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For Ciro T. De Rosa

In Nonno Gaetano's Garden
My First Love
Niagara Nights
A Matter Of Style
Carlo Simone: An Unlikely Hero
The Church of St Peter in Vinculis
The Good Samaritan
Photo of irises.  Copyright (c) by Richard Loller.

was born in Brooklyn, New York.  I attended public school and graduated from college Magna Cum Laude with a teaching degree in English. I received my MA from Stony Brook University and my PD is from Adelphi University.  My Ph.D is from La Salle University. I have been married 46 years and have two daughters amd five grandchildren.  I'm presently an adjunct professor at a local community college on Long Island. I have given lectures on Shakespearean tragedies--Hamlet, Macbeth, and Romeo and Juliet in various libraries on Long Island.  I  write a bi-monthly column for a state-wide newspaper.

Ciro passed away in 2015.  We published Ciro's collection of stories set in the ancient town of Casellino, in the Campania region of Southern Italy, The Door To Naples, in 2014.  Then, in 2016, we published his collection of short stories about his lifelong love of Brooklyn, Cityscape--Tales of the City.  These books are available for purchase from Storyhouse.  Just drop us a line.

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