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N. Barry Carver
Finalist Biographical Nonfiction 2017
Notre Dame Cathedral Is Afire Today
Finalist Biographical Nonfiction 2019

Photo of Barry and his dad.
                                    Photo of Barry and his dad.

Barry was hit by a car and died on Tuesday, June 19, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia.  We  will miss his  fine stories.


N. Barry Carver is an actor, artist, and author (and those are just the "A"s). He's had a few pieces of writing shared here and is proud to be associated with such a place and all the volumes of interesting, meaningful, hilarious, touching and mysterious writing one can find here. He has recently escaped his real life and is hiding out in the vicinity of Atlanta. This undoubtedly means there'll be a story about sweet tea any time now.  Stay tuned.

Barry has several written works for sale on the web, here's just one:  Click here...

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