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Creativity was a college application piece. An essay about "what it means to be creative." I sat down to try and write, and quickly realized that there is no way to boil creativity down to a meaning, and then I went wild.

Creativity is something that everyone has, but not everyone can access. Creativity is different, creativity is something new. Creativity is finding a new way to communicate. Creativity is opening someone else’s eyes, only after opening your own first. Creativity is bright, creativity is vibrant. Creativity is an art form, and art is a form of expressing creativity. Creativity opens up new ages, and new ages open up for new forms of creativity. Creativity doesn’t start in the mind, creativity starts in the soul. Creativity comes out through the mouth, through the eye, and through voice. Creativity comes in through the ears, through the nose, and through touch. Creativity grows, creativity shrinks. Creativity makes dreams, dreams give birth to creativity. Creativity is made of sound, and made of silence. Creativity is made of sunlight, and of darkness. Creativity is made with color, and made with blindness. Creativity has no limits, but people limit their creativity. Creativity stands out, and creativity is hidden. Creativity is made, creativity is found, creativity is born. Creativity has a purpose, but there is not always a purpose in being creative.

Creativity is human, creativity is spirit.

Creativity is an idea, ideas make creativity. Creativity comes from somewhere deep. Creativity can be found on the surface. Creativity is in the ocean, the sky, the ground, the earth, space, soil, rock, skin, hair, hands, feet.  Creativity is organized, creativity is spontaneous. It grows in the light and grows in the dark, blossoms in summer and in winter. It’s leaves are vibrant and colorful, and brown and dead. It’s roots dig deep and take nutrients from the earth. However being creative is something different. It’s the ability to do all those things. The ability to allow ideas, whether traditional or radical, to enter the mind. The ability let something chaotic have order. The ability to make something silent have sound. The ability to see and interpret expression. To be able to see it, smell it, feel it, breath it. To realize what life really is.

To be creative is to feel the rythym of the earth, to dance with the drum beat of mother nature. To understand we are part of mother nature. Her hair, and hands, her soul. To know mother nature builds us, and we build her. She’s like a city. A massive cathedral. We swarm to her. We love her, and we hate her. Creativity runs through her veins. Creativity builds her pillars. Creativity shingles her roof, it burns in her furnace. Mother nature needs us, and we need her. Mother nature is diverse, a maze, a puzzle, a tree. Each part of her expresses itself in it’s own way. Creativity makes us diverse. Otherwise we’d all be the same. We’d all be dust, black space. To be creative is our way to be part of mother nature. It’s our way to contribute, to keep her blood flowing. Without creativity, there is no life. No diversity. Mother natures hands tremble. Her hair would fall out. Her skin would wrinkle. Creativity runs the earth. Runs mother nature. We all run on creativity. To be creative is to live. To be creative is to function.

To be creative, is to allow life to enter us, and embrace us.

To be creative, we must be open. To be creative is to be human, in-human, natural, unnatural, calm, violent. To be creative is to take life and wrestle it. Fight it, dance with it, sing to it, and love it. To be creative is to mean something. To do everything with passion. To be creative is to be alive, and make use of our time loving it.

My name is Kevin Ira Miller, I'm 19, and I grew up in Upstate New York. I am currently enrolled at the University of  Nebraska, and am studying who the hell knows what. I like to travel quite a bit, exercise, write, and have fun. Since this is a writing website, I suppose I should just say that in my writing, I do not care very much about sentence construction and/or grammar. I write how I think, and I write it how I like it.

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