Standing On The 
Shoulder Of Precious Lord

Irving White

© Copyright 2005 by Irving White


Drawing of a pyramid with a treasure inside.  (c) 1997 by Richard Loller

 This story was sent to us by the author who is a prisoner at Telfair State Prison in Helena, Georgia.  Here is what Mr. White has to say about his story:

Dear Mr. Loller,
        I appreciate the opportunity to share my story "Standing On The Shoulder Of Precious Lord" with your foundation.  As you can tell from my current return address, I am presently incarcerated.  That is the reason my submission is hand written, we are without any technical resources, i. e., computers, typewriters, etc.  I was introduced to your contest through the 2005 Writer's Market Manual which has been a helpful tool in my quest to get some of my work published....

    Respectfully Yours
    Irving White

Because the story was impossible to scan into type it is presented as an Adobe Reader PDF file which can be read on most computers.  If your computer does not have the Adobe Reader software it can be downloaded free of charge from the the publisher.  Click here to go to the download site.

Click here to read "Standing On The Shoulder Of Precious Lord"

If you have enjoyed his story, we encourage you to write to Mr. White.

Irving White 1167807
Telfair State Prison (B-1)
P. O. Box 549
Helena, GA 31037

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