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Image by Michal Renčo from Pixabay
Image by Michal Renčo from Pixabay
On a cloudy night, in a City wooded park, rain imminent, someone, heavily dressed for disguise, entered furtively, and took up a position.

Another person entered furtively from a different direction, looked about, saw the other, and cautiously approached them. They showed each other identification.

-Why are we here?

To kill a traitor.


A decorated soldier traitor.

-Correct responses. Do you have the information?
Yes. It can be done tomorrow night. I know where he will be for an hour, at least.

-We might have a problem.


-Have you come here alone?

What? Iím stupid?

-I ask because we are in trouble if what I have detected is not with you.

To my right?


Idiotís with me. I am stupid.

-Perhaps he has a plan?

She. Not supposed to have a plan. Sheís fired.

-Iím not alone.

Where is the place?

-The park behind the hospital. You know where that is?

A few patients in that hospital are family.

-Meet me there. While the hospital night shift comes on. Be armed.


-Will he be armed?

Hello? Dumb question. He is a soldier. Never goes anywhere unarmed in these wartime days.

-Of course. Dumb. Sorry. Not enough sleep.

He comes alone, usually. If someone's with him, we abort. We are hired to kill only one. He enters, and exits by a back, dark alley. So, don't suspect me when I lead you into a dark alley.

-His head comes off?


-Are we allowed to pick his pockets?

You are. While I am taking off his head, you stand guard. When I have finished, we go separate ways. I take the head. You can stay to rob the corpse as much as you please.

-He deserves it.

Uh-uh. Do not think like that. We do it for the money only. Right and wrong are irrelevant.

-Sorry. On another matter, I was told to ask about another job for us. Two young women. Could pass for girls. Living together. They sneak out at night.

Who told you?

-I don't know who she is. She said she knows about what you and I do for a living. She approves. She has work for us. She wants us to tail the girls. They could just be naughty girls. But these are war times. It's safer to suspect everybody.

Good thinking. Suspect everything. Even this person who says she wants to hire us. When she next contacts you, let me know. I will tail her.


Where do the girls live?

-A few days walk outside
the City.

They go towards the City?


Meet up with anyone?

-Not yet; but that's because they have always mysteriously disappeared. No tail has been successful in following them to where they eventually stop.

Could they be aware they are being tailed?

-They do not behave as if they are aware. No one has been able to trace just when they return. That is why I have been asked to ask you to help.

Has the matter of pay been discussed?

-Not yet.

We don't need to be chasing girls in these times of war. Make our pay exorbitant.

-Exactly what I was thinking. There's something else. Perhaps it's nothing. But it's happened twice, like it was planned.

Go on.

-A red Cat follows them.

Stalking them to eat them?

-That's what I thought. But twice it hissed and barred my way. It snarled at me, like it was warning me.

Their Cat? Women have a thing for Cats.

-No. It seems as if they do not know it follows them.

Most likely women meeting lovers. This war is tempting women to be reckless in romance. The menfolk in the family are either dead or gone away for too long.

-Do we look the other way when it is our women meeting enemy soldiers?

No. Kill the soldiers.

-The women?

They will be long gone before you're finished with their clients. Let our women go. They are miserable enough in this war.

-Good enough. Another thing. Again, might be nothing.

Safer to not think like that in our work.

-A woman Palace worker rides her horse far to the East.

That's opposite to where the enemy camps are.

-By what we know.

Could be just exercise. Working at the Palace in these times brings extra stress.

-Could be.

We will investigate.

-Will we be given horses?

I'm working on it.

-Make sure they are not captured horses. Enemy soldiers train their horses to return to camp.

I do not know the difference between our horses and enemy horses. All horses look alike to me.

-An enemy horse has intelligence that's pliable, like wax; and so it's easier to train. Our horses are wooden in intelligence; stubborn; hard to teach.

I don't understand. Why do we even bother with having horses like ours?

-Our horses are better war horses because our horses, by nature, love to eat human meat. Our horses on the battlefield, kill more enemy soldiers than our soldiers kill.

Hence, then, it can be truly said, inside our horse are enemy soldiers.
Dare we trust such horses?

-Hence why the main reason we are going to win this war is because we have savage carnivore horses.

And on that happy day I'll eat a horse; a whole enemy horse.

-See you tomorrow night.

Tomorrow night. Uh, almost forgot. They said he might arrive by horseback. That didn't mean anything special to me.

-It means stay away from his horseís jaws.

Will it be possible to tell in the dark what kind of horse his will be?

-He is one of us, and a senior army soldier. He wouldn't dare ride a captured enemy horse.

He would not dare if the war were going well with us. Under the circumstances, we do not want to risk being attacked by his horse when we attack him. As I pointed out, to me a horse is a horse. But you know the difference. Our safety is in your eyes.

-Alright. If he arrives by horse, stay behind me, until I work it out.

Do we abort if his horse is carnivore?

-We will have no choice, although that was not brought up in my orders.

Is there time for you to ask?

-I am getting on it right away when I get back within minutes. I do not know if I will be able to contact anyone who will know. Anyway, we are already in an abort possibility if he arrives with another person. See you tomorrow night.

Perhaps not. That buddy of yours to your right, is signaling.

-Change of plans. Iím coming with you. Letís get out of here. 

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