The Final Path That Is Our Destiny

A Story by M. Sandra Babcock

(c) Copyright 1999 by M. Sandra Babcock

It's odd how something will occur that can spark the imagination - This story is based on an actual "crossing of paths" that occurred in May and my imagination soared from this chance encounter. I continue to see the character I named "George" and someday may have the courage to actually speak to him.

My orderly life was in turmoil. Stomach bulged, water leaked as I slid the designer creation by Omar-the-Tent-Maker over my swollen belly. The contents ached to be released.

“George," I serenely said into the phone, "we have to go now?…!” It was a question and a statement. Pregnant women can do these things.

“Whaaatttt? You want me there?” George replied, half asleep, his lisp barely noticeable. I heard the catch in his voice and a thick gel of memories oozed.

“Madison, you do know he’s homosexual.” Mother’s pompous English monologue filled the room. I stiffened like starched laundry and nodded.

”Splendid eye for fashion,” a drowsy giggle escaped, “but, lacks ambiance. . .”

Translation - George was no Mel Gibson and I possessed no eyes. I had to cut her off at the pass or get caught in the stampede.

“I stopped looking at the package years ago, mother."

Phil's image flooded my mind as I spoke. Lush wind-blown flaxen locks, teeth whiter than mother's milk and a chiseled face that could make Michelangelo's David melt....

This story contains strong language not suitable for young children. To request the story, please E-Mail Us stating your name and age and the story you are requesting. Thank you.