An Answered Prayer

A Thank You Letter To God 
And All The Angels Who Prayed For Me

Pauline Robinson

© Copyright 2003 by Pauline Robinson


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     I would like to take this opportunity to thank God for an answered prayer, and everyone for all the earthly prayers that they sent up to Heaven in my honor.

     It will be four years, this Labor Day weekend, since I died the first time from a massive heart attack.  Dr. Abdulkader Dahan, is one of my special angels, but even he did not think that I would live.

     He brought me back to life, got me on a helicopter and on my way to Central Baptist Hospital in Lexington, where the doctors there didn’t give my family very much hope for my recovery.

     For two months and nine days I was on life support there where my family was with me 24-hours a day.

     I had an experience while I was there that few people ever have in a life-time and are rarely ever given the opportunity to tell about. I felt life leaving my body.  I felt myself being lifted out of my body and being transported to a place outside.

     I did not know anyone or anything during this experience.  I stayed in this safe place for a short time before I came back.  During those two months I knew so little of what was taking place around my earthly hospital bed.  I feel as though God was keeping me for a while.

     Friends and family members came to see me while I was in the cardiac care unit.  I can vaguely remember some of the faces and the tender hands that held mine and assured me that they were praying for me.

    The doctors and nurses were wonderful to me.  Although my family was not allowed to stay in the room with me, I was always assured that they were just outside waiting to come in.

     Still on life support, the doctors along with my immediate family were at this point considering placing me in a hospital in Louisville.  This would be a long term recovery facility that would allow me the opportunity, if at all possible, to be weaned from the continual life support machine.

     I was at this time able to know most of what they were talking about and was encouraged by doctors and family to take part in most of the conversations regarding my care.

     “I’ll go if some of you (my family) will go with me,” I said in response to this suggestion.
      My family eagerly agreed and we were soon transported to the new facility where I would endure a long but positive recovery.

     Along with my loving family, the only other items that I took with me to Louisville were two large posters that were made for me by my Church Family.  One of them was a poster of handprints and Bible verses made by the kids of the Mary Helen United Methodist Church.  The other poster was made by the adult members of the church.  It consisted of leaves and Bible verses.  I would go to sleep each night in comfort reading those verses.

     By this time my feet and ankles had turned black from gangrene.  They had suggested in Lexington that they be amputated, but my family was in total disagreement with that suggestion.  Their answer was a firm “no.”

     My feet were treated everyday and when I saw them I was frightened to see how black they were.

     I thank God that my family was so set on their decision not to have an amputation because today I have both my feet.

     I am so thankful that I was under the care of such wonderful doctors and nurses and had the opportunity to undergo such positive treatments and rehabilitation for re-learning to walk and talk again.  Even the process of swallowing and eating had to be re-taught to me.

     My family was able to find a small apartment close to the hospital where they stayed for three months.  This gave them all the opportunity to be with me any time.  There were always one or two family members by my side.  I cannot thank them enough for their love, patience and support during this ordeal.

     Although my recovery began slowly, I feel that during the last three weeks God helped me to be able to re-learn everything faster. He was now ready for me to go home to my Harlan County residence.

     Three months after I was admitted to the Louisville facility, I was able to go home in a car and walk right into my home. Although I was far from a complete recovery I was certain that I was well on my way.

     Even though my feet looked much better, it took about a year for my toes to heal.  Although I ended up losing two toes on each foot, I am so thankful that I still have my feet.  I thank God that I can still wear shoes today.

     After several months, I was back in the hospital again here in Harlan, where I died the second time.  Dr. Fazal H. Ahmad was just outside my door and he aided in bringing me back to life again.  Soon I was on my way back to Lexington by helicopter.  I am so thankful to say that I was able to come home again.

     A third time I was transported to Lexington by ambulance where I had a defibulator inserted inside my chest.  Thankful to say once again I came home where with the exception of minor set-backs I have been doing tremendously wonderful.

     This is a thank you letter to my neighbors in Teetersville and in Lenarue, and all my family and friends in the states of Michigan, Ohio, Alabama, and Tennessee (just to mention a few); and to my immediate family for being there for me through this rough ordeal.

     This is a very special thank you letter to God for his help and strength during this trying time of my life.  I am also very thankful that He answered so many prayers that were sent up to Heaven from Harlan County and all over.  I will be ever so grateful that I had so many churches and their members praying for me during this time.  I thank God for everyone who was on my side.

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