Serial Rape, In Figuration

Ezra Azra

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Gerda Wegener, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Gerda Wegener, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons
Over three thousand years ago a fiction story teller somewhere in Europe told a tale of an almighty god named Zeus raping a helpless virgin young woman, named Europa.

Tales of rape by almighty gods were commonplace in Ancient Hellenic (Archaean, Greek) Culture.

Almighty immortal god Zeus, the king of all gods and goddesses, raped mortal Semele into pregnancy while he was married to almighty immortal goddess, Hera. Hera tricked the both of them into having Semele murdered by adulteress rapist Zeus himself.

Hecuba, queen of Troy, had nineteen children. She never told her husband, king Priam, that her firstborn, Hector, was not his child. Prince Hector, heir to the throne of Troy, was a child from rape. Almighty god Apollo had raped Hecuba on her wedding night before she joined her newly wedded husband.

Destiny punished both Hecuba and Apollo for deceiving Priam. Hector never got to be king of Troy. He was defeated in battle by Greek warrior, Achilles. Destiny piled on the just punishment by treating Hector's corpse ignominiously. Hector's corpse was tied to Achilles's battle chariot and dragged seven times back and forth across the battlefield in full view of Hector's wife, Andromache, and his deceitful mother Hecuba, both of whom stood and watched from high up a Trojan City wall.

In selecting Achilles as the instrument of Hector's ugly defeat, Destiny was adding ironic spite to the righteous castigation of Hecuba's and Apollo's criminal deceit in that Achilles, too, had been a child of rape.

The mother of Achilles was Thetis, a virgin goddess. She was raped into pregnancy by almighty god Zeus. To hide his crime, Zeus bribed with favours a renowned Greek warrior king named Perseus, to marry Thetis.

Thetis took revenge on both of them by aborting her first seven babies by Perseus. Eventually, a mere mortal midwife could take it no more; she snitched on Thetis to Perseus. Perseus, helped by Zeus, intervened in the eighth pregnancy, and Achilles was born, doomed to fall in battle in the Trojan war, killed in a ridiculous manner by a Trojan warrior prince, Paris, who, himself, was a disgraceful wife-seducer.

Almighty Greek god Apollo who personally guided the arrow that killed Achilles on the Trojan battlefield, was himself a serial rapist. He was doomed to be a rapist since he himself was a child born of rape.

Apollo's mother was Leto, a distant family member of almighty god Zeus, king of the gods and goddesses. Zeus raped Leto of her virginity. Hera, almighty goddess wife of Zeus, tormented Leto throughout her pregnancy. Leto gave birth to her illegitimate twins, Apollo and Artemis.

Apollo raped many women: Cyrene, a mortal princess. Melia, a virgin goddess. Eudne, a first-cousin of his, daughter of his father's brother, almighty god Poseidon. Chrysothemis, another first-cousin, daughter of his father's sister, almighty goddess Demeter.

Chione, a mortal virgin, was raped by both god Apollo and his younger brother, god Hermes, on the same night. When she gave birth to identical twins, Autolycus and Philammon, she could not tell which was which god's child. There was no Deoxyribo-Nucleic-Acid testing in those days.

The god brothers, Apollo and Hermes, teamed up another time to take turns raping Creusa, a virgin princess in the kingdom of Troy.

When Apollo tried to rape Cassandra, another princess of Troy, Hector's sister, she fought him off, and so he cursed her to always prophesy the future accurately, but nobody would believe her. She foretold to the king and queen, her father and mother, the course of action to take to avert the fall of their kingdom of Troy to the invading Greek army. Her parents, as per god Apollo's curse, dismissed their daughter as being insane. When the Greek soldiers eventually took the City of Troy by force, they chopped up king Priam on the castle floor in front of his queen Hecuba who, herself, was taken into slavery.

Sadly and disgustingly, modern humanity's great achievements of marvelous spaceships that will transport us to the stars, are being named after Apollo, a most degenerate serial rapist Ancient Greek almighty god!

Almighty Olympian god Hermes, younger brother of Apollo, was as criminal a serial-rapist as his brother.

Like Apollo, Hermes, the rapist almighty god, was doomed from birth. His virgin goddess mother, Maia, gave birth to him after being raped by Zeus, king of the gods and goddesses, while he was married to goddess Hera. Thereafter, Zeus raped two of Maia's virgin sisters, Electra and Taygete, into pregnancies.

In addition to being an unconscionable degenerate rapist, god Hermes was a bigamist. He was concurrently married to two goddesses, Aphrodite and Peitho,  neither of whom was aware of his other wife:

Records indicate Hermes raped a total, at least, of twenty-six females. Eighteen were mortals; eight were goddesses:-

Agraulos, Akalle, Alkidameia, Antimeira, Apemosyne, Aptale,
Brimo, Carmentis, Chthonophyle, Creusa, Daeira, Erytheia, Eupolemeia, Herse, Iphthime, Khione, Libye, Okyrrhoe, Penelopeia,
Phyldameia, Polymele, Rhene, Sose, Tanagra, Theoboula, Thronia.

Almighty god Poseidon, brother of the king of gods, Zeus, was married to goddess Amphitrite when, on different occasions, he raped goddesses Alcyone, Celaeno, and Thronia.

Almighty god Ares was a son of almighty gods Zeus and Hera. Like his father, Ares was a rapist while he was married. He raped goddess Sterope, and princess Aglauros.

The story about the rape of Europa by Zeus, stands alone because, in retrospect, it has become a figurative prophecy of the conquest of the nations of Europe by ruthless European rulers, beginning over three thousand years ago, up to present times in the rape of Ukraine by Russian Vladimir Putin.

In the figurative story, Europa was a virgin Phoenician princess. By trickery, Zeus abducted her. He appeared to her as a tame wild magnificently beautiful gleaming white Phoenician bull. He knelt before her as if in worship. The princess was familiar with Phoenician farm animals. She was amused and intrigued and mesmerized into climbing onto the beast for a ride.

The bull ran off with the frightened princess on his back. He carried her away overseas to another country where he repeatedly raped her into three pregnancies. After her third child, he callously abandoned her.

That almighty god Zeus so easily resorting to being a subhuman lifeform in order to perpetrate a sex crime, is the storyteller's most apposite figuration of the instinctual degenerative inclination of a premeditating rapist.

In the history of the world, so far, no Seer has predicted so accurately a curse that has repeatedly occurred for centuries upon centuries in Europe.

Beginning with Alexander, the Macedonian. There has never been so dramatic a narration of an historic event that so aptly subliminally speaks sexual rape. It is said that Alexander was told of an Ancient-tied fabric knot on the altar of a shrine in the town of Gordium. The Gordiums made known world-wide their belief that whoever untied their virginal-sacred knot would become an emperor of Europe and Asia.

Down the ages, many warriors had tried in Gordium; all had failed. When Alexander faced that altar knot, he drew his sword and blasphemously slashed it to shreds.

The ravished knot had its revenge, and the last laugh, eventually, in that instead of becoming an emperor, or dying heroically on the battlefield, Alexander died in bed of an unwarrior-like sissyish fever in a City with a most unsoldierly female name fashioned out of his very own masculine Macedonian name. Added eternal insult to eternal embarrassment is that nobody knows what happened to the Macedonian's corpse after its solid gold sarcophagus coffin was stolen in Egypt's Alexandria.

After that luckless Macedonian, the literal history of Europe, cued by that Ancient figuration of Europa's rape, has cursed Europe with a succession of avatars of almighty god Zeus, that premeditating rapist of helpless virgin women.

Namely: The Emperors of Rome! The Christian Popes in Rome! Attila the Hun, Flagellum Dei, Scourge of God! Corsican upstart, Napoleon Buonaparte! Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albert, self-proclaimed emperor of Germany! Adolf Hitler, who threatened Europe with a thousand-year Reich of satanic Nazism.

And today, even as this is being read, Hellenic Zeus has changed from Phoenician bull to Russian bear, Vladimir Putin, reincarnation of that Transylvanian vampire Vladimir Dracul, the Impaler who plunged his stake into the heart of Europe.

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