Something Special On 
Thanksgiving Day

Isra Yousif

© Copyright 2004 by Isra Yousif


Photo of thanksgiving table with pies.  (c) 2003 by Richard Loller.

In case you didn't know my name, it's Natasha Gonzales. I am 14 years old and in the 9th grade. I am half black-American and half Mexican. I like being who I am. I mean don't a lot of you think you hate yourself because of the ways you look and the way you came from? Well that's what happened to me. And here is my story so that you can know what happened to me and learn from it:

 "10 more minutes mom?" sleepily Natasha said as she turned to the other side of the bed facing the wall.

"Natasha, we just moved here and beside you don't want to be late for your first day of school." Mrs. Gonzales said.

"I don't want to go to school mom, I don't even know anybody there so what's the point on meeting new friends?" Natasha said facing her mom again.

"You'll find friends. Now get up because I ain't going to be late for my work."

"Man mom! You ain't got time for me anymore anyways."

"Come on hurry up I want to drive you to school today so hurry and get dressed." Mrs. Gonzales said.

Natasha got up got ready and went down stairs to get her breakfast.

"Eat your breakfast; Blueberry pancakes, Strawberry muffins, or cold Pizza from yesterday?"

"Blueberry pancakes and a Strawberry muffin." Natasha said "oh and with a can of mango soda please," Natasha said pleased.

 "Get the soda yourself I have to go to work."

"But mom you said you were going to drive me."

"I know but I am kind of running late so maybe Jasmine would drive you."

In case you didn't know my mom works at this company where they do holiday decorations. And Jasmine is my older sister; she's 16 years old and just gotten her new car and driving license. She has too much rules for her car. Like don't eat in the car or don't get the car dirty or you'll pay to clean it.

"Natasha! Mom said to drive me to school."

"I can't I have to go to my job appointment at 8:00. Sorry mom but I'll be late to my appointment."

"Natasha can you walk to school? It's only 2 blocks from home. I'll show you the directions."

"Man! Why did we have to move?" Natasha yelled as she ran upstairs to get her school supplies.

"I hate moving!" Natasha said to herself.

"Me too." Someone said behind Natasha which started her. "Hi, I am Gaia Williams. You're Natasha Gonzales right?"

"Um, yeah how did you know?"

"Ms. Cindy Bell said you were the new student."

A few minutes later Gaia yelled "There is High Bell High School!" A few boys and girls were outside. A group of girls and boys surrounded Gaia as she reached the school sidewalk.

 "Hey ya'll" Gaia said and waved her blondish brownish hair to her back.

Gaia was a popular girl in High Bell High Natasha thought. For a girl; Natasha has pretty blondish brownish long hair that reached her butt. Her hair style looked and showed that she was a model and popular. Natasha decided to ask her.

"How was your day?" Mrs. Gonzales asked as she putted cookies on the plate and a cup of milk.


"You meet any friends?"

"One, her name is Gaia and she lives somewhere in the next block." Natasha said annoyed.

"Natasha can you go clean the living room and the storage room because your aunts and uncles are coming over and they are staying for the Thanksgiving month."

It has been 3 months since Natasha went to High Bell High she noticed that Gaia was always changing her cloth as soon as she gets to school, and that when she went to her house her parents were very strike about things. Also she noticed that Gaia was popular at school because she doesn't act the same way she acts in front of her parents. Natasha decided that she wants to act the same way to become popular too.

But on Thanksgiving Day she received the best thing ever; her true real identity. Everyone noticed the way she acts and told her to be herself and everyone would be her friend.

There was a lot of food at the table when Natasha arrived from outside with Gaia. There was corn, mashed Potatoes, Pies, turkey, chicken, Biscuits, Soup, Stuffing, Fruits, Salad, Jelly, Butter, and Ice-Cream.


I think writing is a good thing because its the easiest thing you can do when you first begin to learn English. It can be easy for most of the people not all of them.

When I first came to the United States of America I went to a state called North Carolina. In North Carolina I didn't know how to speak English that well so I felt sad everyone did but not me.  I didn't know if people were making fun of me or saying bad things about me. Every time someone say something and look at me I just smile at them and stuff so then later when I learned English I feel like I was making a fool of myself.   But I mean come on you'll feel the same ways if you were me. You'll really hate it if you were me because you'll want to learn that language as soon as possible.

 Anyway I had this teacher who teaches students English. They used to call her the ESL teacher. Her real name was Mrs.Marian. She was a very nice teacher. She teached me the right way to read English and the right way to write English. I really appreciate her help.

 I want to become an author in the future so when I do then Ill write books and give her special thanks. I wish she appreciate what I am going to do for her too.

In writing and reading you need to act like you were challenging yourself because trust me that will help you a whole bunch. You should keep a journal or a Diary because there you can write all your feelings (which would be fun to read later in the future) that way you can learn to write daily and that really would help and stuff.

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