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by Cole Keister:


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Rahjiz Bomma, Primary School teacher, was in the vestibule of Kunkoo Court. Kunkoo Court was a three-storey, luxury apartments building. Rahjiz did not live in Kunkoo. The rent was far beyond what a salary of a Primary School teacher could afford. She was visiting a High School friend, Kogi Lamb.

Kogi had come a long, way from High School. She easily afforded Kunkoo's rent. She lived on the third floor. The most rent-expensive floor. She was expecting Rahjiz because this was the day Rahjiz visited every week, when extra-curricula duties allowed. Kogi had a few other friends to whom she gave discounts once a week. From High School days. Her conscience stung occasionally because she would rather not have given discounts to anyone. She was beginning to allow herself to business think about re-locating somewhere far away enough.

At one end of the vestibule on the street level floor, was the door to the apartments. At the other end, was the Manager's office. The vestibule was designed to give the Manager a clear view of everyone who entered the door to the apartments.

As Rahjiz entered the code to unlock the door, the Manager approached. In the glistening white marble wall opposite the Manager's office, Rahjiz saw the reflection of the approaching Manager. Kogi had alerted all her visitors to the over-inquisitive, though as yet harmless, Manager.

The alert was that while the inquisitiveness could be irritating, it helped to bear in mind such inquisitiveness was a legitimate execution of the Manager's managerial duties and responsibilities.

The door unlocked; Rahjiz clasped the door handle and pulled the door open, and stepped inside, but held the door ajar when she heard the Manager approaching and speaking to her.

"Hello. To which apartment are you going, ma'am?" "Third floor." "Which apartment?" "I was informed I do not have to answer that question."

Rahjiz let the door close. The Manager stood still and looked at Rahjiz as Rahjiz began to the climb to the third floor.

There was no elevator. The law allowed no elevators in buildings that had only three floors.

The Manager did not like Rahjiz. She would have so liked to report Rahjiz to the owners. She had seen Rahjiz a few times before in the building. She maintained her position, making sure Rahjiz had plain sight of her for the few stairs Rahjiz was in view while climbing the steps.

Rahjiz knew the game; she played it; she took longer that she needed to climbing the steps in full view of the Manager. She paused to adjust first the one shoe and then, one step later, the other shoe.

The Manager felt angrily frustrated. Although she felt utterly certain about her suspicions, she knew she had no hard evidence. She dared not approach the owners with only suspicions.

Kogi had just finished showering. She was dressed in slippers and a knee-length bathrobe. She unlocked and opened the door to her apartment. Rahjiz entered. Kogi closed and double-locked the door. They lightly hugged and kissed.

"I know it is my day, Kogi, but I came early because your phone message said it is urgent." "It is. Hang your stuff in the closet and come to the kitchen. You can shower afterwards."

Kogi went to the kitchen. She proceeded to make them tea. Rahjiz followed and sat at the table.

"You got biscuits? I came straight from school. I'm famished."

"Your special kind." Kogi put a plate and a box of biscuits on the table between them in front of Rahjiz. Rahjiz proceeded to open the box.

"Jeff, still?" Kogi asked.

Rahjiz replied with bits of biscuit in her mouth, "Uh-huh. I've stopped going to the staff room, but now he comes searching for me.”

Did you not say he invited you to meet his wife? Amy, isn’t it?”

“Yes.” “Then go meet Amy. Tell her about me.”

Forget Jeff, Kogi. What's the urgent stuff you mentioned?"

Kogi answered while she put cups and saucers on the table, and milk from the fridge. "You know I'm in this theatre-Acting class at university, right?" "Uh-huh. I know. A moment of insanity."

I agree. Insanity inflicted by the university. It requires us to enroll in course options but does not offer enough choices of options. Anyway, after class, the teacher, Sue Lawrance-Scholtz, suggests she and I go to her office to discuss my work. I'm nervous. I'm taking the class because I have to. Irrelevant required university Humanities option. I do not care about Humanities. I am a scientist. I hate being onstage."

"Kogi, lovely friend, I know all this, because you have told it all to me weeks ago. Your Acting class teacher, Sue Lawrance-Scholtz? What about her?"

Kogi had poured their teas. She peered silently and steadily at Rahjiz, over the rim of her cup as she sipped her tea. Rahjiz was too busy gulping down her tea to notice, at first. Then, she noticed.

She slowly placed her cup on the table, and twisted a naughty smile at Kogi.

She uttered softly, "Really?"

"Uh-huh. Most definitely, really."

"What? She guessed, or did you send signals?"

"Signals? To a university professor? I'm a first year student. What do I know about sending signals? I purposely dress to be unnoticed in that class. One more button on my outfit and it would be a drab army drill uniform. I thought she was calling me to her office to tell me to drop the course. But, no."

Kogi grinned.

"Her initiative?"


"She knows you live here?"

"I don't know."

They sipped tea and nibbled biscuits in silence for a few seconds.

"More about your Acting teacher, please."

"She took me into her office, and closed the door. That made me nervous because the university rule is, no closed doors in offices that have students and instructors. She sat next to me on a polished upscale bench. That really made me nervous. She noticed, immediately; smiled, and went back and sat behind her desk. I was frightened, but I was totally focused on staying enrolled in the course."

"Oh, come now, Ms Kogi Lamb! You still did not figure it out?"

"No! She is my teacher. That's never happened to me."

"I do not understand you. This is Kunkoo Court. You've been here and thriving for over a year. Shouldn't everything have happened to you by now? Anyway, go on. She discussed your Acting talents, I presume?"

"Yes. I have genuine talent, thank you. She was thrilled to hear I had not chosen a major."

“But, you have!”

Yes. Years ago, but I lied in order to be regarded as an insignificant first year part-time student.”

"Suggestions from her?"


They erupted into girlish giggles, while drinking more tea, and devouring more biscuits.

"What are you expecting her to do next?"

"I'm not sure. But she has a Theatre Club, off campus. I could be getting an invitation. You have to join me? Please?"

"Me? An Actress? Forget it. I get embarrassed every time the Dentist says, open wide, please."

"Rahjiz, it's not an Acting Club. It's a Theatre Club. Lots of things to do other than Acting. Besides, I will need you to help me be at ease."

"That does not make sense. How will both of us help each other be at ease when both of us are going to be nervous wrecks? Just politely decline the invitation."

"You are suggesting I disappoint my professor?"

"Make it clear you fully intend to enroll in the next Acting class next semester. Your pass will be guaranteed."

"Of course, you should know, already having a university degree."

"Believe it, or not."

"She said the Club is staging a play. There's a role that would fit me naturally and perfectly. I will not be joining if you do not accompany me."

They drank tea and nibbled on biscuits in silence for a few seconds.

"Okay, but under no circumstances will I be in the play."

"Okay. Feel free to change your mind."

"What's the name of the play?"

"A Midsummer Night's Dream."

"Never heard of it."

"William Shakespeare?"

"Never heard of him."

"Really? And you a teacher?"

"A Primary School teacher. Children who are just beginning to read. What's the play about, anyway?"

"Wall-to-wall fairies."  

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