Cat And Mouse

John Ling

© Copyright 2001 by John Ling

A slam-bang duel of bullets & wits gets going when a determined female detective pursues a wanted criminal.

Into The Lion's Den

The narrow hallway soon gave way to reveal the factory assembly line itself. Treading slowly & cautiously, Tiara Gill just gaped at the flurry of activity all around her. Everywhere she looked, there was automated machinery efficiently fusing parts onto the hallowed-out chassis' of cars. She looked to her right; a robotic arm welding a car-door into place. She looked to her left; another robotic arm, swiftly bolting a car-bumper into place.

Human presence was minimal, with only a few workers present here and there to supervise the machinery. Dressed smartly in light-blue overalls with similarly colored caps mounted on their heads, they were rather absorbed in their work. They didn't even notice her.

He has to be here somewhere...

She just held her Glock pistol tighter, squeezing it harder with both hands. She continued walking, her eyes scanning the environment.

Has to be.

Tiara Gill was five-feet-nine, an attractive woman at 29. With Pan-Asian features that came from an Australian father and a Chinese mother, she was dressed in a sandy-brown leather jacket with a white blouse underneath and dark-colored jeans.

A detective in Singapore's elite CID police branch, she was right here right now with a singular desire in mind: to gain custody of Jacques 'Mad Dog' Demou.

The guy was a French-Algerian, with a fully-shaven skull. He wore a craggy feature that reminded you less of a human being than a half-fledged member of the canine family; hence his famous nick-name.

A longtime star of Interpol's 'Most Wanted' list, he was a crafty smuggler who did everything from drugs to guns, as well as a few homicides along the way. He worked the big-time, surfacing globally from Brazil to South Africa.

And, as of last Friday, ominously surfaced right here in Singapore.

Amphetamines, lots of amphetamines, Tiara thought to herself.

Clubbing was a big thing right here in the Lion City, with party-going teenagers fuelling the demand for illegally-procured amphetamines. Which is where people like 'Mad Dog' Demou come into the picture.

This story contains strong language not suitable for young children.

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