A Dragon's Tail - Her Story

An Inconvenient Fairy Tale


© Copyright 2007 by Dragoness


   For I am a Dragon, and a Lady Dragon I am, and this is My story to tell, it is to be spoken very well. The words come out slowly, with great thought behind them.  There is no need, to rush at high speed, for I am immortal you see...

   It was a long, long, very long time ago, when I was so very young. I had only been out of my shell, such a pretty shell it was, for a few summers short.  I remember them so very well. The hills were dark green, like emeralds in the Sun; you could taste of their sweetness, in the wind, on the tip of your tongue. The waters were so royal blue, you had to stop and have a sip or two. There was life everywhere, of every kind, and size, and color, and hue. What could a young dragon do?

   Oh so very, very much! For me those days were full of joy, there were so few humans to annoy. And those that there were, stayed huddled in shacks of straw, in villages or behind walls, made of ancient quarry stone, listening for my call. I had freedom to roam, far from my home, all over our Mother, on foot, or by wing as I pleased. I had family all over these hills, and deep within the seas. We all traveled free, that is how it was supposed to be.

   As mankind grew, our ways shifted too, from the hunter to the hunted… witch are you? So many of my ancestors died, oh how I cried. I still feel mankind's growing pains, in my broken heart; beside the place my family lives. I, and a few others, have found lost ways, to the unknown lands and distant seas, where we could be free to be free, hidden from man, so it must be.

   I still roam the rocky cliffs, in darkened skies, where the grand oceans meet the stone, in great drifts; there I search for the hidden rifts. It is on these Stormmy nights, that mankind hides, from our Father's love. For it is the Sky God that loves His Lady, and pours out His affection onto Her, with each raindrop and kiss of morning dew, each blade of lightning too! For it is He who truly loves His bride, and waits patiently by Her side.

   But within, Her pain, She cannot hide. Mankind has done such cruel things, to all the magical gifts inside, created for his own kind. She is growing older then Her years, as mankind strips away Her wares, and all that She is. For he knows not what he does, so it would seem, for what he does, is the beginning of the end, for all his kind and their dreams!

      He has taken from the hills, silver, gold and diamonds still, only for an un-needed frill. And mined Her deep, for oil and ore, for engines and their speed, that will do more. He has cut away Her tender skin, to get within Her flesh. He has taken, what is not his to take, without a thought of what he's done, wounds left open, in the Sun. And the soil shifts, Her weight once more, mankind wonders if She's done? Why can't She rest they ask, there is nothing we have done!

    Her waters are no longer sacred, for mankind must have more, and more, and more, drilling off the distant shore. Her creatures ache, to their extinction, deadly wounds, again, caused by mankind, in his quest to destroy, the only home that he has known. For Her tears, they could fill an ocean. But now She only fears, no longer are there tears.

   These days I often wonder why, living high up in the sky, our Father and our Mother Earth, what will be their end? Will mankind push, and push so very far, the limits that there are? His vision must be filled with clouds, why was it allowed? His mind is in a constant fog, how could he come so very far? The end is surely near, nearer then he thinks, wait… does he think? He has raped our Mother, and killed Her young, without a teardrop, in the light of Thee Son. Does he know, what he has done?

   The ways of mankind, I cannot understand. For Mother has given us all, each and everyone, all that is ever needed, when said and done. There is food for our bellies, shelter from cold, and a beautiful place to grow old. But the older I get, the sadder are my dreams, for it mostly seems, there is no hope for a future, where mankind schemes.

   Have you a dream my Wizard friend? Where shall it take us, when this is the end? Tell me of portals, and gates to be opened. I'll fire my furnace, and burn them open. If I must, with a final thrust, send mankind back into the dust, from where he once came, so very long ago! Hmmm…

   Some of us are Dragons, and we choose to walk alone, for our ways, and our days, are not of man and those of his kind. We share the likes of Wizards, Pixies, Unicorns and Gnome. We must remember, this is not our home, and this life is not our own. We are but bubbles blowing in the wind, a song that sings it’s self to sleep, but most will never hear. The dark grows near, but do fear, the inconvenient truth is here!

Placed upon this scroll, on the 27th day, of the 11th month, of the year 2007, by Lady Earth Dragon, Dragoness to my friends…

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