Story List And Biography For Lad Moore

The Taking of a Wooden Nickel
Unraveling the Long Embrace
The Second Birthing Of Young Tim
Smelling Huntsville
The Forgettin' of Sat'dy Night

Photo Of Lad Moore.

Lad Moore is a former corporate vice-president who left the boardroom in 1998 and returned to his roots in 'Deep East Texas'---the fountainhead for much of his writing. He retired to a small farm near mysterious Caddo Lake and the historic steamboat town of Jefferson. In the solitude of those surroundings, when not writing, he walks the piney trails among the muscadines---with his 'ever-encouraging' Australian Shepherd, Quigley.

Life experiences have been splashed freely into his writings. His early years were like a pinball game, shuffling among caring family members between stints at military school. His parents divorced early, and his father was frequently away---following his dream, soldier of fortune style. There were the years of adventure---life in strife-torn Indonesia, Burma, and a year on board a steamer-freighter sailing the world. In high school he joined a circus---only one event in a series of rites of passages that he reflects upon in his stories.

The author is hard at work on his memoirs, "Firefly Rides", which is a 57-story anthology of his youth. His future goal will be to complete a non-fictional account of his life with his father, one of the storied Flying Tigers of World War II. This work, currently titled "Offspring of the Tiger" will include those Far East adventures and much about what the author calls his "dizzy" relationship with his dad.

Some of his stories have appeared on the Web, and he has been published in AIM, America's Intercultural Magazine, and in Carolina Country Magazine.