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Iris Leona Marie Cross

That Perpetual Plaid Dress
She Was Only Eighteen, Only Eighteen

Mummy, Me, Memories

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Iris Leona Marie Cross {BSc. Dip. Ed. MBA} has spent years as both teacher and researcher. She is a graduate of the University of Winnipeg (Canada), the University of the West Indies (Trinidad & Tobago) and the University of Hartford (USA). Following her studies in the USA, Ms Cross was awarded a scholarship to pursue research at Brunel University, England. 

Ms Cross now resides in her home country of Trinidad & Tobago. A health and fitness enthusiast, she researched and produced (in 2018) the Caribbean’s first health calendar:"Your Caribbean Passport to Good Health.”  She has also written articles on health as well as education in the Trinidad & Tobago Express and the Trinidad & Tobago Newsday. Her first published story will appear in the anthology Best New True Crime Stories: Small Towns (Mango Publishing, forthcoming July 2020), edited by Mitzi Szereto.

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