Three Wishes

Johathan Gifford

© Copyright 2007 by Jonathan Gifford


Photo of a magic lamp.

 If I found a magic bottle and after uncorking it have a Genie pop out. After I had fainted they might grant me three wishes. I decided that I needed to prepare for such an occasion. So, after thinking long and hard, and scratching my head a lot, I have come up with three wishes.

 My first wish is very easy. I suspect this is a wish that all of us have in our hearts. I would wish for world peace. Not just for one year, not for hundred years but for ever and ever. The first reason for this is because I get very sad when I watch the news at night and hear about all the horrible things going on in the world. The second reason is more personal, my cousin's husband, Brett, is an officer and is in Iraq for a whole year and I miss him dearly, he plans to teach me how to play guitar when he gets back. And finally my last reason is I don't want anyone to have someone they love have to go away to war ever again. Wouldn't that be a wonderful world?

My second wish is that I wish I could cure all cancer in the world. Cancer has killed several family members of mine . Some even before I was born. Also if cancer would be cured the doctors could spend time helping find cures for other bad diseases .And finally my reason for curing cancer is that it is the biggest killer of people and it is so very sad that so many people all over the world have to suffer.

My third and final wish would be to rid the world of hatred. Can you imagine how much better a world without hatred would be? No one would dislike each other for what they looked like, or for where they were born or even for what their religious beliefs are. If people didn't spend so much time hating they might spend their time doing wonderful things. They might compose music, paint beautiful pictures or maybe even write a book. If people didn't hate for silly reasons they could all work together. What a fantastic world that would be wouldn't it?

I don't suppose I will ever find that magical bottle and that genie, but I will hold onto these three wishes anyhow, because maybe if enough people believe in them, who knows maybe one or even all of my wishes will come true after all.

Jonathan is 13 years old.

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