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A Stranger In The Night
Grandma's House
My Personal Peter Pan
The Notorious Grandmother
Pain And Glory
Tap Dancing In The Street
Meghan And The Mediterranian Sea
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 Dorothy Delores Bass wrote an essay in her senior year; and, was asked to read it at her high school graduation. The title: "All That I Am or Hope To Be!" It was a hit! The audience gave her a standing ovation. It was a tribute to her parents.

She was born on May 25, 1932 in St. Louis, Mo. and the youngest of four children. Her sister, Doris, eight and her two brothers, Andrew and Claude, 10 and 12.

The family moved to Chicago, Illinois when DeeDee was four. By this time, her brother, Andrew, started teaching her to speak in sentences and reading to her. She began reading shortly afterwards. She considered Andrew, Father #2. He taught her many things, including how to tap dance.

Because of her previous training, DeeDee went directly to first grade at five; graduated grammar school at 13; high school at 16 and college at 19.

She married Nathaniel Bass a year after completing college. They had two children, Nanette and Terene. Nathaniel died on March 30, 1954 as a result of a wound from the Korean War. Nanette was three and Terri, three months. Dorothy never remarried.

She was employed by Ilinois Bell Telephone Company (IBT) while in college and became full time after graduation. She remained with IBT until divestiture,1982. She was offered and accepted a job at AT&T in New Jersey in September 1982. Her parent, were dead; the children out of college and married; so, there was no reason not to take advantage of a wonderful opportunity, especially at the age of 50. An opportunity of a lifetime!! This promotion resulted in six relocations in ten years. They were wonderful experiences which afforded her many opportunities and broadened her knowledge in many aspects.

She retired in 1992 in Jacksonville, Florida and decided to write about her many experiences...good and not so good. She felt it was important to leave her children and grandchildren a book explaining some of the emotions she experienced during their childhood.

Now is the time! And, she's in the process of enhancing her writing skills. She has submitted some stories on the Net; and has been keeping a journal for years, filled with experiences, people she's met and emotions she's felt. Plans to combine them in a book one of these days as a legacy to her family are next on her "to do" list.

Hobbies: Reading, golf, bridge, British Movies, Exercising, travelling, mentoring children and music, especially jazz and writing.

Motto: "I'm like a lavender flower who's shed her pollen and has begun to bloom, bloom, bloom."

Dorothy D. Bass
July 22, 1999

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