The Window of the Past

Elizabeth Pettyjohn

© Copyright 2006 by Elizabeth Pettyjohn


Photo of two girls in 19th century dresses.

So here I am again, staring out of the same window I always do. It seems like when I stare through it I can see the past. Pretty girls in corsettes and long dresses and shoes. Then there's the men. They are dressed in a nice shirt and pants outfit. It seems so weird that my window is like that is like that and only I can see it. I told my friends, my parents, and all of my cousins, but yet they looked and saw nothing but the New York yard.

Part 1- How it all begins

Like I said, here I am staring out of that mysterious window. It's 10:30p.m. and I think I should get to bed, but that window is so cool! My mom says I should see a pyschiatrist because she thinks I've gone crazy. I try telling her that it's real, it really is there! She just doesn't get it. Sometimes I just want to scream my lungs out! Well I better get to sleep because my dad says I have to wake up early to go see that pyschiatrist. So I turn out my light and cover myself up. The next morning my dad gives me a waffle and some orange juice. I quickly eat it up, and then we were off!

Part 2- Meeting Bob

My mom brings me into his office and tells me to sit down. "Hello Troy", he says. "Hi", I say solumnly. He hands me a schedule of the days I will see him. I stuffed it in the backpack I had brought along with me. Then he asked me about the window and what I see when I look through it. So I told him and he asked my to write a report about what I see for a test.

Part 3- The Report

When I got home I wrote the report and handed it to him the next day. He told me my mind is probably playing a trick on me and I should just forget it. I told him that I wasn't to forget it because I want to know what on earth it is, and slammed his doorand walked out . My mom and dad took me home, questioned me about my attitude and sent me to my bedroom.

Part 4- The discovery

I go to my room and move the chair in front of the desk to the window. I pull back the curtain and touch the glass. All of the sudden my hand goes through it and I feel a cold breeze touch my fingertips. Quickly, I pull my hand out and gulp loudly. Then I stand up and walk into the window. I guess its a secret way to the past.

Part 5- The Quick Look Around

I climbed through the window and I step onto the dry unmowed grass and take a look around. There are people in dresses and oufits that look unusual, like they're from the year 1920 or something. They're all staring at me until a nice couple comes up and says, "Howdy". "Hello", I say in a confused voice. "What in the hay are you wearing son"? the man asks. "My school outfit", I reply in a bold voice. "Oh, good day son", they answer, and walk away. I then turn back and ran to the swirling entrance to my bedroom from the frightment of my surroundings, and climb in.

Part 6- The Nerve

I change my clothes and finally get the nerve to go back. I quickly grab a backpack full of personal items and a pouch full of cash and climb back in. This time everybody is at home. I slowly walk around and all of the sudden a beautiful blond haired, blue eyed girl walks up to me. "You are new here aren't you"? she asks. "Yes", I answer. "Figured", she replies. "Follow me", she says and takes me to her house. I then met her parents. They were really nice. I went to her house a lot of times and we played together, oftenly we went out and watched the sun set and then I return home.

Part 7- The Suprise

The next morning I wake up and go downstairs to eat and get ready to go Bob's office. Today I was in a good mood and didn't throw fits. I told him about Marice and he was quiet for a few moments,and then he did something nobody had done since this whole window thing began, he asked to come with me! So we got in the car and when to my house. He followed me into my room and I grabbed his hand and pulled him through the window. He stood there wide eyed and mouth opened for a few seconds until I took him to Marice's house.

Part 8- The search

We knock on the door and Marice's parents answered in worried voices that she was gone. They said she had left last night because she was looking for me. I hurried up and grasped Bob's hand and we went searching for her. Finally I hear her voice, "Troy"! she yelped and she ran up to hug me. Bob and I took her back home to her parents and her dad seemed fierce but her mother asked us to stay for dinner as a thank you. After we ate, Bob and I returned home and Bob went back to his place.

Part 9- The End

The next day I woke up and went to the window expecting to walk through it, But instead a letter appeared. It was from Marice's father, he was in charge of my passageway. It said that it was against the rules to bring another person into the past. Only the discoverer could enter, and that I couldn't come back. It also said the passageway would be covered up and never to be discovered again.

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