Doomed From The Beginning

Ezra Azra


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Photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash
Photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash
In 2017 in a newspaper, Luis Elizondo, former Head of the Pentagon program, Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, (AATIP), stated, "There are reports by people of their encounters with UFOs that include associating with entities such as ghosts, elves, and other mythical beings."

The earthquake that rocked the village of Clairwood on the fifth of June 1949, did not affect the lives of Bobby Perumal and Henry van Staden because in those few minutes they were high up in trees with a few other urchin homeless children like them vying with wild monkeys for wild fruit.

The two were eleven years old; had been homeless urchins for as long as they could recall; lived temporarily wherever they found themselves; could read, count and write, though having stopped attending school years ago.

Clairwood was a ghetto. Most residents were poor. Bobby and Henry were two of many, many vagabond homeless individuals.

Clairwood had sub-tropical weather at sea level. The weather was never cold. For eleven months of the year temperatures were warm-to-hot, and it rained nearly every early evening, quite often in thunder storms. It was not surprising, therefore, that raggedy clothed waifs in and in the environs of Clairwood were clean and never dehydrated, though perpetually undernourished, jungle wild fruit being their only reliable food.

Strangely, Bobby and Henry were inseparable. Strangely, because they did not share with each other the food or coins they earned; and they were seen to be in fierce competition for opportunities to work for the usually meagre rewards. And, they never appeared to be spontaneously inclined to help each other.

There were no adult homeless persons in Clairwood because most of the poor ghetto residents were violent against adult homeless persons. When Bobby and Henry would become adults in Clairwood, they would have to relocate, or suffer violent consequences. That a homeless child in Clairwood would eventually grow into an adult in Clairwood, was never a certainty. The evidence of that was in the weekly occurrence of corpses of all ages here-and-there, and in the sudden permanent disappearance of individuals.

The earthquake brought benefits to the homeless vagabond children. The widespread damage to homes meant that there were countless extra opportunities to help people, in return for payment in food or money.

Most, perhaps all, of the vagabond children lived in the wilderness area that encircled Clairwood. The wilderness might have been the first and only reason the village grew there with no interruption from the National Government, from the beginning, nearly a century previously.

When Bobby and Henry came upon an unconscious body on the ground in the wilderness, on an early afternoon, a day after the earthquake, their first response was to ensure no other urchin children were around to claim shares in the spoils. After that, the two of them sat by the body to be there to search and strip it when they sooner-or-later decided the body had at last become a corpse.

This was a normal typical behaviour of the ghetto residents, adults and ragamuffin children, when they came upon drunks and other immobile persons on the village roadsides, and in the wilderness.

The body stirred. Bobby and Henry were disappointed. They debated briefly about how much longer they should hang around. The body called out to them, weakly; barely audibly. They approached it, warily. It was so covered in dirt, they could not tell whether it was female or male; not that they cared, one way or the other.

Help me, please.

Okay. Yes. How?

Help me find my transmitter.


What's a transmitter?

It's a small metal box. It was in my shirt pocket. It must have fallen out. I cannot move to search around for it.

Are you hurt?

Yes. I think so. I cannot move.

Were you hurt by the earthquake?

Yes. I and my friends had parked our vehicle. The earthquake half-sunk our vehicle before they managed to drive it free.

They left you behind?

They did not mean to. With the ground rocking about and trees crashing onto them, they had to focus on getting the vehicle to safety. There might be others like me who were left behind. The vehicle will be back for us. I will be able to contact them with my transmitter to let them know.


Bobby and Henry searched the ground all about. They did not find the transmitter.

It could be in one of your pockets.

Yes. Please help me search my pockets. My limbs are paralyzed, mostly.

Bobby and Henry were pleased to help search the pockets because it increased their chances of finding things they could steal. In their search, Bobby became frightened by discoveries that triggered exchange of anxious looks between him and Henry. The person's body under the clothes seemed to be soft and fluid, and squishy. And, there were many immobile limbs, all of which were tangled up like thick ropes. And some were dislocated. There were no hands or fingers. The clothes on the person smelled like cooking oil.

Bobby stepped back, nauseous, determined to run away. Henry instinctively grabbed him and held on to him while he addressed the person.

Henry was excited. Realization exploded in him! A creature from outer space! For many, many days and weeks and months earlier, he had been hearing people talking about alien visitors on Earth from the stars. That talking increased everywhere when the earthquake hit, aliens from outer space being blamed for the violation of our Mother Earth.

Henry whispered conspiratorially to the person.

You are from the stars, arenít you?

The person did not reply right away. It inhaled deeply and audibly. The boys waited for the exhalation. When it did not happen immediately, both of them decided to flee.

Henry let go of Bobby. Bobby, because he had not stopped pulling away from Henry, tumbled to the ground when Henry unexpectedly let go of him. Bobby was knocked unconscious by either the fall or the fright at hearing Henry's question to the person. Or by a combination of both.

At that moment, a shaft of black light plunged through the wilderness tree cover, and enveloped the alien.

Without considering what to say, Henry blurted out to the alien, Take us with you!

The alien disappeared within the shaft of black light. The empty shaft remained. A voice within the shaft and from above, spoke quietly to Henry.

Only if you don't mind taking a few hundred years to return as you are.

Henry van Staden laughed in defiance, hugging tightly onto the unconscious Bobby Perumal. Before he finished speaking, the shaft embraced the two of them.

"However long it takes! Even forever! Bobby and me!"

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