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Paris Gardner

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Photo by Allan Vega on Unsplash
Photo by Allan Vega on Unsplash
 Having nowhere to go can be a scary experience. One of the hardest things I ever had to learn was getting back on my feet. I have always been afraid of being homeless, but I decided itís time to start working hard to get out this situation. I also thought it would be a great way to help my mother find her way because she also been going through a lot due to her having 3 kids. What I didnít realize was being an adult is harder than our parents make it look.

Adjusting to a new home always make me nervous but adjusting to this one is no exception. After Iíve been moving from house to house for years, I stood by my mother side n helped her stay focus waiting for her to get approved for her new apartment. After a couple of months apartments owners started to reach out. One of the apartments gave my mother a call in started to congratulate her and thanking her for being so patient. They didnít seem to mention the eviction on her record. I began to feel more at ease.

We got to meet with her in person to look at different houses that my mother would think is a good fit for her. One of the other apartment owners, may had already wanted to make an in-person conversation with my mother. The other owner, Ms. Andy was told to hold off on an application to investigate the background to see why it is. So hard to find somewhere to live. One by one the owners had her go to court to try to get most of the stuff off her record. Pretty soon my mother should be able to be approved anywhere she apply.

Thing were not quite that easy for her, but my mother was very patient. After a few weeks my mother seem to catch on to wat she really must do to make things right. Now she has two things to concentrate on, her mental and her positivity she felt hopeless and unconcentrated. But sooner than she imagined things started to feel right and she was able to get most things off her record.

Learning to find her way and get back on her feet was not easy for her, but at the end her patience paid off. Not only did she learn her way, but she also learned about how things work. Now when she is faced with a new situation, she is not nervous she is prepared for anything that comes her way. She may feel uncomfortable to beginning something she never did before but thatís why she has time to practice to better her skill. She will feel more comfortable. It is a wonderful free feeling when she achieved a goal, she set for herself. 

Five years ago, when my mother first found out she was getting put out she just stared at the paper not wanting to believe it. But it was time for her to get to the bottom of why she was getting put out, as my mother was having a hard time questioning herself asking why this is happening to her, she had to pick up another job to also provide for her family. I always wonder if she is okay mentally because she never shows her weakness to us but I always remind her that we got her back no matter what.

I heard her crying in the shower, but never wanted to interrupt her alone time. So, I decided to pick up a shift to help. I was called in for an interview, they are talking about starting me off at $15 an hour part time. Ms. Nettie the supervisor processed to show me around the store and explained how things operate. After we toured the store, she went to the office to get me two shirts and one hat and told me I can start to tomorrow that was my official first job.

My cousin offered to let us stay with her until she got back on our feet, but it took longer than what we expected. Although she offered to let us stay it also came with a lot of rules, with it being me, my sister, and my mother we didnít really have anything to sleep on because it was thrown out, she didnít want us to sleep on her couches. So, we got blow up beds and made it work with the three of us.

One day my mother woke up and decided she was going to leave her boyfriend because he is the reason we were going through so much with housing. She had a plan to get back what she deserved and what she worked so hard for. But she loved him so much she was blinded that he was hurting her all along. My mother was so in love she didnít see no wrong in him until we got approved to move into a new home. I felt that everything was going smoothly until his daughter got in town.

When the summer hit Nova started to act different it seemed like she had a lot of anger bult up and didnít know how to control it. I decided to go to the pool in Nova asked if she could come of course, I said yes but if I wouldíve known she was going to assault someone I wouldíve said no. I always thought to myself maybe if I said no, we would still be living in our apartment, but I canít blame myself itís not like I can read minds right.

The day after we got put out again, I started to think we had bad luck or something. Maybe were doing something wrong, but everywhere we went Cooper just kept finding a way to ruin what my mother worked hard for. It started to get scary because that is two homes, he has gotten us put out of. This time my older brother let us stay with him he has three kids of his own he must take care of. We obviously made room, but my mother was still unhappy and that had to change.  As weeks passed, my mother is looking for somewhere to stay. With the background on her record that her boyfriend caused it will be harder for her to get approved into anything. After we had nowhere to stay, he broke up with my mother and left us on our own. Despite everything Thatís been going on my mother stayed strong and kept pushing herself to be great. One rainy evening, as my mother sat along the window, she realized that we have been homeless going on two years.

Although things werenít doing well, we still tried to take her mind off things. My mother never gave up she kept going even if it took her all night to finish applications. We have been on the waiting list for months now my mother starts to loss hope. So, we decided to move in with a friend for the time being. One day my mother came home from work in was telling how everything happen for a reason thereís nothing you canít get over.

Each day she would remind us that she wants the best for us in she promises to make it happen. We pray every day before we do anything until suddenly one day Sarah reached out. My mother was so excited she started to cry. Now that we know we got approved for the apartment itís time to pack we have been on this moment for months. Ever since covid 19 pandemic we had to live from check to check not too many jobs was open due to covid, so it was still kind of hard for us but we were living under our own roof which is a good thing at least.

After a while job slowly started to open back up. Things were going back to normal bills was on track everyone had jobs in had responsibility on at least one bill. Mother hated the fact that we had to help with bills because itís not supposed be this way. She promised herself that she would never depend on a man ever again. Mother struggle with finding happiness when it comes to her personal life, she puffer to stay focus and not let herself go.

This can be a difficult decision for her to make, as far as her relationship with other but Iím sure she would slowly but surely get out there one day. Most people not as strong as my mother she kept her head healed high through this whole process although it was times, she just wanted to give up, but she kept going. I have always known something bigger and better was going to come out of all of this. Despite everything mother surprised us with picking out new beds. We had to start all the way over because my mother ex-boyfriend lost the storage, we had all our thing in.

It was the beginning of a new day, and for mother, it marked the start of a new chapter in our life. As mother sat up in bed, she could not help but feel a sense of excitement and anticipation for what lay ahead. Mother always knew this time would come she always stayed prayed up for this moment. After mother finally realized her worth, she moved on for better things in life and never looked back. Mother was so excited to meet the people in the community and plain to join any social club she can get into.

For years, Mother had been feeling stuck in a rut. Her job was unfulfilling, her relationship had fizzled out, and mother felt like she was simply going through the motion of life. But then, one day, something inside of her spoke to her and snapped. She knew she could be happy and at peace this way. Mother was incredibly happy with the change.

With a newfound sense of determination, mother made the decision to take control of her life and start fresh again so far itís been great. The day that followed but today is an exciting day for mother she is planning to have a new beginnings party. Mother is having all different types of activities and foods were going to have a blast. Mother was so very proud to tell us that she updated her resume, started researching job opportunities in a new city or state, and looking for better opportunities and life. It was both terrifying and exhilarating to step into something so unknown to her, but mother knew deep down that it was the right decision for her.

When mother was packing up her belongings and said goodbye to her old life for good, she couldnít help but feel a little emotion. But it was time to throw out all the sad and let it get overshadow by a sense of excitement for the adventure and experiences that lay out ahead. I remember when we first drove away from living with a family member, it felt a heavy weight lifted off all our shoulders. We were finally free.

In the new city we moved to, Mother found herself surrounded by unfamiliar language and sounds. But instead of feeling overwhelmed, mother felt inspired by the energy of her new surroundings. Mother took long walks in the park, explored hidden cafes and restaurants, and even struck up conversation with strangers to get more familiar with the city. After the long walks mother was amazed by how much joy she found in the little things.

With each passing day, mother felt herself growing stronger and more confident. Mother no longer was confused about the unknown; instead, she embraced them even more with open arms. Mother knew that life was full of endless possibilities, and she knows she hasnít faced nothing she canít get over. But mother was determined to make the most of every single one of them.

As mother looked out at the city skyline from her job window, she couldnít help but to smile. She had come so far since that rainy day looking out the window when she decided to start over. Yes, there had been challenges along the way, but each one had only made her stronger. Mother was excited to see what the future held and was grateful for the opportunities.

Moving to the new city was like embarking on a thrilling adventure. It brings with it a mix of excitement, uncertainty, and the opportunity of growth. When we recently had to pack up and move things, it was hard because it was just us. I have come to appreciate the unique experiences and challenges that come with adapting to a new environment.

First and foremost, one of the most exciting things about moving is getting out of your comfort zone and explore new things in life. Every street corner hold something new, whether it is something I have new seen before or even something new to try. Itís much quieter neighborhoods compare to back home they even have more food markets. The sense of wonder that comes with discovering the hidden gems of a new city is unparoled.

However, along with the excitement of exploration comes the challenge of getting comfortable. Adjusting to a new routine, making new friends, and navigating unfamiliar streets can be daunting at first. Yet, it is though these challenges that we grow and learn from. Each interaction, whether positive or negative, teaches us something new about ourselves and the world around us.

One of the most rewarding aspects of life in a new city is the opportunity for personal growth not just for mother but for all of us. Mother have not only stepped out of her comfort zone but so have we. We become more resilient adaptable, and open-minded individuals as a result of our experiences. Our experience with school is okay still trying to meet new friends but its getting there.

Moreover, living in a new city exposes us to a diversity of cultures, ideas, and perspectives. We can get to know all different walks of life and explore how things work in the new city. Getting to know new people is the biggest thing for me because Iím new in town and a lot of people look at me as an outsider. But I grew up to never judge a book by its cover, so I tried to fit in.

Moving has truly been a journey for me, filled a lot of ups and downs and some around and around but it all played out better than expected. I once thought I would never really get out the position, I was in but mother really is a make it happen mother. We was so proud of her for doing all of this we gave mother a spy day and she loved it. After all, life is what you make it. And there is no better time than now to start exploring more.

One day mother took me to the park, and I meet a new friend, she lived right up the side walk form my house. We wandered along the winding paths until we stumbled upon a group of kids playing soccer. Nervously, she approached them and asked could we join them. As we played, I realized how fun it is to finally make new friends. After the game, we sat on the gras, laughing, and talking.

As the sun began to set, I realized I found someone special in the new city. When I first moved here, I had no one and now I can finally tell my siblings I have a friend. With my new friend by my side, I know I would never be alone again. Mother would always invite my friends over and allow us to have play dates while she gets dinner ready.

The moment everything started to feel right and become fun with my new friend down the sidewalk something is always happen. It was a pretty big neighborhood we lived so there was many people there to make friends with but it was so hard once upon a time because I was so new. She was the only girl in town to take me in with open arms so it was very hard for me when she told me they had to move. I felt alone as soon as she told me it was almost like my heart dropped to my feet. Our friendship was the kind that was built to last forever.

But when her parents got the job offer in another state it felt like a dream. I knew I couldnít just let our friendship go to waist just because of her moving. We spent every moment together until it was her last day in the neighborhood. We knew had had to make new memories quick and fast ,so we decided to explore the wood a little more and build a fort in the perfect spot only where we can find it for when she come back to town to visit.

One day our parents took us to the store to grab a scrapbook and a picture book to add to our memories. I was most excited about our picture book because we added photos and memories of our time together. It all started to really come to us that they would be leaving in a couple of days, eyes were tearing up as we hugged each other tightly not wanting to let go. We promised to always stay in touch with each other no matter what happen and to never ever give up on our friendship.

As they drove away, I couldnít do nothing but stand at the end of the driveway in just cry waving goodbye until I couldnít see the car wish we had even more time together. I held the picture book tightly against my chest almost wishing I could go with her. But even though sheís miles away there would always be an endless friendship between us.

After two long years, she finally returned home when I seen her coming out of the airport gate it felt like my heart skipped a beat of happiness of course. I ran to her so fast knocking her to the ground hugging her tightly with so much excitement. As we dropped them off at their house in the neighborhood to get their self together, we decided to throw a little get together more like a welcome home party. But now that sheís finally home its time to make more memories.

As the next day go past we decided to go to our secret fort and talk about thing been going since she was gone. I was so excited to hear about all the things she did when she was away , she even brought things back to show me. With a joyful cry we hugged each other tightly again telling one another how much we miss each other. We missed each other so much it was no way we was able to contain the excitement we had built up for each other.

Throughout her returning home, we relived old memories and even created new ones in just one day. We spent hours talking and laughing and coming up with new things to explore, just like they used to. I showed her all the changes they made in our small town and let her meet all the new friend I made while she was gone. We made sure to visit all our favorite spots I even showed her new ones she might like.

My name is Paris Gardner, and I created this story of life in my creative writing class. I am 18 years old I go to East Hgh School, and my teacher Ms. Prindl pushed me to go further with this journey as a storyteller. I live in Nashville TN and plan to move out of town to chase my dreams.

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