Gone To Heaven and Back

Sharon List

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E. L. left his family and friends with a miracle November 30, 1998, after his battle with Cancer. He was born in Freising, Germany, on March 29, 1944. Here is the story of his battle with Cancer. E. L left us with this message. 

September 29, 1998
To My Family and Friends,

        I was unable to communicate with my family in the hospital. When I rubbed my right hand across my head and kept talking about the lights, I wanted to tell them but my brain was muddled and confused from the 2400 mg of codeine a day. The codeine was administered against my wife's orders, because the Doctors said I had pain from the Cancer. I didn't feel pain, but I was given it anyway. My family thought I had gone out of my mind when I was rubbing circles around my head. Here is my story:
      After I was taken home, my wife took me off the codeine. Finally, I could tell her and my family the story.
        My wife, told me when I was in the hospital I was rubbing my head. She ask me if I was in pain at that time. I told her, when I rubbed my head in circles, there was an Angel with me. I was telling him, I understand his message and everything was clear to me. I told my wife that there was a bright light, that light meant that God was near by. My wife told me I looked like I was sleeping and my mouth was sucked in, in the shape of an “O’.
        I told her, as I lay there I had a Guardian Angel behind me, and Angels with wings took me through a hole. They were taking me to Heaven. I have never felt such peace or seen so much beauty and the brightness and light was overwhelming to me. I was led by Angels and stood face to face with my Mama, brother, my wife's father, sister, and people I had known and loved who had died. It seemed like everyone I was supposed to see were in one area, like they knew I was coming and were waiting for me. Everyone wore white gowns and was smiling. Two of my wife's friends lost their children in violent circumstances. I saw and stood before the three beautiful children. (Whose bodies was never found on this earth.)
        Heaven was warm like they describe the Garden Of Eden, flowers, trees, rivers overwhelmingly beautiful and such peace and contentment. I didn't want to leave. The farther away I could see an overwhelming Rainbow. My wife tells me later, it must have been God’s Throne. Tamed animals of all kinds were everywhere. It looked like the animals and people were in harmony. It looked like mothers and their children were together, like my wife's sister and her two-year-old son. ( My wife's sister died at 25 years old, her son died at the age of two). It looks like the age you die is the age you are in Heaven. There were so many trees, flowers, and rivers there. It was a warm and peaceful there.
        I looked down and saw my wife, my daughter, and son. I thought, I have too many things to tell them that I was sorry for the things that was said and done. The hardest thing for me to do is to leave my wife.
        Jesus stood by me in a bright light and told me he would lead me to my home country of Germany where a cure for Cancer may begin In October. He said, It has to be soon, the tumors are growing.
        I woke up, my son was holding my hand and my family was all around me. I said when waking up, “ Why aren't I buried yet? I am dead.”
        My wife tells me “God brought you back to us and time will tell what the reason is, she said sharing your story is reason enough.
        I have been to Heaven and God brought me back. My Cancer is spreading rapidly, but I’m not afraid anymore and I hope it has helped my family and friends.
        There really is a Heaven; my family and friends there had no tears because they knew and I know now a peaceful happy life will just be starting when God returns me to Heaven.
        The beginning of this story up until November 30, 1998 were actual things told to me by my husband, Egon. As he talked I wrote down everything he would say.
         After the Angels had taken his back I continued to write the story like he was still telling it. Being together for almost 30 years and sharing everything in life together, I wanted him to still see and feel, and to let him know how much he was loved and missed. Selfish on my part, but part of my process of realizing that he is with God and not with me on earth anymore. By selfish I mean there is no comparison between the place where he is now and the shape he was in here on Earth. Before he left again with the Angels.

November 30, 1998

        My brother, Wolfie came to be with me, while Sharon went to work. After Sharon left, I started scream, “Wolfie, get Sharon, find Sharon!” Fran came over and held my hand. I said, “the devil is at my back“, Wolfe get rid of him! Wolfie slashed his arms around and started kicking. All of a sudden I told him, “he is gone.” Sharon came home, Wolfie ran out to tell her that I was really in bad shape. My wife gave me more morphine, but this time it didn't help. I looked straight ahead but couldn't blink. My wife told Wolfie that she wanted to be a lone with me. She told him that she would call him.
Saying, Lord God and Jesus I give you my husband, “She had brought the picture that Fran had given me. She said, “Look sweetheart, you are going back to this place of paradise. She had put Jesus on the cross and laid it on the bed next to me. My mother had given it to us when we were in Germany. She was reading to me from the Bible. She asked me if my Angel was here. I whispered, “Yes.” Is Jesus in our heart? I again whispered, “Yes.”  Egon, are you ready to go with the Angel? “Yes” I said.
      Sharon had called our children Scotty and Heidi. Scotty came into the room and screamed, “I love you dad. You were the best dad in the world."   Sharon had gone out of the room for just one second, she could hear Scotty screaming. Sharon watched as my mouth formed an “O” and she knew my Angel had taken me back.
 Note: Egon told his story in my journal. He was a wonderful husband, father, and friend. He will be missed, but not forgotten. The Lord is his Shepherd now, and he can walk with his Lord Jesus.

December 1, 1998
Epilog I

       The next day my good friends came over to visit me. Raenelle and Jonelle.  Raenelle told me that her daughter had something to gave me from Egon, a message. I looked at than puzzled. What! I said, a message? Jonelle told me when she woke up she read some of the things that I had written down that Egon had told me.  She said she went to her desk and started to write. She told me she wasn't a good writer, but she couldn't stop writing. She felt she had to write this. Tears from her heart for Egon, who I am sure would want me to write this. She ask herself, “Why?” Something told her that I needed to know. Jonelle said, Egon loved me so much, he couldn't put it into words.
       Jonelle handed me an envelope, I opened it and started to read it aloud.
Before Egon died, (months before) he said that he wasn't ready to die. What did he have to do that was so important? This is what I feel he had to do.  Egon wanted his wife Sharon to know more about God. Where he lives and the paradise he would be taken after he died. Egon wanted Sharon to feel what he felt and where he would be when he left her. I think Egon asked Jesus if he could take home a few Angels to his earth home to let Sharon know what the place of Paradise where he was going would feel like. When Egon was on earth I visited him I felt peace and love, I wasn't scared. I didn't want to leave his home. I could feel Angels around Sharon and felt that she would be fine on this earth. She is to share with many people Egon’s story, it is something we all must face one day.
       A few days later Jonelle was driving to her mother’s home at 8:30 A. M.. The sky above her mother home was like the picture that Fran show Egon.  She took a photo of the sky. It was raining that morning. It was the time when Egon was cremated. The crematory was a few streets behind her mother’s house.


       I have moved to Oregon. It is truly God’s country and the beauty of Oregon is helping me to heal. Egon knew how much I missed the seasons. Harold moved us up to Oregon. He not only kept his promise to Egon, but carried out his wish that we move to Oregon. Heidi moved here with me.  And one day, when the time is right my son will follow.
       I find it funny that if you take off the “Or” from Oregon, Egon’s name remains. For some reason he wanted us to move here. Time will tell what plan God has for me next.

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