There She Stood 

Ryan Hart Soliwoda

© Copyright 2015 by Ryan Hart Soliwoda

Photo of a girl sitting on steps.

This is a love story written in a poetry format.  Hope you like it.

There she stood. Sitting on the staircase of my apartment building.

She was wearing blue jeans and
a t-shirt of “The Dreaming”
(One of my favorite Rock Bands!)

She looked kind of normal though.
Not like your usual rock concert goth.

Still, she was a beautiful creature.
Unlike any I have ever seen.

I asked if she was looking for someone.

Then she opened those pouty lips and said
Actually, I just moved into apartment 3B.”

Her voice was as beautiful as she was.
I stuttered as a responded with “Oh-Oh h-hi I’m Ryan.”

She giggled and asked if I wanted to sit down.
I said yeah.
We talked for 25 minutes.

We had more in common than you
would expect from a girl you
found sitting right on your doorstep just by chance.

I asked if she wanted to hang out sometime.

She got up and said
Yeah, you’ll see me around.”

I sat there for two minutes after she left.
Amazing.” I actually said out loud.

I repeated the word “Amazing.”

Then I thought, “Oh Shit!
I never got her name!”

Then I thought of what she said
You’ll see me around.”

So then I exhale and walk into to my apartment.

I catch the new episode of City Confidential
and think, this is better than the
fictional mystery shows I see on TV sometimes.

The next day, I go to the gym for a workout.
I was in top form. Benching a hardcore
250 LBS. with a grace that made the trainers cringe.

The head trainer, my buddy,
Paul, walks up to me and
goes “So who is she?”

I say “What are you talking about dude?”
He says “The last time I saw you
working out this hardcore was
when you first met Cindy.”

Yeah, till she dumped me for my boss!
I ended up un-employed for a month and
a half thanks to that bitch!

Paul gives an understanding look and
says “Yeah, and now you are the top
concert promoter in Philly!

I know, I know, she probably did me a favor.”
I grumble.

Then he smiled and said “So? Who is she?”

Actually, I never got her name.”

Paul says “Uh-oh, she is one of those mystery girls.”

No! No! Dude, it’s not like that!”

I pleaded.

Paul cackled and said “Oh no, you forgot to ask her name!
She must really be something special!”

Yeah, she is. I’ll see you around.”

As I leave he goes “Get her name next time.”

I will, see ya!”

I wave as I leave.

The next night, it’s 8:00 at night. I gotta
Get to the Whiskey a Go-Go. The Warhammers, the biggest thing to come out of Norway in decades, is playing there tonight and I gotta pay their manager for the show.

As I go to my car, there she stood,
right next to the passenger seat door.
Where you headed?” she asked.

I gotta go to work.”

I say as I open the door.
Then I stop. “Now is your chance”
I thought to myself.

Hey, do you wanna see a band play?
Tonight I mean.”

I thought you had to work?”
She asked perplexed.

That’s where I work.”
I laughed. Don’t know why I laughed,
but I did.

Yeah sure.” She said as she opened
the passenger seat door.

So how long have you been a musician?

I watch the street light
change to green before I answer.

Oh, I’m not in the band.”

I report.

I then reply

I’m a concert promoter.”

Oh wow!”

She says.

That must be the coolest job ever!”

She said with such happiness that
it was almost like singing.

My heart skipped a beat as I tried to
drive in a straight line when the light hit green.

We talked the whole 45 minutes it took to get to Center City.

She was amazing. The nicest, friendliest,
and most intelligent conversation
I have had in ages!

Then, I pull into the parking lot by the back door to the Whiskey A Go-Go.

Ready to rock out?”

I ask excitedly.

Hell yeah!”

She whistles as she grabs my hand
and we go in together.

It was such a magical moment.
Her hand was so soft.

I could feel the happiness glow
from her petite body.

The concert was amazing!

Worth every endless hour I spent driving all
over the tri-county area telling radio
station DJ’s about the best underground
concert about to hit Philly in the last ten years!

After the show, we got ice cream from Dairy Queen.

I was having so much fun that
I was wishing that it would never stop.

As we headed to my car, I heard a familiar sound.

The sound of the butt of a gun cracking a skull.

There she was, lying on the ground in a pool of blood.

As I looked up, there was Tony Chitlus,
the local drug dealer, lighting up a cigarette, as if he just made love to her or something.

I lost it at this point. I punched him four times.
Right in the face!

He falls and I am on top of him,
screaming in his ear!

You fucking lowlife! Was it worth it?!
Was she really worth it?!

I scream as I grab his gun off the
ground and stand up.

I slowly bring my finger close to the trigger.
Then, I hear a police-style handgun cock.

I hear that noise at many of the shows I promote.
Usually, the ones Tony sneaks into to sell heroine.

Don’t do it kid!” Said officer Johnson.

I knew him from last month, when
he called me in as a witness of
Tony’s last drug dealing at one of
the concerts I was doing at the time.

We saw what he did, he’s going to jail now!
Don’t make us take you there too!”

Officer Johnson said.

I hand him Tony’s gun.

Look at me kid. Look at me.”

I look over at him.

There is always a chance. You can’t give
up so easily. That’s not why God put us here.”

He told me that I helped them get
finally catch Tony in the act.

He was going away for a long time.

The next day, I went to the courthouse for my hearing.

I got off by telling the Judge it was self-defense.

Which it kind of was.

As I walk out of the courthouse,
my cell-phone rang.

It was her!
I had forgotten that I gave her
my cell-phone number the other day.

Where are you? Are you okay?”

I ask anxiously.

Look behind you.”

and there she stood. Looking good as new!

She lifted up part of her hair, and
showed me the small bandage.

Apparently, she only suffered a
small concussion from the
gun-clubbing to her skull.
I asked her if she had lunch yet.

She said no.

She kissed me on the cheek and says a
Simple, yet lovely, “Thanks.”

I stop walking and she turns to look behind her.

I um, never got your name.”

It’s Tara” She says.

Tara Jo.”
She says rather calmly.

Do you have a boyfriend Tara Jo?”

I asked nervously.

Yeah silly, I’m talking to him right now?

She giggles.

So there she stood, right in front of
Me, as I look into her eyes, right
as we touch lips.

They say relationships are always tough.
Some even say that I should avoid them at all costs.

But like Officer Johnson said…
That’s not why God put us here!”

Because, just I learned from watching City Confidential…


I am a writer/illustrator who makes his own comic books and authors poetry. It is my dream to be published! I study art and creative writing at Bucks County Community College and have been taught by legends like Chris Bursk and John Ivanchenko.

P.S. This is my web comic. in case you like comics to read….!gallery/c2269

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