Love You Megha

Viswanath Rao

© Copyright 2019 by Viswanath


Picture of a loving couple.

It’s beginning of winter season but a pleasant evening in the airport, Mumbai, INDIA around 4pm. I drove here to drop my friend for the return flight to his home town. Sorry I forgot to introduce myself, I’m Ramchandar alias Ram, working in a MNC developing software applications; basically, from south India but settled in Mumbai for the past 4+ years. When I’m about to leave the parking space, I saw this young girl standing not too far from my sight, may in a confused state, kicking the floor in disappointment, hitting her forehead with palm, Breathing rapidly to bring the mind to a calm state. She called someone from her mobile phone, but it seems the other person either did not pick her call or their mobile is not reachable. There’s another reason why I’m glancing at this girl, is that she’s wearing a sweat shirt on which my Office’s emblem & name printed. So, she must be working in the same Company that I work but from a different city. May be is it that she has landed in Mumbai, waiting for someone to pick her up but in vein?

Being a responsible human being, myself is, wish to assist that girl in case she needs some help. I did not move my car, instead took the similar sweat shirt with Office logo printed, that was kept on the backseat of the car, wear it as well took my Office identify card and walked towards her.

Hi, looking for some help?” She gave a puzzled look at me, hesitates to talk initially but once I showed the ID card as well company logo printed sweat shirt,

Megha” she responded to my hand shake with a smile.

Nice name; So, Megha is working in which city?” I gave my visiting card too to her.

Bangalore, Ramchandar” She read my name from the card.

Call me Ram; so, are you looking for someone, Megha?”

Yes, myself new around here, I have only one friend, but her mobile is not reachable; Was so busy with my new assignment, I forgot to inform her in advance that I’m coming today”

Do you know her residential address?”

Megha didn’t answer but I can see her eyes getting wet which she hides turning on the other side.

Ok …Megha, you need a place to stay, right?”

Yes, but” Megha again tried to call her friend but that number still is not reachable.

Is she online in whatsApp?”

This number doesn’t seem to be a whatsApp number, this may be only for voice calls, I guess” Her voice trembled a little. If I continue my interrogation, she may start to weep, I felt. Megha looks quite beautiful, slim, neatly dressed, gold earrings; a nose stud that she worn adds much beauty to the already beautiful girl.

No worries, you can stay with me, Megha; be my guest”

She hesitated while I insisted that it’s much better than staying somewhere alone, in a city like Mumbai, where she doesn’t know the local language Marathi.

I know she may not feel comfortable but there’s no other better option with us at that time. We went to the car where I gave her another visiting card of mine, showed my email ID, mobile phone, designation and took her to my apartment. On the way, I inquired about her assignment details. Seems she’ll be here in Mumbai for a 5-day training program at Shivaji Maharaj Road Office. I consoled her that it’s the same Office where I work from and that I can take her there comfortably, so not to worry. Seems she was little relaxed. I played some soft music in my audio system to make her feel normal.

After a 40 minutes’ drive in the traffic, we reached my spacious apartment. I showed her the room asked to fresh-up while I prepared dinner – fresh roti, vegetable side dish and hot milk for both of us. We spoke a little about Office, work-related stuff and finished dinner. I wished Good night, ensure she locked her room door and then came back to my bed. Let’s see how the day goes tomorrow onwards but I felt some unknown happiness around me.

The next day morning, I got up little early than usual and jumped into my morning routines. It was quite difficult to concentrate on yoga exercises. Was everything ok with Megha – is what I wanted to know. Eagerly was waiting for her to come out. Just around 8 am, Megha came out bearing a fresh look, already must have taken a bath, casually dressed but same attractive pleasant looking appearance.

Good morning” Megha smiled.

I responded with a “Happy morning” wish and offered her a cup of Coffee.

So, Ram does yoga on daily basis?” she asked while sipping the Coffee.

Yep, few asana, almost daily at 7.30; what’s your hobby, Megha?”

I do painting, poetry”

Oh, that’s lovely; tell me any that you may have written”

Will send – later, please, not now, I … I … suddenly if ask, can’t recollect”

Ok, no problem, what else Megha do?”

I’m very much interested in gardening and composting”

Megha went into happier mode while she talks about this garden & compost topic. It seems that’s a great give back to the environment by composting kitchen waste instead of dumping into the ground. I agreed to her point and move inside to get ready to Office. In next 10 minutes, that appear so long for me, dressed neatly and came outside; Megha prepared bread toast for both of us.

Sorry I didn’t ask … is OK I made bread toast? “

Absolutely fine Megha, no problem, just feel free”

This is for you” She gave a plate with 4 slices of bread stacked upon.

How come this is so soft, what special that Megha do?” inquired after eating a few bites.

I add a few drops of milk on top before toast it, so … you like?”

Yes, its yummy, Will try that way next time; Usually nearby Office you get all types of breakfast, sandwich, omelet, idly dosa, you name it, you’ll get it”

Wow, at Bangalore too, almost everything”

In fact, Megha, if you have money, no matter what where when, you’ll get what you demand”

Absolutely right”

We finished our breakfast. While Megha picked the plates and kept in kitchen sink, I poured coffee in 2 cups; we drank and came down to parking by 9am; sail through the traffic, we reached Office after an hour, took Megha to my work location in 3rd floor, explained the Office facilities, in brief; The person whom she need to meet here is sitting in 5th floor; Introduced Megha to him, informed her to come to my place if when she needs something and I’m back to my desk … but sitting idle, not able to concentrate on my regular activities, dreaming yesterday’s scene of how it happened to meet Megha.

What? Get into work” The voice from my inside started making fun of me.

I know you please keep quiet” answered him.

How about a tea, shall we?”

We just had coffee at home, right?”

But my friend, will we not go for a tea the moment we reach Office, everyday?”

That’s different, but now ... Megha may come anytime, so … can’t move anywhere now”

Can’t move anywhere? Man, I need to pee, getup, fast“

Hold it for some more time”

Its winter and I can’t, please understand”

I was in a dilemma – whether to move or sit still.

I suggest, getup, take a leak and come fast, what say?”

I ran to restroom, not sure if I washed my hands, quickly came back, sat at my seat looking towards the door.

Is everything ok, Ram?”

Shut-up and don’t disturb anymore”

You idiot, that’s not me, someone else talking to you”

I immediately turned around and saw my colleague smiling with a strange look.

Hi Syed, Good Morning, how you are doing?”

I waved twice, you didn’t respond, busy? Or expecting some visitor today?”

No, no, I’m good, normal, and fine, just another big … “

Megha entered the floor. I acted as if typing something on my laptop to give an illusion to her that I’m a active person at Office.

Hi, busy?” shaking my chair, she asked.

Hi, no busy for you Megha, so … KT started?”

Yet to, He went for a break, thought I ….”

She seems missed you, my friend” I heard my inner voice interrupting my thoughts.

Where will we get coffee here?” soon Megha asked, I took her to the cafeteria.

You just said, 3 minutes back, that we had Coffee at home, isn’t it?” ignored my inner voice’s comments.

Want to try cardamom or ginger tea? Or filter coffee – which one you prefer?”

As per your suggestion”

I ordered 2 cardamom tea, and biscuits. We eat, drink, chat for a while and returned to our respective work places. Days just fly by, Megha slowly entered inside of me and occupied my thoughts completely. Whatever I happen to do, someway or other is always relate to Megha. I feel something quite unnatural when Megha is not around; not sure if … if is this …

Yes, you are completely blown off by Megha” my inner voice again.

I’m normal”

No, you aren’t”

How you say? What did I do earlier that I cannot do now? Or vice versa”

Simple, what day is tomorrow?”

Tomorrow is … Tomorrow … Megha …”

The moment I took Megha’s name, my inner voice started to giggle.

Yes, Ram, Tomorrow need to fly back, KT completed today” Megha informed me while leaving from Office.
I neither expect this nor can digest. But anyway, she needs to go back; some day or the other. What if I get some remembrance gifts for Megha is the lightning thought came to my mind. I took her to a shopping mall, bought her a few apparels and a watch.

Remembrance is remembrance about Mumbai right?” my inner voice as usual poked me which I ignored.

Why … why … why these now, what’s the necessity?” again ignored my inner voice.

You are not listening”

Yes I’m, will ignore whatever whenever you talk about Megha”

Megha step back and looked at me in a disappointed face.

What Megha, what happened?”

You are not listening”

Oh, I must have confused her voice for my internal voice. “You Idiot” I scolded myself.

Sorry, please tell me now”

Why these gifts now? What’s the necessity?” she asked.

Friendship day gifts”

Friendship day is already over, 4-Aug”

Yes, but I didn’t gift you anything on 4-Aug, right?”

How can you gift me when we do not know each other on 4-Aug?”

Exactly, now I know Megha, so I’m gifting …” pulled her hands and went inside the Punjabi restaurant for dinner.

Keep distance” my inner voice warned me which I didn’t mind listening. We finished dinner, returned to the apartment and went to our respective rooms. I was strongly feeling that I’m missing something. I sent a “Good night” message to Megha, though I wished in person, just a few minutes back.

It’s a deal, if she didn’t reply back in the next 1 minute … that means” my inner voice still is awake.

That means she may have slept” I answered to myself.

But if when you can’t, why how should she?”

Man, she … she may be … “

My voice stopped on hearing the incoming message’s sound.

Sweet dreams” was her reply; I turned to the dressing table and made a funny face at my inner voice’s face.


Yes, Yes, Yes”

Isn’t this being what’s called …”

Was not sure about that but at the same time, can’t digest the news that she’ll be leaving …

Not leaving, going back to her place” is my inner voice re phrased my thoughts.

Step back” It screeched me.

No … No, step aside” It continued screeching but for every such warning, I move a step towards Megha’s room and knocked at the door.

Megha opened the door, wearing some pink colored night dress.

Yes Ram, anything?”

So, when’s your flight tomorrow, Me … gha”

Evening 4, should I reach airport by 2 at least?”

3pm should be fine, sorry and Good night”

She smiled and I came back without looking into her eyes, lying in my bed but no sleep. Tomorrow we have half a day more to spend together. Should I get few more gifts? Shopping, lunch and then drop her at Airport and then … I fear to think beyond that point. Why am I like this? What happened to my … my … am I not a brave young independent adult spending time happily so far, living my life without expecting anything from anyone, what happened now? What’s the problem now? What’s the solution? Why can’t I go to beach evening tomorrow, play football with the other old buddies there? Also I can eat my favorite cheese vada and a ginger tea? I try to divert my mind but not sure how easy it is to execute whatever I plan.

Being it a Saturday, my alarm didn’t ring and hence woke up lately by 7.30am. Must have slept very lately, as my eye lids weren’t ready to separate. Slowly I came to senses, heard some Krishna bhajan played in the TV; remembered Megha leaving today, finished my morning duties fast, and came out of my room. Saw Megha already woke up, sitting in the couch, solving Sudoku puzzle published on that day’s newspaper. Neither of us exchanged a Good morning wish but just a smile.

You like to have bread toast?” Megha asked

Yes, with milk spread, to make it soft please, possible?” I replied

Sure, why not? And To drink you prefer coffee or tea?”

That’s fine; I’ll do it for both, no problem”

No, today you are free from kitchen duties, I’ll do it, anyway tomorrow onwards, the entire kitchen is yours”

Yes, you won’t be here, leaving me, right? You’ll forget me? Will your busy schedule force you to forget Mumbai? Any possibility I stay somewhere around your thoughts? Can I call you? If I call, will you recognize me, or should I introduce myself? Will you keep my number in your mobile or delete from your contacts? but will you delete me from your memory too? In case if I come to Bangalore, can we meet somewhere? Will you invite me to your house?

Hey – Ram”

There’s a beautiful song from that Indian movie, it goes like ….

Hey – Ram”

Thank you for the love you showed, thank you for the memories you gave, Thank you for the ….

Megha came near and tap my shoulder

Hey Ram, it’s the 3rd time I’m calling you”

Yes Megha, sorry I lost in some …. Nothing, sorry”

Bread toast & Coffee were ready at the dining table. Also, I noticed a gift box sitting in the middle of dining table.

While we sat chat & eat together, Megha pushed that gift box towards me.

That’s for you, Ram”

What’s this Megha?” I’m surprised by her action.

Open and see”

A silver bracelet with “Forget me not” message engraved on it. How can I? was what I thought at that time.

Like it?” She asked

Wow, Thank you but why this …”

Friendship day gift”

Friendship day is already over, 4-Aug”

We both laughed remembering the same dialogue spoken yesterday. Megha helped me wear the bracelet in my hand. I thanked as well embraced; Explained the plan to go for some shopping, followed by lunch and then to Airport. She agreed and we got ready to leave.

I wore my always favorite lucky Yellow colored kurta. Thought if some luck strikes, some changes in plan happen so that Megha can stay back – was my expectation. The moment I exit my room and so does Megha from her room, we blushed out seeing each other.

Same pinch” Megha pinched my hand.
What it means?” I asked rubbing the place where she pinched.

When 2 people wear same color cloths, that’s same pinch” She explained.

And yes, yellow being my favorite color; I bought her a yellow colored dress yesterday which she wares.

Ok, let me change” I tried to get in my room.

That’s ok” Megha pulled my hand and stopped me, “why can’t we both wear the same colored dress? Unless you dislike …” she spoke in low decibel.

I like the way it happened”

We came out, happy about the matching outfits but at the same time, feeling sad that Megha leaving Mumbai in the next few hours. Took her around few bazaars where she purchased some gifts for her parents; also we visited a Home garden related exhibition that she very much liked. When it’s around 1 pm, we went into a vegetarian restaurant for lunch. The place is not crowded at that time, sat in a corner; I was literally looking at the beauty of Megha in the yellow top. Of course, she’s so beautiful whatever dress she wears but today she looks much adorable in that outfit – is what I felt. As I was looking her deeply, I mean, I was just literally looking at her bosom, which were perfect sized, well shaped, round; neither is small like lemon nor is huge like water melon. While I was deeply focusing my attention towards her boobs, that I’m not supposed to, Megha suddenly raised her both hands and start adjusting her hair. I … I just can’t take my eyes away from that scene. I think this hair adjusting pose is every girl’s weapon that they always use to get the opponents attention.

So How’s it?” She asked.

I should not have looked there, that much when we were sitting that close; I felt sorry for my action, manage to act as if I’m looking somewhere else around the restaurant.

You didn’t answer?” She took my attention back.

What … what Megha?” asked without looking at her again.

She purposefully must be doing so – I guess, as she again raised both hands and start adjusting her hairs. Just a fraction of a second, I took a quick glimpse of her breasts but immediately changed my sight away from her.

Like it?” She asked.

Yes, in yellow, it’s pretty, attractive, elegant”

Yellow? Where Yellow?”

Confused or distracted I’m, pointed towards the ceiling.

We call that color as red in our city” Megha replied on seeing the roof design.

I just make a funny face, don’t want to see in front, and rolled my eyes around the things in the restaurant.

You said … yellow … attractive … What’s that?” she asked again, trying to put some words in my mouth.

I thought … I thought you asked if I like ... but I … I was looking … “, I’m sure was blabbering but don’t know where to stop the sentence. Suddenly, Megha got up and sat next to me; took my right hand, kept it in between her both palms and hold very firmly. My blood pressure starts shooting up. I feel an electric shock as well uneasiness but at the same time we both enjoyed the warmth of the other. At the same time the waiter approached our table for taking the order.

What should we have today?” asked Megha while tried to pull my hand from her lock, but she is not ready to free my hands from her control, turned to the waiter and said:

5 roti, paneer tikka masala, cucumber raita, desert, anything else Ram?” flickered her eye lids a few times, she asked me.

Thank you and quick service please” Acknowledging my request, the waiter moved away.

Sorry I ordered without asking your choice” Megha kissed my palm.

That’s ok; I also would have ordered the same, so no problem”

But for sure you discuss with me, asked my choice, before ordering, right?”

That’s ok dear, but if you free my hand I can eat”

Oh” she exclaimed as if not aware of that, asked “when did you put your hand in between my palms?” but didn’t release yet.

That when you were adjusting your silky hair”

She pinched on my thighs. We were talking on many other family things, customs etc. Finished lunch and drive straight to airport, parked the car at the same place where I met Megha 6 days back. Silence prevailed; neither we chat nor got down from the car. I know I’m already missing Megha. Does she also feel the same way? It seems, but didn’t commit in front. If I didn’t subdue, Megha may miss the flight. Though that’ll make me happy but Megha’s parents may be waiting for her at Bangalore.

So, Megha …… “

She turned at me, waited for the question but then realized it’s time for her to move. I brought a hand trolley; kept her bag on it. We walked towards the entry gate.

Megha, did you call that your Mumbai friend?” I just wanted to soften the stiff situation around us.

Yep, she’s in Goa, holiday trip”

Oh, Also - You didn’t tell any of your poetry”

There also,
The sky is blue
Dark clouds roaming around
Cold weather prevails
But what I won’t find is,
The care you took
The affection you showed
Everything as memories inside
Missing you already
Please, forget me not,
See you someday, when you want.

Megha took the trolley from me, went inside and disappeared. I was just standing there like a statue, even after her departure from Mumbai, till the security police asked me to move away. 

I’m looking for my inner voice to utter some words. But seems, he’s silent, pushing me to look deep inside for answers. Came to the parking, drive & reach home. Beach visit, foot ball game, all I planned but didn’t have energy to do anything. Seems Megha took a huge slice of me and flew away. The moment I reach home, went directly to Megha’s room, I mean, the room in my house where Megha stayed, and fall flat on the bed. I searched for Megha’s fragrance on the pillow, bed sheet and every nook & corner of the room. Looked around to see the things Megha had seen while here. Looks like she cleaned the room, arranged the books neatly on the shelf, newspapers stacked properly, dustbin with a fresh black cover, saw a white paper kept on the dressing table under a paper weight. Grip it quickly and looked in which I can see a drawing made with ball point pen but not sure what it was. There were few geometrical shapes viz, lines, arc, triangle etc. that I can recognize. Megha must have made it for me but it seems she didn’t have time to finish is what I thought. Anyway, it’s done by Megha and that is enough for me, to treat it as a treasure. Took that drawing to my room and stick on the wall where I can see clearly from my bed.

 Megha messaged that she reached Bangalore safely and is at home. In fact I was waiting for this message only. We chat for a few minutes. I observed that she usually goes offline by 10pm; I do not want to take any special privilege to extend her online presence and hence closed my chat with a Good night & sweet dreams message but remain awake till mid night thinking of various things happened in the last few days. The next day, I went into kitchen and made bread toast with few milk drops toppings. Though the output is not that much soft compare to how Megha made but is tasty, and better than how I made till day. Thank you Megha – I make a loud noise and felt happy for my action. Evening went to airport and stand in the same place where I met Megha a week back. Though felt ashamed of my own action, but felt satisfied as well calmness arise inside. Took a rough glance at the people leaving from Bangalore flight, returned back to my apartment thinking all the way what Megha must be doing at that time.

I was not sure whether I should initiate a chat with Megha or not. Yes I miss her physical presence which is very much can notice. Is this feeling is called love? So, Am I in love with Megha? Should I move close or keep distance still? Will everything be right if I move forward in the relation? Is it the right way for me? Will I able to manage? I do not want to lose her but at the same time will I able to overcome my … my fear? Don’t be surprised from where this fear has come now. There’s some flashback story, which I’m not going to elaborate but just a single message. When I’m young, around 5 years old, I can recollect my mother cried a few times uttering she should not have got married. This single line stayed for ever in my mind that keeps me away from the idea of falling in love or getting married. So far, I’m single and felt happy in that way. So, should I move forward? Is this the time for that? Will everything be alright in future too? Megha and I will we adjust on everything? Now there are no commitments on anything but once we get married, will we not have any discomfort or disagreement? And that should not devastate our friendship.
First of all, I was not sure why this idea of love, marriage coming into my mind now? Is because, I’ve read in many books that narrate Things always will happen at right time, you neither can stop nor shove. So, are we, Megha & I, supposed to get married to each other? And that’s why it happened that we met at Airport? I have a huge bunch of questions inside, a hell lot of Ifs and buts around my thoughts but am unable to find answers for any of them.
Next day at Office, just was physically only sitting, not doing any work; checking the internal communicator application once in every few minutes whether Megha has come online or not. I was not sure whether she usually logs into the communicator application or she’s not used to? Should I ping in whatsApp to come online in communicator? So, whatever I wish to ping in communicator, why can’t I ping the same in whatsApp itself? While these thoughts ran around my mind, just around 10am, I can see her status changes to Available in the communicator. Unable to express how happy I felt, immediately typed a Good morning message but hesitate to send. In the last 2 days, the words love and marriage troubling me a lot. I myself was not clear on what basis I wish to communicate still with Megha. Is she only an Office colleague or more than that? I need to finalize this before I make my move ahead. Unnecessarily I put some desire, temptation in her heart & thoughts, but later I back foot for any reason, will she be not heartbroken? While I was in a dilemma, Megha sent a happy morning message for which, I replied back with a good morning text and a smiley. We chat for few more minutes and this keep continuing on daily basis. I provided tips on yoga and few asana while she gave updates on her garden’s progress, the seeds that she bought here have germinated it seems, also she sent some of her painting’s photos and these continuous communications kept the missing you feeling at bay.

Five days flew by after Megha left Mumbai. Whatever I do, I easily can relate some portion of that with Megha. It’s almost impossible to separate my thoughts without mixing Megha in it. Bought vegetables from the same corner shop which she preferred during her stay here. Watched the same channel that she used to watch, sitting on the center couch, in the same style of hands and one leg folded; Pull ear lids a few times every day. Whenever I sit for yoga in vajrasan, a sitting pose, I remember the way I thought this particular pose to her.

It was the next Friday, I returned from Office, car parked, while walking towards the stairs, all days Megha was here, we claim up & down the stairs and didn’t use the lift, saw few papers flying in the wind. I saw a middle aged man stays in the same building running behind picking them one by one. I picked a few of them and gave to him.

Thank you … Yogeshwar, alias Yogi”

No, Ramchandar alias Ram”

Thank you Ram, myself Yogeshwar, Yogi”

Hello Yogi, 3rd floor, 301”

No, 5th, 504”

I mean, I stay in 301”

We both laughed. There’s a good friendly positive vibration flows from Yogi. A simple man, with gray beard, a casual cloth bag on his shoulders, wearing white kurta, and healthy looking guy was Yogi, whom I liked. I’ve seen him a few times earlier but didn’t interact so far other than a simple smile.

I saw the papers that he had in hand. There were, seems pencil drawings on them. Again on seeing drawings, I remembered Megha who’s one of the many hobbies is painting. Yogi saw me looking at those pictures, gave it to me to take a glimpse of it. I didn’t like the 1st one. He must have understood from my face.

So, you seem didn’t like the drawings?” Yogi asked.

I usually dislike painful things, images etc”

So what’s painful in this drawing, can we …?” pointing the bench in the garden, he walked towards that, I followed.
I took the drawing again in my hand and looked.

Is this not a lady? This guy seems beating her with some … stick?”

You are in little confused or disturbed state”

Yes he’s right. I’m unable to decide how to proceed with Megha; disturbed by her visit here. Looking for a helping hand was my current situation at that time.

Am I right about you, Ram?” Yogi took my thoughts back from somewhere.

But how you … yes you are right, Mr. Yogi”

See I’m a professor and human psychological behavior trainer, so can guess a few things from human reactions”

Wow, so do you say, what I said about the drawing is not correct?”

Yes, actually you have seen the drawing from your perspective; can we look at it again in another, in fact correct perspective?”

Yogi reversed the paper upside down and explained the drawing again.

See - A boat; a couple, man and woman sailing in the night, She’s singing while he’s rowing the boat, a romantic scene” Yogi explained.

But what I saw in reverse?”

Yes, but you should look into the right perspective, Always – the way you look into things matters”

I took a re-look at the drawing but didn’t able to comment anything.

If you are suffering, you see others too are, in some form or other. But when you are in happy mood, you’ll spread the happiness around you”

I was just looking at Yogi still, hearing the expert opinion on life.

Ram, convert problems into opportunities to learn new things; There exist no problem without a solution; When you are busy avoiding problems, you may miss the solution that can kill the problem at its roots”

So, we should face what we fear?”

First, fear is like street dog, barking at you; The moment you stop, turn around and look at them, they’ll stop barking, as well run away and Yes, the more you face problems, the more success you are in life”

So Love & marriages – we do not have to fear, right?”

It all how you drive life, you cannot blind folded conclude that something can be wrong since it went wrong for someone else”

We do sail even after titanic”

Yes, that’s right, first believe you can do it, steer life in right direction, hear what your partner say, respect, forgive and forget, your path is smooth, go ahead, God bless”.

I touched Yogi’s feet for his guidance and returned to my apartment.

While recollecting the points mentioned by Yogi, to always look things in the other perspectives too, I immediately remembered something at that very moment. Run into the bedroom, took Megha’s drawing and re-checked, turning it left, right as well upside down. Things which appeared to be lines, curves and triangles now I can see as 2 birds with beaks touching each other’s. I can even recognize the alphabets M & R stretched angularly to look like birds; M stands for Megha and R for Ram? Also I saw the space in between the birds form a heart shape. Yes, I can make out that Megha is in love with me and I … I love Megha, shouted in my room. Yes, I agree that I’m in love with her. And I love this feeling. I made her to wait for these many days and should apologize immediately. Should I WhatsApp or call? Or … or … why can’t I make a visit in person? Will she be not surprised? What if I suddenly go stand in front of Megha?

I decided, and I’m going to express my love to Megha. Indirectly ensured her availability at Bangalore and booked my tickets for Sunday. Since she likes poetry, thought why I should not write a poem like something, to impress her. It’s being told that love will teach everything and if so, why not poetry to me? Just scratched my brain a little and got this.

The sky is blue;
You are my life’s glue;

Ok, then, missing and suffering, and I should convey that next.
Grass is green;
Without you, life is pain;

Girls like flowers, so …

You are a new blossom, flower
Fresh fragrance around you, forever;

She does composting at home. One line about that:

Plants need compost;
I need your support;

We both love coffee, so something related to that:

Coffee is black, milk is white;
Mix and drink, we like.

You bring some colors, I bring some,
Mix them to paint our life.

I thought the poem come out quiet good, to my satisfaction. On Sunday night before I fly to Bangalore, waited till Megha went offline, I sent this poetry as an advanced love proposal. The next day morning, at her usual time of 6.30, she saw my message. I was looking at her status as typing … but I didn’t receive any reply. She may be happy, crying inside? Typed something but erase immediately, changing text? Altering words? I was not sure what’s happening but can see whatsApp showing status as typing … still.

Or is she angry on me? Am I late in proposing? Her marriage already is fixed and that she’s in a dilemma now? I feel uncomfortable to think in those lines. Anything like that should not happen; Oh my God was my prayer at that time. Should I apologize? Do I need to? Is she not happy with my poem, poetry? I mean the message, Content? Did I irritate her by any way? I waited for few more seconds while she’s still in typing … status. Those few seconds really looked like minutes for me. At last, got a thumps up and a few hearts icon as reply from Megha as well she wrote:

We look for sunshine in winter
Need blanket to keep us warm
Wait for cool breeze in summer
Umbrellas for rainy days
These requirements are seasonal,
As time moves they become optional
No matter what the season is,
No matter what the climate is,
Sunny or windy, day or night,
I’m always look for you on my side,
You are my pride.

I do not know what to write further. My urgency to meet Megha increased. Till now she didn’t aware that I’m in Bangalore and must have looked for me in communicator from the moment she reaches Office. By 11 in the morning, I reached her Office, took a selfie from the big elephant water fountain near the main entrance.

Hi, we have such a fountain in our Office too” She replied. Also sent a photo of hers taken at the same backdrop.

I clicked another photo where her Office address is written and sent.

Are you in Bangalore Office?” The moment she saw my selfie, she asked.

I didn’t reply to her question as I was walking towards her desk.

Are you here? Where are you now?” She asked. She’s busy typing her next question.

I’m standing – just in front of you, Megha” Replied her.

Seeing my reply, she erected her head and saw me there at her work location; Pinched herself, may be to ensure she’s not day dreaming; Unable to utter any word, I can see her eyes getting wet; I pulled my ear lids with both hands and pronounced Sorry. She drag my hands and run towards cafeteria in the top floor, I just followed, no words exchanged till we sat in a corner table.

Same pinch” I pinched on her hand.

At that time only Megha noticed, we both were wearing blue copper sulphate colored dress and smiled with wet eyes. I offered my hand kerchief.

You carried multiple shirts?” she asked.


So how you know I wear blue top today?”

I waited near your house to see your outfit?”

How romantic, but when?”

You have told right, that you usually leave your house by 8.30 am, so waited near your house from 8.20”

But how come, neither I saw you nor gave my address?”

Was sitting in a car next to your house, I took your address from employee details page”

She really broke down, started to cry, I got up and consoled her; she hugged me sitting there;

So how are you, Ram?” asked she;

Doing … but not so good without you”

She tried to smile but at the same time, moved her chair close to mine.

Are you … in the mood to kiss me?” I asked.

She nodded her head up & down.

Can we go somewhere outside, any restaurant nearby?”

It looks as if she’s leaning on my shoulders but I almost carried her towards the parking. We sat in the rented car that I took and drive towards the nearby restaurant.

So, you came to my house at 8.30?” She as usual took my palm and kissed.

Yes, 8.20 actually, saw your father, watering the beautiful plants”

I could have introduced …” before she finishes I interrupted her.

I met your parents” will she not be surprised just like you and yes she’s, opened her eyes wide, come sat close to me, put her hand on my back head and started playing with my hairs.

The moment you left house, I went and knocked the door; introduced myself as Ram, from Mumbai, it seems they already aware of me, did you told?”

Yes, everything from airport pickup, stay at your beautiful apartment for 5 days, our breakfasts, lunches, dinner stories, shopping and send off, everything … everything”

I can sense Megha is in good mood at that time.

So what you guys spoke?” She asked.

I asked them …”

She threw a puzzled look at me.

I asked your parents … will they permit us to get married?”

Is Megha shocked? Surprised? Confused? I was not sure because I was not looking at her directly.

So, what they …?” She asked.

They said they want to know your opinion”

She was much relaxed and showered a happy look at me.

So, Megha ….” you may have seen in many movies, where the guy proposes to the girl, one leg bend, giving a ring ……. And yes, imagine the same similar pose.

I love you, Will you marry me?” I took her both hands and offered the golden bangles bought for her.

Tears flowing in her eyes, she hugged & kissed on my lips that I considered YES. 

I write stories & poems in my free time / hobby, while I do work in a blue chip company in software support field.

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