The Exceptional Immigrant

Devin Meireles

© Copyright 2022 by Devin Meireles

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.
Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

What do we live for? Pardon my morbidly introspective inquisition but itís something I think about.

While we carry on with each day, like any other, sometimes mundane as it may be, the course of events that transpire could make all the difference in the future. Simply said, we are making history everyday. Who knows whether our actions, or even opinions, can change somebodyís disposition or if anyone will remember what we stood for in life, but one thing is for sureótime will move on. Sadly, we will be gone like how the leaves blow away on a crisp fall morning.

None of us were built to last, so what happens to the history that we carried out?

Well, if not for the efforts of our family and friends, the truth is that we will be forgotten, buried deep among the long, lost history unbeknownst to us. Everyday we walk on the soil laid down by generations that preceded us. Without pondering on how things got this way, we enable the suppression of these important stories. Our memoryís sake depends on the living, so thatís what inspired me to write this book.

When my grandfather passed away, my inclination was to commemorate what he accomplished. To make sure that what he lived for counted for something. While my existence in itself is a testament to his success, being a Canadian-born national, I wanted to shine a light on his story.

To my realization, there was much that I misunderstood and the seams of his tightly knit chronicle began to unravel during my research. Genealogy essentially became a hobby. My discoveries brought me a deeper appreciation while my affinity for the man was an inspiration to preserve his fascinating life. What unfolded was a biography of the exceptional immigrant; a story about hope, perseverance, and true love. This project was my greatest tribute and I hope that readers can be inspired to do the same for their lost, loved ones.

So what do we live for?

If you ask me, itís to leave a mark for those who will be staying behind after you depart. Without our ancestors, we are nothing.

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