The Great Smokey Mountains

Mike Hazelwood

© Copyright 2004 by Mike Hazelwood

Photo of sunrise in the mountains.  (c) 2004 by Richard Loller.

 The Smokey Mountains are eye and soul candy for the senses. A trip to the Smokey Mountains will take you through the backyard of heaven and will supply brain food for relaxation and wonderment. Walking through the colossal city of nature will tantalize the taste buds of your mind. As you glance out across the mesmerizing mosaic of the great Smokey Mountains, the painting etched and engrained in for your mind appears in full color and the textures formed on the canvas leaps through giving message of the handiwork of God.

 The great Smokey Mountains appear to breath and exhale through the smoke of ancient campfires built by descendents gone by; furthermore, by using your imagination you might sense an Indian high atop a mountain sending out smoke signals to interconnect with the ancients of yesteryear. The primitive fire built by the Indian spirit billows and burns like the hot breath of a dragon that is perched high atop the mountain, and the smoke of the primeval fire waves toward the heavens like a section of fabric hovering through the mirror of your mind and the edge of time.

 As your eyes gently roll across the texture and color of God's handiwork, an eagle gently, flies across the mosaic; therefore, Gods artistic power and creativity burns even deeper into your retina and back of your mind. The feeling of serenity and fullness emancipates from the soul as you eat from table of nature set out by the hand of God.

 Your walk through the Great Smokey Mountains will take you through the ancient city of nature built from the megaliths, monuments, and mountains of God. By getting, a taste of the Great Smokey Mountains you will have food for the river of your dreams.

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