard our sailboat, Cabaret, which ultimately took us some 25,000 miles. Besides sailing, I also ride horses and a Harley, snowshoe, hike, fish, and write. I love to travel - anywhere anytime.

Recently I won third place in the Kay Snow Writing Awards sponsored by Willamette Writers in adult nonfiction with a piece on Hippotherapy: The Horse as Healer. I also do feature writing for the local newspaper, and have two books in search of a publisher.

I was born and reared in Portland, Oregon, and have lived in Bend, Oregon for the last 14 years. 

Update 2019

I am still writing. In fact I started a nano-micro-sized publishing company about 10 years ago. I've been publishing mostly westerns, but do other genres as well when the mood strikes me.

Unfortunately I lost my original website and have had to do another. We're now using WordPress. My website is Moonlight Mesa Associates, which was my original web name. Now we also go by Westerns Whales and Oceans. Web work is not my talent! I don't have the patience or interest in the technicalities.

Anyway I am still writing. Recently I published a book of my own: Saving Our Oceans. The net proceeds will be donated to the Save Our Wild Salmon Coalition and the Friday Harbor Whale Museum this year.

Thanks for thinking of me. You can always use one of my blogs should that work out for you. Currently my blog on WordPress is misnamed. Go figure. It's under the label of Westerns Whales and Oceans Welcomes You.... I think!

We'll be back in the States in early September. I live in AZ now... thinking of returning to the northwest though. We're like fish out of water in Arizona.

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