Spared By An Execution

Ezra Azra


Copyright 2023 by Ezra Azra

Photo by Jeff Kingma on Unsplash
Photo by Jeff Kingma on Unsplash

The Tyrant of the country was sitting at her desk. She was fuming. She was staring at a letter she had just finished reading. It was from the Prime Minister of a neighboring country. The Tyrant's General was on his way. The monitor on the Tyrant's table beeped. She pressed the button. The voice of her Armed Forces Assistant came on.

"General,---." She interrupted the voice, "Send him in."

The General entered, cap in hand. "Come in, General. Sit." The General sat in a chair at the desk, opposite his boss, the Tyrant of the country.

"General, I know there are escapees from our country to other countries. What is so special about this escapee that warranted a special correspondence from that Prime Minister?" She indicated the letter on his desk.

"Madam, as you are aware, we have secret agents in many countries to take care of traitors who escape us here. I admit we have not yet dealt with all the traitors. Give me the information that Prime Minister sent, and I will apprise you within the next hour of where we are with that traitor. Madam."

"That Prime Minister, General, does not give any specific information. Here."

She handed the letter to the General. The General took it and read it. The Tyrant waited in silence until the General had finished reading the letter.

"General, for a traitor or traitors to warrant this kind of special correspondence, the matter must be of critical importance. Is there someone of particular urgency to us who has escaped us here, General? Who is at the top of your wanted list?"

"There is someone, Madam. A week ago we secretly entered the office of a Government worker who was on vacation. We do this routinely, Madam. We entered the computer files and discovered encrypted calculations. The worker had been trying to access the commands at our Okeyredge facility, Madam." "Trying, General?"

"We do not know how far the attempt got, Madam, because the calculations self-destructed when we reached a certain depth." "Have you taken the worker into custody." "We tried, Madam, but could not find her when we went to the vacation venue she had listed. They said they had not had anyone there by that name. We discovered the name was fake." "Fake? She worked for us by a fake name? For how long?" "Two-and-a-half years, Madam. Incredible. We do background checks on every worker every six months."

"Has Okeyredge changed all its codes?" "We alerted them within seconds of that program self-destructing, Madam. It will take a day for them to change all the codes."

"General, assume that worker has escaped to that country." She indicated the Prime Minister's letter. "Take the most extreme measures to protect Okeyredge." "Will do, Madam." The General left the office.

A few hours later, the Armed Forces Assistant alerted the Tyrant to an incoming encrypted message to her from Okeyredge. Only the Tyrant knew how to access and read the encrypted message.

All Okeyredge's codes had been frozen. None could be accessed to be changed.

In that Prime Minister's country, Geraldine Harlow, she preferred Gerry, was having breakfast in her one-bedroom rented apartment. She was twenty-two years old; single; alone; no family. She had reached the milestone she had planned seven years ago. She had saved a huge sum of money from her paid work, and now she could embark on the next phase of her plan.

However, she had read in the morning's newspaper an article that was tempting her to change her original plan.

Her original plan was to enroll in a Trade School to earn a study-at-home diploma in a science qualification in order to enter a new line of paid, secure, employment. She had attended Government-advertised career information sessions. All informed that the Government's Outer Space Exploration was providing opportunities that are forever, mostly, unfilled. The Government's Space Exploration industries were so desperately in need of qualified workers, students enrolled in Trade School programs were being offered jobs long before the students graduated.

And now this new opportunity presenting itself that morning. A distant County was offering free ownership of homes to be built to applicants who would live in the County for the next thirty years, at least. This was doable with her savings and at-home studying. There was a minor hurdle, though.

The County's offer was to only married couples.

Gerry smiled to herself at her cunning thoughts on how to overcome that hurdle.

She knew that with her beauty and Miss Universe figure she would not find it difficult to find a suitable man who would agree to marry her. Indeed, she already knew of one man, in her age range who would have every reason to accept her proposal.

After breakfast, she walked to the Government's Political Refugee Center. A few feet behind the front desk, was a steel-mesh fence. The three persons staffing the desk were in uniform. They were extra polite, and friendly. They informed her that her request to speak with a refugee was accepted, but had to be carefully scrutinized because all refugees were forever in danger from secret agents from hostile countries the refugees had escaped.

They asked for her reason to speak with the refugee she named. She said she was in the audience at a Trade School auditorium where the refugee had addressed students. He said his name, Josh Wuhan, had to be not his real name as long as he was a Stateless person. She said she wanted the Mister Wuhan to know that when his Stateless status was removed, she would be there to help him acclimatise in his new country.

She was allowed to sit at a table with him. They spoke. She offered him a marriage contract that would eliminate his Stateless status; and put her on the course of accomplishing her plans for a fairly successful life.

Of course, he was suspicious. She could be an undercover hostile agent. He asked if she would allow her life and background to be investigated. She agreed.

In the next few days she was visited and questioned by Government Officers. When they heard the full history of her life, they expressed doubts about the success of her marriage, if her husband discovered what her first seven years of employment had been.

When she invited them to officially secretly check on her marriage as often as they wished, they approved, and offered to help arrange the wedding. They added, Gerry would have to be prepared for unhappy news because they had lost contact with Josh Wuhan in the last few days.

On a six o'clock television World News Gerry was watching while having dinner at home alone, it was reported that the Okeyredge Industrial Complex had been utterly wiped out by a number of explosions generated from within the Complex itself. Fatalities were expected to be hundreds. The tyranny had collapsed.

The Tyrant and her accompanying General had been assassinated. The assassin had been killed on the spot. His name was Josh Wuhan.

Gerry paused in her dinner. She was in shock. She was astounded by thought of the disastrous step she had been about to take.

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