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Chaitanyamoi Chetia

My Grandfather's Love For The Village and His Parents
Radio and Human Touch
The Bee Box
I Love Clock From My Childhood
The Golden Ring and the Horseshoe
Tea Set
Section E
The Suprise Day With My Bicycle
I Chimed A Metal Bowl
At The Quiz Hall
The Jam-Packed Bus
The White Breasted Waterfowl
Wrist Watch
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Chaitanyamoi Chetia,was a Semi-finalist in the elephant aid international essay (North America) contest in level 2. He was a finalist in the world youth essay contest in junior category in 2018. He (Chaitanyamoi Chetia) received a silver certificate in Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition, junior category in 2019, organised by Royal Commonwealth Society, London.He received an honourable mention in Trust for Sustainable Living, 2022. He was a consolation prize winner in junior category in ASiS International Essay Writing Competition, 2021. He writes for Voice of Views Takhte. Some of his popular stories at Voice of Views are – An afternoon to Remember, the Sour Curd, Bibek’s visit to his friend’s Bungalow, the Tussle, and 'the free hearted cameraman’. He loves bicycling, and he loves eating french fries, and ice – cream.

He received Honourable Mention in 2023 in the International Student Essay Writing Competition in the TSL 2023 for the theme “How can young people be better supported to thrive in green jobs” conducted by the Trust for Sustainable Living, UK.

I am from Assam. I am born in Dibrugarh. My home town is Moranhat. Moranhat is popular for tea gardens and crude oil. My father is a business man: my grandfather passed away in 2015. My grandfather was a police officer, and he was in the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP). My mother has been telling me stories while I go to sleep since my childhood days and when her stories get exhausted and when no stories remain for her to tell, she purchases new story books for me.

Chaitanyamoi Chetia has published his writing in He writes for Some of his writings there are – 1. Elephant deaths, and who are accountable. 2. We will have to diminish road accidents. 3. Turtle population has diminished in our State.

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