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Dhruv Malhotra
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The beauty and genius of a work of art may be reconceived though its first material expression may be destroyed. A vanished harmony may yet again inspire the composer but when the last individual of a race of living beings lives no more, another earth and another heaven must pass before such a one can be again…

Man and Nature were the zenith in our Lord’s art of creation. In the early period of Man’s existence, he lived a very simple life in close relation with Nature. His needs were few and Nature could easily satisfy his modest demands. However, as civilisation developed, Man’s needs grew manifold. He rapidly and recklessly exhausted the earth’s natural resources, upsetting the earth’s ecological balance, which has led to consequences of catastrophic dimensions. Soon it became clear that Man’s demands were increasingly becoming exorbitant. Now as we advance towards the 21st Century, we look forward to a possibly bleak future or perhaps, no future at all. You may call me morbid but the truth hits hard.

At the rate man is depleting the earth’s natural resources without any consideration of replenishment, he may be in the process of puncturing his own lungs.

The obliteration of our natural environment is not a historical accident. It is not a mere consequence of Man’s advancement and development, but it is also a dire consequence of centuries of blatant exploitation and dominance by Man. Man is as much a destroyer as a creator.

But as it goes "Hope springs eternal in the human breast", our race still has hope. Conservation is a global issue and a solution to this grave problem can only be found if all the countries of the world come together, put together their technical expertise and then try to work out an effective solution.

Conservation is an exigency. If we have to survive, it is mandatory that each one of us works towards conservation. Nature fulfils all our needs and yet we so cruelly and savagely ravage it. Nature is the diadem that glorifies our planet. It is the very soul and spirit of our earth. An earth without the splendour of Nature is like a body without a soul.

We have a limited supply of resources. Hence, it is imperative that we use them judiciously. If we don’t realise the need to conserve now, the earth may well be devoid of all life in a few years. It will be a dirty and barren wasteland, with the sun blazing over the vast expanse of desert. If any individual manages to survive this apocalypse of human greed, condemned and cursed will he be, gasping for breath, inhalable air becoming history. Starving, with not a drop to satiate his thirst in the endless derelict desert, he would slowly languish towards a slow and painful death.

Conservation should become a religious obligation. It is our foremost duty to protect the benefactor of our existence on this planet-Nature. Let us start working towards conservation now and defy time and the future itself. Let us contradict our prophecies of doom ourselves. As Evan McTalbott once said "Let us change today by choice, or change tomorrow by necessity". Time is running out fast and it is imperative that we start working towards conservation now.

Man treats the Earth as a commodity, which belongs to him. It is only when man starts treating the earth as an entity, to which he belongs, and is an integral part of, can mass-participation in conservation become a reality. Only awareness, action, kinship, solidarity and a sense of purpose can lay the foundation of conservation in the next millennium.

Dhruv Malhotra is a thirteen years old from New Dehli, India.

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