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Hunt Theatre booked LOST HONEYMOON on December 28, 1947. Franchot Tone plays the lead role learns that two wives are one or maybe two too many.

A similar wedding chaos happened to Ramona Crawford and Dick Deaton and to Ella Wilson and Bart Vincent who were married December 28 in Hunt Theatre.

Hunt Theatre owners, Garrett and Oma Hunt had agreed to let the two couples be married in the theatre at 1:30 P.M. The newly weds wanted to begin their honeymoon by seeing LOST HONEYMOON at the 3:00 P.M. matinee.

The bridal party lived on the Ripley and Oregon County Line west of Doniphan, Missouri. They had brought Justice of the Peace George Arthur with them to perform the marriages.

Before the wedding ceremony, Oma asked the brides, "Where will you put the wedding cake?"

"We," Roman and Ella said at the same time. "We don't have a wedding cake. We prepared nothing."

Oma told Garrett. "I've a cake at home."

Garrett said, "Go get it. We'll help the kids. They look like they need a good send-off."

Oma returned later with the cake, card table, lace cloth, silverware, plates, and napkins. She fixed the table in front of the screen where the marriages were to be performed. Garrett brought popcorn and soda from the theatre lobby.

After the wedding, the newly married couples giggled and laughed while eating cake, popcorn and sipping sodas.

"Gosh, you Hunts sure fixed us a nice wedding party." Ramona said as she looked at her marriage certificate.

"Never thought we would have a nice party like this." Ella told Garrett and Oma Hunt.

"Oooooh!" Ramona yelled.

"What's wrong?" Everyone asked and rushed to her.

"George married me to Bart." She held up her certificate.

"I'm married to Dick," Ella said. "What'll we do?"

"George, You remarry us." Dick commanded.

"You ain't paid me, yet." George studied the marriage certificates. "You'll have to pay me again."

"You remarry us!" Ramona shook her finger in his face.

"Wait," George said. "You gotta get divorced."

"Divorced!" They yelled. The grooms grabbed George's arms.

"I'll fix it," George said, jerking free. He scratched out and rewrote names on both certificates.

"Is that legal?" Ramona looked at the paper. "You've written that I'm married to Ella!"

"On mine, Dick and Bart are married." Ella slapped at George. "You stupid----- You marry us over."

"You got me confused," George said. "Pay me."

Dick and Bart handed George a dollar each. "This time get us married right."

"I don't have any extra certificates." George said. "Pay me for the next wedding."

"No." Bart stepped up to him and held his fist in his face and whispered, "No. We ain't got extra money. Marry us."

"Marry them again," Garrett Hunt spoke as he handed two dollars to George. "You girls better keep thse certificates. Have him fill out new ones tomorrow. You men see that he does."

"We will," Dick said.

George marked up the marriage certificates again. He remarried Ramona and Dick and Ella and Bart.

By that time, customers had come into the lobby of Hunt Theatre to buy tickets to see LOST HONEYMOON.

----------Sixteen Years Later-----------

One night, two teenage girls, strangers, bought tickets to the movie at Hunt Theatre.

"Mr. Hunt," one of the girls said. "You don't know us, but our parents were married in this theatre. I'm Dick and Ramona Deaton's daughter."

"I'm Lee," the other girl said. "Ella and Bart Vincent's daughter. Mrs. Hunt, you made our parents' wedding cake. Mother said you fixed the table up real pretty."

"We're glad to see you," Oma and Garrett Hunt said. "We remember your mothers and fathers and the wedding."

After talking a few minutes, the girls went to see the movie.

Garrett said to Oma, "We showed LOST HONEYMOON that night. Those couples almost had a lost wedding. Wonder if they ever got their marriage certificates straighten out." "I'm wondering," Oma pondered. "If they're legally married to the right person?"

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