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Matthew Mercier
© Copyright 2000 by Matthew Mercier

When I was a young boy, my mother used to put my brother and me to sleep by reading stories to us. These stories would often be about Alaska and wolves. Therefore, I decided to write my own story about a wolf. I started out with just this thought in mind and it developed into an interesting story about a simple minded wolf and the people surrounding him.

Under a moonlit sky, a playful wolf sat in thought. He was sitting right in the middle of a forest clearing on a carpet of pine needles. Unique in that clearing, the wolf stood out with his blue eyes, bushy tail, and coat of fur the color of any light storm-cloud (with little white socks on each paw). The subject of his thought was, for the moment, all the people that were watching him.

The fact that they were there, hidden behind rocks and pine trees, did not bother him, too much, because people had always watched him here. They often came with cameras to take pictures of him, and though he could not see for sure, he sensed that this was what they were up to. It was strange to him, though, because up until now they had never brought their cameras with them at night.

Of course, it did not really matter to this wolf. To please them, all the same, and to keep boredom at bay, he boxed a pinecone back and forth between his paws and then chomped it in two with his teeth. He then licked his chops, as he expected a prize of some meat for that trick.

They had given him meat wrapped in green paper once. It was wonderful meat, and he had heard one of them call it "steak." But he had known by the smell it was cow. There were several farms around here with cows, and he could smell them even in the middle of the forest. He loved that smell, and he loved that taste, and he had started, of late, to steal out in the middle of the night to kill cows.

Anyway, he hoped it was steak that they would throw him now. He was quite disappointed, however, after no meat appeared.

He knew that he was in the right place for what they wanted, for there had been a few scraps of meat here, right in the middle of the clearing, but he had no idea what they wanted him to do. He cocked his head to one side: partially because he was curious, but mostly because the people seemed to like that a lot. Still they gave nothing.

Hungry now, and thinking he should have gone hunting for himself, he got up and started to sniff the air. The wolf then started walking away and suddenly paused, with one paw still raised, and looked right at one group of people behind a large boulder; as if he had heard them make some small noise.

He held this pose only for a moment, however, and sat down again with a soft whine. The people were usually so thrilled with acts like that, and though the wolf had sensed some movement, no one was leaving. More importantly, no one was throwing him food.

The wolf sat down and thought impatiently in the moonlight. "What could they want," he thought to himself, when he suddenly heard one of the people make a noise. At first, he thought that it was a sign of disapproval with him, for his lack of understanding, and he pinned back his ears. Gradually, however, he figured out what it was: one of the men was howling at the moon.

"Could that be it," he thought with surprise, "do they want me to howl?" He perked up his ears again. Seeing this, the man stopped his weak noise.

But that was it. Several of them appeared from their hiding places and encouragingly howled for him.

The wolf pinned back his ears again and stood up. They wanted him to howl at the moon for no reason. He had waited all night for some food only to find that they had wanted him to pretend. He ran back into the forest until, at last, the white socks on his paws disappeared in the darkness. No amount of meat was worth that.

I was born in New Britian, CT on October 12, 1981. I first became interested in writing with the encouragment given to me by several of my high school English teachers. It was in my first year of college,1999-2000, that I wrote my first complete short story.

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