Angels Among Us

ToniAnn Guadagnoli

© Copyright 2002 by ToniAnn Guadagnoli


Photo of ToniAnn's husband carrying a woman from the World Trade Center.
As I sit here and think about the events that occurred yesterday I am just so overwhelmed with grief. I feel so sad for those who were in anyway involved in this tragedy. I think about those who have lost their lives, all those who love them, and those who are injured or still fighting to stay here on this Earth. It is then that I can’t help but think of the others, the angels.

Not the angels in the sky, not the invisible kind, but the ones here among us.

My husband works in federal law enforcement. He said yesterday was not a good day at work. After the two planes hit the World Trade Center he rushed to the scene with some of his co-workers. Yes, he rushed there. He headed for ground zero. While I sat here (30 miles away) in front of the TV wondering, "Where is he?" and then, "How the hell can we get out of this state? Should I pack up our son and just drive as far away as possible to a safer place?"

Of course as the events unfolded right before my eyes I became frantic and upset not having heard from him yet. I felt even more scared knowing one thing; my husband was not like most of us. The blood that runs through his veins is similar to that of many law enforcement personnel, firefighters, doctors, military personnel, nurses, and EMT workers—our Earthly angels. I knew that he would be there—ground zero. Why? Because that blood gives him and all of them a special quality that I have only just begun to understand. In situations like this, they RUSH to the scene to help. They risk their own lives and sometimes give up their lives to save the victims. These people are perfect strangers to you and me, but to them, someone’s father or mother, a brother or sister, an aunt or uncle, or friend. They feel that they are supposed to do this, not because it is their job or because they get paid to do it, just because.

I have heard accounts of victims who needed to be carried to ambulances, some were hurt badly, others were burned, some were just crying out for help. The angels were there helping. Their immeasurable courage kept them there. I thank God for the Angels that he has given us—not just the invisible ones, but those that walk this Earth every day. Put here to protect us in anyway that they can. Rushing to the center of a tragedy they think only about how they can HELP. They are truly amazing people.

Sadly we lost many of our angels when one of the most prominent symbols of our nation collapsed yesterday. We can only find comfort in knowing that they perished while doing God’s work (helping others as only they can do). We thank them for being our angels here on Earth and we are sure that they will continue looking out for us, just because.

When I watched the TV and saw the towers collapsing right before my eyes, I knew my husband was there—helping. I could only pray that God would spare his life today. Thankfully, He did. My husband was hospitalized briefly for his injuries and then to my unexplainable relief, he came home.

I have only begun to realize how lucky I am to have him in my life. He wasn’t kidding when he said he had a bad day at work. I wonder, however, if those that he helped are feeling the same way. Do they realize that they have been given a new lease on life? I hope so. I think that many of us will view our lives differently in light of this tragedy. I know that I will. I also know that thousands of people are alive today thanks to them—the Angels among us. And so today I pray for them, for their safety, and for their loved ones and I thank them, just because.

ToniAnn Guadagnoli worked as an editor for an educational publishing company for 3 years. In that time, she obtained her Master’s Degree in Education and received editorial credit in over 25 books. When her company relocated, she became a teacher. Three years ago she decided to be a stay-at-home mom. Since then she has been doing freelance editing and has recently started writing her own pieces.  

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