Story List and Biography

Ezra Azra
Samson's Delilah's Role Model
George Orwell, 1903 - 1950
Somewhere in Ukraine
When Fear Turned Into Fun
The Farm at Red Hill
Best Time in our Ghetto
33 Animal Stories For Children
How Snake and Cat Were Rescued From Each Other, and We From Both
82 Poems on a Single Theme
10 Bible Plays for Sunday School Children
Family Differences
A Memorable Day
Thank You, Mr. Rogers
Rajaluxmi Pillay, 1944-2020
The Redemption of King
Holy Ground
The Revenge of Wild Life
What The Gorilla Saw
Prisoner 83-91-81

Zarathushthra Spitama
A Whale of a Story
Bluebottles To The Rescue
Adventures on the River
My Gum Tree
Hornets to the Rescue
Cemetery Shenanigans
Mrs. Ira Pilate's Dream
Our Father Will Not
The Things We Do
Me Too, To My Everlasting Shame
No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
Brando's Lost Movie
Brighton Beach
The Best Good Friday Ever
The Neighbor's Story
Most Evil Assassination Ever
Plutarch's Prejudice
The Acronym
The Royal Stamp
A Soldier's Story
The Adventures of Minshee
To John E. Wynne
An African Experien


The Road Not Taken
The Princess Keepsake
Girl Guards and Their Snakes
The Best Weather
Once Upon A Time
If Only She Hadn't A Shoehorn
Bilingual Lady
Stand Your Ground
Youfer Doggie
A Titanic Allegory
A Wartime Incident
There, He Met Fellow Victims
Deus Ex Machina
My Granny, A Jew Nonpareil
Alien Guests
Shakespeare's Romeo's Better Half
Shakespeare's Othello's Handkerchief
The Holy Neighbor
Kill  The Messenger, Please
Ezra Azra--Brothers In Cahoots
The Peacocks
Bear Alert
Serial Rape, In Figuration
Gods, Dads, and Daughters
Not The End
The Best Solution
A Crocodile Family Crisis
Death of a God
When Disobedience Helped
My Cousin Obed
Doomed From The Beginning
Torquay 89er
Spared By An Execution
A Tavern Where Used To Be A Telescope
A Soldierly Thing To Do
That's How She Planned It
A Tale of Two Sons
The Parable of the Genie in the Bottle
The Curse That Came With A Benefit
The Fisherman's Delimma
Wall to Wall
The Two-Door In The Parking Lot

A Neglected Miracle
Waiting For The Reward

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.
Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

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Photo by Jvalenciazz Jhon at Pexels.

From 1957 to about 1962, I taught Sunday School at St. Michael's Anglican Church, Rossburgh, Durban, Natal, South Africa.  From the time I was 9 years old, I attended St Michael's, walked barefoot three miles. The parish was very poor. Sometime in the first half of the 1960s, the financially unprofitable Church was closed, permanently.  As one of the Sunday School teachers, I felt it more important to involve the children in creating holy fun memories rather than in learning more and more and more about our religion. Our works-in-progress rehearsals were always wall-to-wall joys. Our 'finished' stagings were mainly for parish friends and families. Free. Sometimes nowadays, in retrospect, I feel fleeting moments of regret for having neglected our religion, in those fun-filled  poverty-stricken times.

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