Knockout: A Favor For Mom


Cheryl Alexander

Copyright 2009 by Cheryl Alexander 



Photo of the Patterson/Johansson fight.

I was born on June 20th in 1960, the night Floyd Patterson regained the heavyweight boxing championship of the world against Ingemar Johansson.

My mom has told this story many, many times that she was in labor with me but my dad wouldn't take her to the hospital until he knew the outcome.

After the fight ended, mom was rushed to the hospital and I was born at 11:45 p.m.

About eleven years ago I was living in Las Vegas with my husband and seven year old Daughter, Philicia. Floyd Patterson made an appearance at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino to meet fans and sign autographs.' When I mentioned this to my mom, she persuaded me to go there and tell him the story of my birth.

I was in line for at least two hours before it was my chance to talk to him. "Mr. Patterson," I said, "I promised my mom I'd tell you a special story. Do you remember the fight you had on June 20th in 1960?"

"Was it the one I won or the one I lost?" was his reply.

"The one you won," I said, and continued to tell my story. "It was the night I was born. My mom was in labor, but my dad refused to take her to the hospital until the fight was over."

He smiled. "What's your name?" he asked. 

"Cheryl", I said. 

"Well, you know what, Cheryl?" he said. "I knocked him out in the first round because I knew your mom had to get to the hospital."

We both laughed. That made my day. It also made my mom's day because he wrote, "To Mary, 1960 was a good year for both of us," on a picture he autographed and signed, "Love, your friend, Floyd Patterson."

Now, eleven years later, I'm still telling everyone, "Floyd Patterson said he knocked out Ingemar Johansson just for me!"

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