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Desiree Kendrick
Making History - Ciao Italia
  A Letter To The French Docteur Who Monitored My Pulse
Things My Mother Failed To Tell Me - About Heaven

Paris Postcards


Oh, For the Love of Turtles

A Child's Prayer with a Side Order of Peas

Party Crashers

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

 An Event Planner by day, a writer by night, Desiree fused her Bachelor of Arts with a Project Management certificate. Publishing credits include Blank Spaces magazine,, Nod literary magazine, Black Dog Review and The Preservation Foundation Inc.

She is currently working on a novel. Desiree keeps a journal when she travels and although she’s never published her journeys there’s more than one humourous tale recorded in old-fashioned ink.  

Contact her on Twitter - @KendrickDesiree - Or Visit her web site 

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