A Morning In My Life

Sheila Preisler

© Copyright 2003 by Sheila Preisler


Drawing of a pyramid with a treasure inside.

The morning started out rainy. I didn't want to get up. I laid there listening to my son sing as he lay in his bed. My heart was filled with so much happiness, knowing that he is so happy. I got up and jumped into the shower to start my day. Charles continued to sing as the rain pored down. As I make my way to the stairway to go get him, my head began to hurt and I felt like the stairs were spinning. Before I knew it, I was in his room. Through his window I saw the rain falling.

For just a moment my eyes capture the rain drops, I stood there looking into a window of my life that would take me back to the first time I held him my hands. When the nurses first brought him to me in the hospital, he was so tiny, and I was so weak from giving birth that I could hardly sit up. With the help of the doctors, I was able to hold my sweet son for the first time.

I was so scared. I did not know anything about babies. So many thoughts were going though my mind. What if I drop him? What if he cries? What will I do? Then in a soft tone one of the nurses said, "Its ok you won't hurt him." He was finally in my arms. As I looked into his sky blue eyes all of my fears and pain went away.

I hear him say mommy in his sweet angelic voice, and I turned away from the window and the falling rain. I find myself again felling the pain in my head. I get my son out of his bed. I take him into my arms, and get him ready for the day. He looks up into my eyes and softly says "Mommy I will be your angel" and he kisses my head. It was then I had realized he was sent down form the heavens to save my life.

I am so blessed to have my son Charles. He is the reason that I exist. The rain was still falling down. We walked down the stairs to finish our rainy day.

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