Excerps From
The Curse Of 
The Bloodmoon's Child

Summer Ross and Nicole Fox

© Copyright 2001 by Summer Ross and Nicole Fox



Chapter One

Sarah Lache, what is so elegant and riotous about her? Blonde hair, blue eyes, of course she will have most of the suitors! ` Chasity Lache thought while the cool night breeze danced with a strand of her long brown hair. They walked slowly and silently down the pebble stone streets of Los Angeles when Sarah came to a sudden stop.

“ What is wrong? “ Asked Chasity. Her black and blue velvet dress ruffled in the breeze.

“ I could have sworn I saw a small gray cat. Let us see if we can catch him. He is probably hungry. Daddy shouldn't mind too much as long as we take him to the vet first. “ Said Sarah heading down the unfamiliar side street by Jean’s Saloon. Chasity followed anxiously. Just as they turned the corner the cat disappeared.

“ Sarah we should turn back and take a carriage .” Said Chasity, as silver hit her eyes. A tall dark figure walked towards them from the shadowy overcasts of the buildings.

“ Here kitty, kitty, kitty “ Sarah called. “ Chasity come help me. “ Sarah looked behind her and she saw Chasity staring blankly into the dark.

“ Oh I'll get him myself”.

Chasity watched as the tall figure stepped into the light. She looked right into the man’s eyes and felt a little confused. His eyes were taunting her, as if seducing her from a glance. She felt hypnotized by his every step. The closer he came, the more fear strangled her body. She wanted to run, but her feet seemed cemented to the ground.

“Hello my petite.” The man said in a deep seductive voice.

This strange person who now stood before her, spoke like an angel, sent to protect her from harm. Or he could be the devil himself. Chasity could feel the excitement crawling through her stomach. The man stepped closer to her. The silver of his eye’s embraced her, as he looked her over. Chasity looked closer at his eyes. The iris was not the only part silver. The silver covered the entire eye. A gasp escaped from her lips.

“ Yes ma petite” He said with a devilish grin.

The words made chastity's heart beat rapidly. She wondered if he could hear the immense pounding. The man reached his hand up to her face: She flinched as it touched her skin. Ice cold at first but quickly warmed by the intense heat that rose higher and higher making her cheeks flush an apple red. Long black hair with white tips surrounded his pale white face. He walked as close as she could bare. She could hear the sound of his black boot’s hitting the earth with each step. He wore a silk black shirt, with the first button undone, and black slacks. Chasity could barely resist the mere sight of him. The man came so close, so close that Chasity could feel his breath upon her cheek.

“Chasity, your name sounds so enticing upon my lips. Even better in my mind.” The man whispered into her ear, giving her chills at the sound of his words. `How does he know my name? Where is this man or creature from? ` Chasity thought while he kissed her softly on the cheek. His lips felt soft and full. He tasted his way slowly to her mouth and kissed her ungentle man like. A sweet kiss, tasting as sweet as sugar.

“Mmm... You taste as pure as you look.” The man said against her lips. “Please, come with me.”

“Here kitty, kitty, kitty. Stupid feline! Chasity please come help me. I can not catch this on my own.” Said Sarah. Except when she turned around Chasity was no where to be found. “Chicken!”

Chasity could hear Sarah and see her, but feared to call out to her.

“Even if you did call to her, she would not hear you. She is incapable of seeing you at this moment. I have formed an illusion to cover us. All Sarah cares about is finding my imaginary gray kitten.” The man told Chasity. Then he stepped back and held out his pale hand. “Please come with me.” Chasity could not concentrate. Her thoughts were distorted by his sweet voice. She took his hand without any hesitation, and still could not determine who or what he was.

The moment she felt the man’s fingers curl around her hand; the street and buildings disappeared. All she could see was the man and many colors forming around her. She felt as though they had been lifted beyond Earth’s gravitational pull. The colors poured in from every angle. The blue and purple swirled around each other forming odd patterns and shapes. Chasity knew the man she had spoken to was near. She could feel his cold chill running through her body. All of a sudden the colors disappeared. Chasity heard her dress rip and then she felt a prick of pain on her neck. She became frightened and tried to pull away, but the grip the man had on her only tightened. When the pain was almost unbearable and the fright intensified to the highest point, ecstasy consumed her body and Chasity was on the verge of fainting when she saw the man’s face.

“Wh..Who are you?” Chasity asked. She heard a dead voice, a voice so cold it burned say...

“Tristin.” As she drifted away.

Chasity suddenly awoke in a very dark room. As her eyes started to adjust she could make out a stairway. Chasity attempted to sit up but her muscles were sore and she felt somewhat abnormal. As if she were no longer the same person and had some how changed. Finally Chasity was able to stand on her feet. Her feet were bare and she could feel soft velvet on her toes. Chasity stumbled until she found the cold cement floor and headed toward the stairs. There was a dim light coming from some where around the stairs. Chasity walked up the first few steps and noticed they were padded with some kind of carpet. She tripped over a step and caught herself by the wall. It was cold and smooth. Chasity kept walking up the steps until she found where the light was coming from. There was a small torch in a cove of black marble wall. She grabbed the torch and headed back down the stairs. She thought she should stay in one place incase some one were to come looking for her. She had no idea where she was or how she got there. But she did know she was not at home. Chasity figured that sooner or later her father would notice her absence and come to find her. Until then, she would wait. Chasity only hoped that who ever brought her there, was not set to kill her. Chasity was so lost in her thoughts that she finally realized she was only a few steps away from her bed. When she looked towards the bottom to see, there before her sat a large black coffin.

Chapter 15

Jude strode alongside Dhrako, followed closely by Jadira. He felt awkward walking next to a dragon, yet he was comfortable with the fact. Dhrako’s stride slowed down until he was almost at a stand still. He knew that most humans strived to keep up with such a colossal creature, so Dhrako summoned a couple unicorns. Suddenly two elegantly sleek horses emerged from the surrounding forest. Their coats were as black as midnight. Their impetuous eyes glimmered with a passionate violet, speaking of their wild and fierce nature. Long white manes and tails flowed along shoulder and flank. The hair lined their powerful spines. Large golden hooves pounded the ground beneath them, causing a small tremor to pass through the shallow dirt. Their most amazing feature was the single spiraled horn that rose like an antenna straight to heaven. The suns glimmered off of it, showing it’s silver characteristics.

`Wow`, Jude thought. The creatures were amazing. They were like nothing he had ever seen or experienced, except in the storybooks he read as a child. He cherished the moment, which he got to spend with the most magical of beasts. Beauty followed them like a rainbow follows its eternal path through the sky.

“They’re wondrous,” Jude exclaimed in awe, “I can’t believe I’m standing before unicorns. This is beyond words; something only my heart can describe.”

Dhrako smiled at Judes' astonishment. “I have accommodated our long journey. I hope you know how to ride.”

“We, we’re going to ride them? Um, it’s been a long time since I’ve rode a regular horse. I believe I remember how.”

As the unicorns approached them, their eyes flared with a furious rapture for freedom. Yet their spirits radiated a calm, compassionate love from the deepest depths of their souls. They then kneeled so that Jude and Jadira could easily mount them. Jude had not realized just how immense the animals actually were until they stood up. Jude could feel the beasts muscles shudder and bulge as its’ body moved. The movements were amazingly smooth as apposed to their size.

“Their names are Desire and ecstasy. They are the most sacred of animals in these forests. Not many exist at this point.” Dhrako informed them. “ Besides other species of unicorns, these are the lasts of their kind. Mortal hands have never handled them.”

“How is this possible then? How could we ride these creatures without angering them?” Jude asked seemingly shocked.

“Because they can sense your kind and noble nature. They know who you are; they know who your brother is and that he will fight for our freedom and the freedom of everything this planet holds dear.”

“So why have we been brought here? And where are you taking us?” Jude asked quickly changing the subject.

“Kaisha Dorr has always been a peaceful planet. We value the peace and our freedom. There is a forest on Kaisha Dorr. A dark forest that upsets the order of our wonderful world. No sunlight has ever touched the grounds in this forest, where the grass has dried up and grotesque weeds and worms grow and pollute the soil. Where black trees also grow, as black as the night sky. They even sprout ghostly white leaves. This is a place where evil, foul creatures roam in many forms. This is also where the vampire race thrives.”

“Vampires, what next?” Asked Jude slightly amused.

“Well if you really want to know, I have plenty more to tell you.” Said Dhrako.

“Nothing could surprise me anymore, so tell away.”

“I understand you have never experienced anything like our world and what it has to offer. Our worlds are very different in every aspect, but there is one thing they have in common, war.”

“I would never have guessed that your peaceful world has something as terrible as war. On earth war is a common devastation that destroys life and will someday ravish our planet. Of course I believe the human race is nothing but a virus. We spread and breed like a plague, covering the earth with monstrous buildings and pollution. We kill without a care in the world. We use guns and bombs to murder each other almost everyday.”

“Sounds awful!” Jadira exclaimed.

“War here happens every two hundred sunsets. A price we have to pay for the blood moon.”

“What’s the blood moon all about?”

“It is when the moon turns a deep red and it’s the only time the vampires of our world can elude their forest. Even when the moon is in its darkest phase, they cannot step beyond the forest’s boundaries or else they will die.”

Jadira seemed scared. “All of Kaisha Dorr fears this crimson moon, because this is when the vampires will feed.”

Dhrako continued. “And this is exactly why we need your brother. I have seen and even experienced the future in my dreams. There is going to be one last, final battle between the humans and the vampires. It will be a great crusade, and unfortunately, many of our people will die. Your brother has been the chosen one to lead the battle; he has since he was born. Our victory herein lies upon Ethan’s decision on which side he chooses.”

Jude was surprised by Dhrako’s last statement. “What do you mean by what you just said?”

“What I’m about to tell you may go against everything that you know to be the truth. But you have to believe in me for the sake of your brother and all life on Kaisha Dorr.”

“What the hell are you trying to tell me?”

“Ethan’s father is King Sarus, I have told you this.”


“And his mother if Vanity Rayne, queen of the vampires.”

“Yeah right and I’m supposed to believe this? I grew up with Ethan; we’ve been through hell together. And now you’re asking me to believe Ethan’s not even from earth. I’d really like to know what you’ve been smoking, because I really need some right about now.”

“Everything you have seen thus far is hard for you to comprehend. Why can’t you trust us with the truth?”

“Because, you’re asking me to go against knowing that Ethan is my true brother. You’re asking me to go against all the years I’ve spent with him. You’re asking me to leave my sanity behind me, just so I can grasp something so farfetched it belongs in a fairy tale. This planet goes way beyond reality.”

“What is reality? Have you ever thought about that? To us, Kaisha Dorr is reality and your world is only an illusion, a fantasy, something only a madman would talk about. I have seen your earth; it is fantastic and horrid at the same time. It goes beyond our realities.”

Jude thought about what Dhrako had said, it was a fanatical idea, yet it made sense.” You know, as far fetched as everything sounds, you have a point. So, tell me more of this Vanity.”

“A long time ago, a vampire from our world found a way to visit Earth. He always had the power to go to many places; he was the king of all the Vampires. A direct descendent of the Dracul bloodline. You see all the male vampires on this planet pick their mates, Human at first. They watch them grow into maturity and then seduce them and keep them. The vampire king, well he found his on Earth. Her name originally was Chasity. The vampire king was Tristin. He took no mercy on her and forced her here. When Tristin drank of her blood Chasity changed to Vanity. She loathed him for taking her life away from her. In time her animosity grew to the point where she lashed out at her maker. It started with king Sarus. During one of the battles he had voluntarily captured her and they mated which produced Ethan. Sarus believed Vanity would only harm the child so he took Ethan when he was still young and almost incapable of remembering what had happened. Sarus raised him until Vanity captured Ethan and banished him from Kaisha Dorr. She could have chosen to kill him, but he was still her son. So Vanity banished Ethan out of fear. She had foreseen that her soon would regulate a legion of Kaisha Dorr’s people against her and then there would be no more Vanity. But if Ethan were to join on her side we would all be foreordained to death in a sense.” Explained Dhrako.

“ So you’re saying that Ethan’s with Vanity now?” Asked Jude

“Yes, and she will attempt to mate with him.”

“She would screw her own son! Why would Ethan do that? Why would Vanity do that?

“Vanity has not yet told him who she is. She does not want him to know. She wants to fully alter him into the vampire world so he can never leave the Dark forest. Then he would be forced to fight for the vampires.”

“This is why we need your help Jude.” Jadira pleaded. “He is with her now.”

“So has anyone told him this or are you all waiting till after he is a vampire?” Asked Jude.

“I was going to make this known to him, but I am to late.” Dhrako said as he stopped.

“If what you’re saying is true then she has the power over him to make him whatever she wants. Then take me to him.” Said Jude. They continued to walk in silence. Everybody seemed rigid, knowing the tenseness that lingered in the air.

Dhrako could sense Judes' anger. Yet the anger wasn’t directed to anyone but himself. Jude was enraged with himself for not being there to protect him and not stopping Ethan’s upcoming demise.

“Do not blame yourself for Ethan’s predicament. It is not your fault.” Said Dhrako.

“It may not be my fault, but Ethan is still my brother, I’m responsible for him.”

“Jude, you’re not the only one who cares about Ethan.” Said Jadira.

“So I’ve heard. However, a brother’s love is a brother’s love. We would do anything for each other.”

“Then help us. Believe in what Ethan is and stop Vanity.”

“Help me!” Someone from deep within the forest cried out. The party of three followed the wails for help. Shortly they found the origin of the cries. They found a woman lying on the forest floor. She was covered from head to toe in blood. Jude dismounted ecstasy and approached the woman alongside Dhrako.

“Please help me.” Said the woman reaching out for them.

“Keep her calm.” Dhrako said as he positioned himself on the opposite side of her broken body.

“What is your name?” Jude asked as he held the woman’s hand.


“My name is Jude and this is Dhrako. We’re going to try to help you.”

“I was attacked by a graphter; he came out of the trees. I tried to defend myself, but he was much stronger Than I. He performed a spell on me...I...couldn’t heal my wounds.” Her body became limp in Judes’ arms.

“She is dying Dhrako. There is nothing we can do.”

“Do not give up hope so quickly.”

“Her wounds are fetal.” Said Jude.

“You are being much too hasty. Open your mind, and do not think about what could happen, conceive in what might happen, and what can be done.”

“You can help her?”

“Is that honestly so hard to believe, just think about this planet for a moment.”

Jude turned to gaze into Aurora’s half closed eyes. She barely had a grip on her life. She looked at Jude, tears formed in her bright blue eyes, as she felt her soul slip into oblivion. “Certainly dragon. This would be a good time to work your magic.”

Aurora’s fair brown hair and elegant body were covered in a dark red veil. Jude could hardly tell what she looked like because of the blood and mud caked on her shallow face. Dhrako asked Jude to stand aside while he picked the woman’s limp body from his arms. She was engulfed in Dhrako’s vast paws. Suddenly a ball of light pulsed out from Dhrako’s body and rapidly swallowed Aurora’s fragile cadaver. Different colors flowed in and out of her in a brilliant spectrum of hues. It became a light show of an elegant proportion. Her soul lifted from her body. Dhrako began to speak in a magical tongue. The young woman’s soul shone brightly then dropped back into her body. Dhrako laid her down on Kaisha Dorr’s soft essence. He slowly backed away and started to flap his wings softly. A dark shadow flowed swiftly away from her limp body and suddenly she took a breath.

Jude was amazed at this sudden revelation. “Wow, this place continues to amaze me. I just wish I had had someone like you around when my parents died. A lot would have changed if they were still alive.”

“If there were a way to change the past our lives would be turned upside down. To accept our past is to consent to our future.” Said Dhrako.

Aurora slowly rose to her feet, then stumbled into Jude’s arms. Jude realized too late that when she fell, his hand landed on her voluptuous breasts to catch her. Aurora’s eyes glanced up at him in a plea of pleasure.

“Excuse me, I...I’m sorry. It was an accident.” Explained Jude slightly embarrassed.

“It is okay. I do not mind much really. It was as you say an accident.”

Jude’s cheeks flushed slightly. He helped Aurora to her feet then proceeded to walk away before he said anything to further embarrass himself.

Aurora eyed his body hungrily as he walked away from her. I'm impressed` she thought to herself. She turned her attention to Dhrako. “Thank you for saving my life. I am indebted to you.”

“In a short time you will pay off your dept. You will save someone. I know it will be difficult for you because of your lonely nature. However, it is vital that you let this person go. His name is Ethan.” Said Dhrako.

“I will do as you ask.”

“I shall hold you to your word.”

Aurora watched as the party left. They headed deeper into the forest. Her loneliness returned. A deep sadness crept up inside of her soul. Aurora didn’t know how she was going to keep her promise to the dragon when she didn’t know what would reveal itself around the next corner.

As Vanity kissed Ethan’s neck and shoulders, he felt his heart pound wildly in his chest. Ethan wasn’t sure if it was from desire or fear of what might happen. He knew in the back of his subconscious that what was happening was wrong, yet he couldn’t stop himself. The further she aroused him the more he wanted her. However, he wasn’t trying to stop himself. Ethan ran his hands down her firm body. Vanity was perfect in every way. Ethan couldn’t help but touch every part of her. With each breath she took, Ethan’s desire for Vanity grew. His mind was slowly slipping away. All thoughts of stopping would vanish the further he progressed. Nevertheless, he felt as though he would be denying his body what it yearned for.

“Please...” Ethan said. Unsure of if it were a please to keep going or to stop.

Vanity continued to tease him ignoring his pleas. She then gently kissed his scar. Ethan’s whole body shuddered, something was definitely wrong about Vanity. Somehow she knew about his scar, she knew how it had been inflicted. He wasn’t sure how, but it was a bad feeling. Suddenly he felt the pain of the scar all over again. It stung just as bad as the day he had received it. But something about it had changed. There was no car accident, only Vanity.

“I can’t...do this. This isn’t...right.” Ethan said.

“How could you say that?” Vanity whispered. “ This is right. We want to be with each other.” Vanity licked the inside of his thigh, causing his mind to stop wondering from her. No warmth came from her body. Of course, Ethan knew what she was; the fact scared him, yet he didn’t want her to stop. He felt as though he was under some kind of spell. He wanted to stop. He needed to stop. His body would not comply with his mind’s demands. Ethan felt dirty, he felt like somehow Vanity was a part of him.

“Oh God, what am I doing?” His body yearned for this woman and she would not stop until she had him fully and completely. She wanted to take away the part of him that remained human. She wanted to steal his hopes and dreams. She wanted him to be hers for eternity. Nothing would stop this from happening, not even his own heart. The sherade would not stop until his heart completely stopped beating. It would not stop until there was no life left in him, until he was dead.

Nicole Fox- I'm 21 years old, recently married, and have a charming 15 month old son. My dream has been to become an illistrator but I find the writing part of it fun too. I came from a small town and now live in North Carolina.

Summer Wright- I'm 19 yrs old and have a 3 month old baby girl named Jasmyne. I have a very understanding and supportive husband named Daniel. I have been writing all my life and my life long goal is to have at least one book published, profit or not. I have six poems published through the national library of poetry and one in finals. I would appriciate it very much if readers would share their comments on this story.

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