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Photo by William Warby on Unsplash
                                 Photo by William Warby on Unsplash

Once upon a time Mike, advocate during the day and thief at night. The robbery was a legacy left by his family with a magic mirror as protection. And because of this mirror, Mike had a full insurance. His father was among those who built the town and his name was carved in a stone in the pen of town.

Every time Mike went to steal, he, disguised in order of not being recognized. And the fact to have a lot of identities gave him a trump. He knew very well how to take advantage of that, for in the real life, he was an honorable person. 

After stealing from long time, he wasn't still rich. He got the news that there was a treasure of ancient Egypt is hidden somewhere. And definitely wanting to retire once and for all, he decided to investigate.

One day, Mike met a woman. By the time, they fell in love. And while Mike did his research, the lady saw it and said to him: According to a myth, the treasure that you're looking is found in the pen of the town. 

 Then, Mike went into the pen and studied the ground to know how he'll do it without attracting attention. He appealed to his imagination and discovered the pen was poorly maintained. And decided to be a volunteer to take care of that.

Once everybody left the pen, Mike came carefully and looked for where was the treasure. As a thief, he knew that things about ancient Egypt bear a part of the mystery. Where he came with his dedicated mirror passed down from generation to generation in his family.

In the pen, Mike started to talk to the mirror. And once he ended, he got a revelation of the mirror of the exact place where the treasure was in the pen. He dug and saw the treasure. But there was a sign on the box which carried the treasure and said: Not to open. Seeing that, Mike took the mirror of his ancestors and put it on the box that carried the treasure and left it there until he fell asleep.

In his sleep, Mike saw the treasure become a snake. And that snake wanted to bite him. Suddenly, he waked up and sweated because of what he saw. It was a dream, but that dream was real in a way. And the mirror, he let up on the box that carried the treasure was down in the ground. Seeing that, Mike remembered what his father told him: When you'll see this mirror fall to the ground, know that the danger is not far from you.

Many of the great Thieves in history knew where was the treasure in this pen, but all those who tried to take it were killed by the snake. And because of the mirror of his ancestors, Mike escaped to the death. And Mike's mirror was his protection against the snake of the pen.

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