Alien Guests

Ezra Azra

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Photo by Dhivakaran S at Pexels.
Photo by Dhivakaran S at Pexels.

Two armed intruders, young male and female, were on the premises. This, by itself, was not alarming since there had been other intruders in the past thousands of years.

The unique parts this time were, first, all the others had been lost, looking for a way out; this couple was on the run, looking for a place to hide.

Second, the present pair had penetrated deeper than any others because the Complex was well on the way to being abandoned, and, so, most security measures to keep animals and people out, had been deactivated days ago.

Most important of all was the invisible electric perimeter fence around the Complex. When touched, it gently and instantly re-located the intruder object miles away into the empty desert.

The single non-life mechanical Unit within the Complex, its Dismantler, was so remarkable in its capacity for self-repair, maintenance, and improvement, as to render it, virtually, living, if it were not that it far excelled all life in every living physical ability of sight, touch, smell, hearing, taste, speed, flight, strength, and many others.

The Dismantler was of a species travelling the Universe for so long, they themselves were not sure of their origins. They were, though, capable of continual and instant contact with others of their kind throughout the stars.

This particular Dismantler, had been on Earth for thousands of years, refitting its spacecraft, a process that usually took hundreds of years from start to finish.

The process could be engaged in only when the spacecraft could connect itself to the deep-core boiling energy of a big enough star. The ship used the energy to create and to utilize the special components required to keep the craft running for the next few thousands of years.

The spacecraft itself was virtually sentient because of its complete autonomy in self-diagnostic and prognostic functions.

As was the routine protocol on arrival on a world for self-repair, the Dismantler had landed the craft on an uninhabitable site, and had disguised it as an inhospitable mountain. That was then.

Since then, quite unpredictably, nearby territories had become thriving human centres. Even so, the mountain disguise had served its purpose well enough. Down the centuries, very, very few humans and animals bothered to pay attention to a mountain so carefully designed to be forbidding.

The craft's monitors had indicated days ago that the operation was being successfully closing down. The craft would be ready to function perfectly for the next few thousands of years among the stars throughout the Universe.

The two armed human intruders were not a problem for the Dismantler. An engineered prolonged violent electric storm would motivate the humans to vacate the premises, especially if the mountain itself was eroding away by torrents of rain and raging rivers.

The Dismantler was back in the spacecraft, minutes away from its intended storm creations.

Human law enforcement arrived, in pursuit of the two armed humans. Helicopters, all-terrain police vehicles. The Dismantler had to accept situation had become unusually complicated.

By its own self-programming, the Dismantler species was to never cause harm, directly or indirectly, to life anywhere in the universe. Hence, the Dismantler's original plan was to simply wash the two armed humans off the outside of the craft, and then to transfer them safely in a cave somewhere.

That could not be the plan anymore because the intruder human couple decided to violantly oppose the human law enforcement arrivals. They ran deeper into the mountain. Law enforcement released police dogs.

The Dismantler lured the hounds deep into the mountain, fed them, and put them into a deeply resting sleep, until later.

The Dismantler calibrated that the human couple's determination to fight back as they ran, made their deaths imminent at the hands of officers of the law.

The Dismantler initiated a different plan.

The Dismantler altered its outward appearance to appear as an old woman. She intended to read their minds and to steer the conversation accordingly. She revealed herself to them in a cave inside the mountain, by lighting a candle which drew them warily to where she was.

"Hello, there." They pointed their guns at her. "Easy, people. I am unarmed. I lit the candle to invite you here." "Who are you?"

"I am Seetha Rai. If you are not familiar with that name, you must have dropped out of kindergarden." "Seetha Rai who murdered her four husbands?" "The same. Those husbands deserved it. I have scars as evidence." "They never caught you?" "I am here, am I not?" "Can you help us?" "Perhaps. But wouldn't you like to hear the rest of my story?" "Of course, but while we are on the move, please." "Good enough. Follow me."

"From what I know, no bodies were ever found." "That's right." "Then why did you run?" "Because of my elder spinster sister. She went to the police with, she said, evidence that incriminated me."

"Your own sister?" "Uh-huh." "Any particular reason she hated you?" "She was born ugly, and never could get a husband for herself."

"I don't understand. How does that fit in?" "She got my husbands drunk and drugged and seduced them when I was at work, earning the rent. And when I came home, my current husband would beat me up, on my sister's suggestion, no doubt. And, so, I killed them, one by one. Overdosed one by one. With her drugs. I never touched the stuff for myself."

"Oh, man! If I had a sister like that, I would have killed her." "Exactly what I did after she went to the police."

"The bodies were never found." "That's right. And will never be found." "You cannot be sure of that." "Oh, yes, I can, as long as I live here with them."

"The bodies are here?" "All four of them. I check on them every day. Care to hear the names of husbands?" "No, no, please. If I hear I share a name with one of them, I am going to have to kill you." "Good enough." "The same goes for me and the name of your evil ugly sister."

She led the way with her candle. There were just too many law enforcement units around. She decided there was only one way out. She would lead the two into a compartment of the spacecraft she had transformed to appear to them as just another mountain cave. She would put them instantly into a cryogenic condition. She would take them with her to another world where she and other Dismantler units would treat them as guests, as it had been on this human world for so many thousands of years.

The Dismantler did not forget the police dogs, before it flew its spacecraft off Earth, within the hour. 

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