One Night Stand Kinda Gal

Hadassah Cornish

© Copyright 2008 by Hadassah Cornish


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He's a soulful man. A mystery, a Pisces. He's my best friend in the world. He's the one person that has remained a constant in my life. Most people think we make an odd couple. We're both labelled "eccentric musicians." He's a few years my senior. It's never bothered me. Men are so much more immature then women anyway, right gals? Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Fertile Myrtle. OK, busted, that's not my real name, but it should be. I've never been one of those one night stand kinda gals. Not until I met him that is. We got together under the guise of music. There were no crazy expectations, the kind you might come toting with you on a date. We hung out. We enjoyed hanging out. That night much to my surprise I asked him to spend the night. And spend the night he did. I think I seduced him plain and simple. The next morning slapped me in the face, while I recalled not being one of those one night stand kinda gals. Well, let's just say my one night stand lasted a lot more than one night. He and I became inseparable. Two peas in a pod. Like peanut butter, and jelly. We're both odd, I can admit it. But we fit somehow in all our quirkiness. I wasn't planning on having any more children, and I assure you, neither was he. My other two children were nearing adolescence. I knew that trying times were quickly approaching, threatening to take me hostage. He had two grown sons already and was pleased with the direction his life was going. We continued enjoying each other's company. We kept repeating that one night stand. I went on deprovera. You know the one, the one where you can't get pregnant? Well it worked for about two years. Then it came to a screeching halt. "Why, you ask?" I'd like to tell you that it's all his fault. Oh, God, would I ever. I'd like to tell you he cast a spell on me that night. That he seduced me intentionally with the thought of trapping me into having his child. But I can't. I know better. I don't know what possessed me , all I know is I did something that night by the dim light of the fire. Something that haunts me to this very day.

myer marion

I sucked on his toes. I don't mean casually. I was like a lioness ravaging those succulent toes.One word,"Pisces." First rule of thumb, never go near the feet of a Pisces if it's your intention to be without children. Swallow my words carefully, it's too late for me to go back. You still have a chance. Ah, but life is about learning. Some lessons are harder then other's, don't you think?

 It was at that glorified moment. The second that I began to devour his toes the second my Jake became a twinkle in his Father's eyes. I noticed the twinkle immediately. To my recollection At the time I thought a burning ember had jumped out and hit him in the eyes. The twinkle shone so brightly. I was wrong. It's not the first time I've been wrong and probably won't be the last.

Six weeks came and went.

Nothing seemed out of the ordinary.

Life went on as usual.

The calm before the storm.

And then it hit me.

Yet, another one of those defining moments in one's life. It felt more like a two by four across my head.

I gave myself about a week to absorb this new information.

Then I decided to drop the bomb on my soon to be ex-best friend.

I'm usually the eternal optimist, but it went as badly as I had envisioned it would.

There were tears. There were arguments. I think I may have even slapped him a time or two. According to him it was bad timing.

It was going to be an inconvenient time for him to be an active participant in a child's life.

Truth be told I was scared out of my mind to be pregnant, but men go temporarily insane, and get away with it. Women Just never do.

Weeks turned into months and my growing belly was evidence of the life that was growing inside of me.

My best friend became a little less of a best friend to me through those months. His sensitive side took a vacation, and A complete jerk took over for him. I can't tell you how many times I came close to getting put away for manslaughter.

Three weeks before I was due my Jake decided he had had enough of my tummy. I was no one to judge. I had had enough of this ordeal myself. I changed my mind on being in a hurry about two point five seconds into contractions. I know, I'm weak.

 Intense is the word I would use to describe the pain that seared through my body.

I went to the hospital by myself. Jakes Dad figured it was just another false alarms that I intentionally bestowed upon him. His bad. I phoned him in the throws of labor and told him it was time for him to get there ten minutes ago. Apparently he heard me say he had time to smoke a joint on the side of the highway first. He was about ten minutes too late. It took all of forty-five minutes from start to finish for my little guy to push and shove his way into the world. Always in a hurry, that one. The doctor noticed instantly that something was terribly wrong with this little fellow. There's nothing quite like having your brand new baby whisked off to the neonatal unit seconds after he's born. I felt sheer terror. It took three days for the doctors to find out was was wrong with him. Those three days lasted what seemed a life time. Jakes Dad, became my best friend again in those three days. He also had a lot of sucking up to do.He manged to step up to the plate. Our baby had been born with a hole in his lungs. He was so tiny and so fragile. The doctor wasn't sure he was going to survive. Nine months earlier neither of us could imagine having him in our lives. Now we both couldn't imagine our lives without him.

I have been told many times from many different sources that I am impulsive.

God knows devouring my Pisces toes that night beside the fire was just that, Impulsive. Now when I am told I am impulsive I can't help but smile, and giggle. Jake is a gift from God. Jake is wanted. Jake is loved. My best friend shines as my Jake's Dad. Some nights I sit and reflect on how my life has changed from that one defining moment. Yes, I'm impulsive. I wouldn't change that about me. Not for a million dollars. Not now, not ever. Oh, and one more thing, as it turns out I'm not a one night stand kinda gal after all. Whew!

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