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Photo of a fashion model on the cover of Vogue.

Perfection is why human error exists. We cannot strive for perfection because there will always be that flaw that is usually overlooked in the long run. We are blinded by our constant need to secure an image that is not even our own and are put down by a simple statement all because of that one flaw. As American’s, we take our time trying to perfect the image that isn’t us at all in order to impress the more superior of the social world. Image is not everything. Image is the false accusation of a person’s life. Image is the mask of true beauty in the eyes of the beholder. Image is why we lie. Outward appearances are not ignored; when it comes to going to a job interview, most employers look for a neat and tidy man or woman to hire. An outward appearance should show who someone is and not who he or she wants to be. However, that is scarcely the case. Many American teens who are watching commercials right now with supermodels, male or female, and they are wondering, “Gee, I wish I were that beautiful, and perfectly tanned.” We live in a country where every one tells us that image is not everything, and yet we see our third grade teacher walking out of the clinic a few months later with her new breast implants and botox treatment (and get this, she’s only twenty-five). Everyone, at every minute of the day is judged based solely on their appearance. If you were to walk into a high school classroom right now wearing your style of clothing, and talking proper or slang, the judging starts at that moment. The people in that classroom either except you or reject you just by your appearance (this is how bullying, cliques, and high school social status starts). Image is not everything. As we grow up we realize that we could never be like a model, we’re late bloomers, and that we have to enough confidence to walk out in public with “our” clothes on as well as on a nude beach and pray that we could never be like any one else. We could never wear the image of someone else’s skin.. So please “don’t judge a book by its cover” and “don’t try to wear that book that you think is highly favorable to upper classmen” because it does not look good on you.

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