A New Dawn

Gbenga Ezekiel Oladosu

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Gbenga Ezekiel Oladosu

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With the progress of Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) in Lagos, I was really happy that my political party was doing great and Lagosians were benefiting from their votes. One of the ways in which the government helped its constituents was by setting up a team of social lawyers to work pro-bono for cash strapped Lagosians. All you need to was to go to the panel and explain your situation. The government’s role in aiding human right advancement announced a new dawn in the state. Major leaps were also made in stabilizing Lagos’ electricity supply. In a country where light was almost never available for more than four hours at a stretch, the new party worked hard at building the power supply and charging fairly for it.

With all the change happening in Lagos, other states began to desire what we had. Political parties who had won other states during the election soon faced opposition from voters who constantly compared them to the Lagos government. The Lagos party, Action Congress of Nigeria, used this opportunity to mount solid campaigns in other states come election season. Soon, they won over four other states.

It was general consensus that the reason other political parties had failed in their delivery of the dividends of democracy was that they were running their governments using a military point of view. At a point, some of these parties came together to express their willingness to merge with Action Congress of Nigeria because they saw true democracy in play, fulfillment of the party manifesto, and a party people trusted.

 One of the parties that showed interest in joining our party was the Congress for Progressive Change. They had a lot of influence in the North while ACN was influential in the South-Western part of the country. I was in Brazil for missionary work during negotiations between these parties but I followed the news closely to know what was happening. It was no surprise and was good news when I learned both parties had agreed to a merger. They both shared similar ideals, so I was sure they would set the trail amongst Nigerian political parties. The parties—now known as All Progressives Congress—soon underwent proper documentation to see how their manifestoes could work towards advancing democracy in Nigeria.

From reports in the internet dailies which I read daily in Brazil, I perceived tensions within the ruling party. Many of their constituents had started condemning them openly as they had ruled for long periods without any development. With Lagos as a benchmark for progress and the four newly won states following in its footsteps, realization dawned on the rest of Nigeria on what they were missing. People’s eyes were finally opened to the truth of how governments should rule and their role as citizens in fighting for their rights.

I was glad joined a political party with a good leader, vision, and great ideas to make our lives better. The amazing thing about ACN’s rise to a position of influence was that even with the mockery that took place when the party was first formed, the leader remained focused and determined in his ideas on how to incorporate democracy into his government.

Presently, as we thank God for a new dawn in the country we are still left with challenges of individualism within the system. Luckily, now we have the opportunity to fight for our rights and for self-expression. Truth is finally being embraced and the people of Nigeria now realize that they want going forward. 

Life with purpose goes along with time that gives opportunity not to correct mistakes; but to rather fix the mistakes at once.- Gbenga Ezekiel Oladosu

People always have different approaches to plans and assignments. Because of this disparity in thought processes, it is important to have a clear, consistent picture of any project before investing in man-power and any other resource required to bringing the venture to life. Sometimes, in the excitement following the realization of the gain that comes with fulfilling a plan, we forget to preempt challenges and think of timely solutions. When losses occur, it’s easy to become disappointed and get angry at people. In situations like this, you need to be aware that your emotions can only be controlled by you. Past experiences will never determine your today or the future except you let them. It’s time to wake up and re-tune your reasoning and thoughts.

Sometimes, we get it wrong when we judge people by their attitudes and not by their characters. It is important that we all realize attitude is a temporary reaction to events while character is inherent, a deeper reflection of whom we are as people. It might be built based on certain surface events, but it stays by repetitive exercise over time. Getting angry for a temporary moment can affect your purpose in life. Can all that is lost from getting overly emotional be replaced? No. So why act in a way that gives a negative impression of your true identity? Dear friend, it is better to give up things that could hurt your purpose than things that hurt you personally.

You can take a new step to greatness by planning toward success. You don’t have to give up on hope. It’s better to get yourself out from self-pity because it never helps any situation. Rather, your inability to control yourself destroys plans and situations.

Between 1990s and this present day, a lot of people have cultivated the wrong perception of certain people, groups, nations, and religions. One reason for this misconception is that they think they are superior to these other groups. This belief gives them the audacity to think they can undermine others’ right to life, freedom of expression, and their right to whichever religion they practice. A lot of people have been adversely affected, hurt deeply by these people who think they can claim superiority over other peoples’ lives. These hurt set of people sometimes find it difficult to hold back their thoughts and instead find how they can defend themselves from their oppressors. This trend is presently happening in a lot of nations and leads to all types of conflict and discord. God usually gets blamed for not preventing wars or for letting them linger, but in looking at the causes of these wars from a logical perspective, we should ask if God should really be blamed for the human actions? I bet your answer is no! We don’t have to blame God, but the people/groups acting like they aren’t subject to rules. The best way to handle this issue is by continuing with your life and not letting anyone control your thoughts and mind. It’s better that you wake up to your own responsibility as a human with the Father’s mindset, whose eyes are looking unto the Creator of the universe.

As humans, we have learned to see problems without solutions; people now create problems to suit their own ends. Learning the key to finding solutions involves being aware that you are the best person to solve your problem. Seeking counsel or brainstorming to find solutions is not a bad idea, but it is important to check where this counsel comes from. Is it from a person who is searching for his own gain and doesn’t have your interest at heart? You’ve got to protect your heart and dreams.

Learn to be strong enough to face your challenges. Do you believe the best way to escape challenges is to run? I bet your answer is no. Never run from problems. Never pretend there is no problem when you come face to face with one. Why? You have an identity inscribed in you that has been there since you were birthed. This identity shows your personality and houses the effects of the law on you. Your identity is specific to you and cannot be attributed to another person. It differs significantly across individuals.

I have dubbed identity and its attributes the Identity System. This system controls everything within you and tells you when to eat and when you are not hungry. It also tells you when you are afraid and allows you strength from within. If you are not sensitive to this innate ability, you will give other people control over your life. They will think you are stupid if you can’t make decisions and they might see this lack of identity as an opportunity to infringe on your life without any concern that they might hurt you. This is usually because they’ve drawn conclusions that you’ve lost control of your identity system.

I cannot blame those people who express their pains with the government through violence. This method of taking back power often happens because the government choses to ride on their emotions and hardly gives them the opportunity to let their voices be heard in the society. They see them as gentle, meek people that can’t defend themselves but this silence can often be attributed to certain government machinery put in place to hinder freedom. It is always surprising to the government when they see these people fighting back and destroying lives and property. When every individual cultivates the right mindset concerning their rights and strengths, then they will realize that meekness should not mean foolishness. We all need to ensure we protect what we hold dear in other to make our world a better place.

Gbenga Ezekiel Oladosu is the founder of Mega Feast International, an international and interdenominational organization, that center her focus on “Life Coaching” of young people from all works of life in living out their purpose to humanity. Gbenga Ezekiel Oladosu is also Award Winning Author of Let Your God Be My God, Walking Through The Word, Be Empower,The wise, The Power Of Knowledge, The Chronicle of Wisdom and a writer from the heart, with honor as "Ambassador of theWord 2018" from The César Egido Serrano Foundation and the Museum of the Word, Madrid Spain.

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