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Albert Einstein, 1879-1955, German scientist Physicist, claimed, in 1930 when he was fifty-one, that his Cosmological Constant was his greatest blunder.

He had invented his Cosmological Constant in 1915 when he was thirty-six years old in order to solve a stubborn science calculation. At that young age it was a touch of arrogance that caused him to attach a second name to his illogical Constant; he termed it the ďuniversal constant.Ē

In 1915, while he was at the University of Berlin in Germany, Einstein arbitrarily calculated that a calculation of his needed an extra thirty points for it to be resolved, and so he arbitrarily selected the Greek alphabet letter lambda to factor into his stubborn unco-operating calculation.

In those days, it was usual for mathematicians to use the letters of the Greek alphabet, sometimes, instead of numbers, in their calculations. This was because each Greek letter has a number attached to it. The Greek alphabet has twenty-four letters to it. Lambda is the eleventh letter, and it has a numerical value of thirty.

Just why the Greeks coupled the letters in their alphabet with numbers, has not been clarified.

So far, in the history of humans, only four Civilizations are known to have invented, independently of one another and early in their cultural evolutions, the use of numbers. And we yet do not know precisely when in the history of those Civilizations that invention occurred. So far, all credible authorities agree that the reality of numbers, so very vital to the evolution of Civilizations to higher and higher heights, is utterly artificial. Numbers do not exist in the natural universe. As far as we know, only life at our level has invented numbers. And even at our level, numbers have to be taught us. Persons who are not taught numbers, do not naturally acquire the ability sooner or later, as we do genetically prescribed abilities such as walking, talking.

The really curious thing is that since the capacity for inventing numbers is not in our DNA, there had to be external environmental circumstances that brought about the invention. We have not yet either found, or hypothesized credibly about evidence of such external circumstances that repeated in those four Civilizations, unknown to one another.

The invention of written letters of an alphabet happened after that of numbers, in those same four Civilizations. It would seem that the inventions were related if only because most visual representations of letters of an alphabet are mirrored in the graphics of numbers. So far, no definite relationship has been discovered. That is, the occurrence of numbers did not guarantee the invention of letters, sooner or later.

By 1929, new information had come to light about our galaxy, the Milky Way. That new information revealed to Edwin Hubble (1889-1953), an American scientist, that the situation that had obliged Einstein to invent his Cosmological Constant, was no longer tenable. Einstein concurred with Hubbleís findings. Newly observed scientific circumstances had shown that the Cosmological Constant was neither constant nor, indeed, relevant. In 1931 when he was in California, U.S.A., Einstein humbly renounced his Cosmological Constant as his biggest blunder. He was fifty-two years old.

In later years, scientists of lesser intelligence and, consequently, of lesser renown, urged Einstein to reinstate his Cosmological Constant. To his eternal credit and greater renown, Albert Einstein ignored all their low IQ temptations.

After he had completely redeemed himself of his Cosmological Constant blunder, Albert Einstein sadly, went on to make other two mistakes, each one a far more enormous blunder than his Constant.

A first mistake was when he was seventy-three years old, three years from his death. In 1952, the Prime Minister of Israel, David Ben-Gurion, offered Albert Einstein the presidency of Israel, for life.

Einstein declined the offer. He declined because he felt he was not qualified to serve adequately in such an important Political Office.

The phenomenal remuneration and prestige such an office would entail, carried absolutely no weight with Albert Einstein; this alone, in the highest thinking of the very best minds in every Civilization forever in the world, was proof that the high caliber of the Einstein mind, was of the very highest.

To most conscientiously civilized and cultured righteous persons, this sincerely polite reasoned refusal of so high an office, rated Albert Einstein higher than did all his unparalleled scientific accomplishments.

Had Albert Einstein accepted David Ben-Gurionís most generously magnanimous offer, he, Einstein, would not have made his second mistake that was far, far more serious than his Cosmological Constant blunder.

That second and final mistake was his choice of hospital when he fell ill in 1955, at age seventy-six. He died of that illness in that hospital, within days.

Since the cause of his death was fully known, there was no need for an autopsy surgery. The criminal pathologist surgeon-in-charge, surnamed Harvey, performed an autopsy, nonetheless.

That immoral degenerate pathologist surgeon, surnamed Harvey, surreptitiously stole the dead Albert Einsteinís brain. He removed Einsteinís eyes, too.

Both acts were illegal: the autopsy and the theft. Both acts amounted to heinous desecration of a corpse.

What made both crimes that much uglier and shameful was that that hospital was affiliated with a University, an institution of (allegedly in this case) higher learning.

Albert Einstein, despite his genetically superior intelligence, had made the mistake that millions of people of all levels of intelligence, from lowest to highest, have made down the ages, and are still making every day, nowadays.

That mistake is in believing that within the academic environs of a University, a place where the most Cultured and Civilized minds are fashioned, and congregate, a person is guaranteed extra safety against criminals; in particular, safety against criminal intent originating within and amongst the academic inmates themselves.

For more than three decades afterwards, that spawn-of-satan, degenerate pathologist surgeon, surnamed Harvey, traipsed around the U.S.A., carrying Albert Einsteinís brain in a glass bottle, as if it was salt-free hamburger purchased at a fast-food joint.

Evil pathologist surgeon surnamed Harvey, sliced dead Albert Einsteinís brain into approximately two-hundred-and-forty pieces, each slice was thinner than a human head-hair. He gave away pieces here-and-there, to other equally devilishly degenerate scientists, variously surnamed, all over the world, to desecrate as they wished, guided by their codes of evil professional ethics. Undoubtedly, all were acolytes, like evil scientist pathologist surgeon surnamed Harvey, of Satan and his ilk of devils Baal and Beelzebub and et cetera.

At one time, hell-spawned Harvey granted a few slices to an accomplice fellow devil-devotee scientist at a University in California. There, believe-it-or-not, dead Albert Einsteinís brain was closely examined and declared to be, in some important ways, similar to the brain of a dead rat.

Nowadays, long after that degenerate surgeonís death, some pieces of Albertís brain are disgracefully stored away in dark places under lock and key. Other pieces are on display shamelessly and disgracefully to the general public. Yet other pieces are in unknown places, if in existence at all.

A righteous American President would, by executive order, require all pieces of Einsteinís brain, and his eyes, be, in accordance with Einsteinís wishes for his whole corpse, be cremated, and the ashes scattered in some anonymous place.

An annoying mystifying puzzle is why law enforcement never was invoked by anyone anywhere in the country in the three decades of evil pathologist surgeon Harveyís crimes. He perpetrated two crimes in that infamous hospital, but the hospital authorities failed to involve the police.

The unnecessary autopsy performed on Albert Einsteinís corpse was the crime of mutilation of a dead body.

Surreptitiously removing the brain from the corpse and taking it away from the hospital was theft.

The evil pathologist surgeon Harvey committed more crimes by carrying and, or, sending parts of the brain across State lines after he fled with it from that scene-of-the-crime University hospital in the State of New Jersey. He had illegally removed Einsteinís eyes, too; but when he fled New Jersey, he left the eyes behind.

Some other States known to have been complicit in Harveyís crimes, one way or another, are Alabama, California, Kansas, Philadelphia. Canada, too.

One might wonder. Is evil deoxyribonucleic acid naturally endemic to the name Harvey? Thomas Stolz Harvey, Lee Harvey Oswald, Harvey Weinstein, Donald Harvey, Harvey John Bailey?

Just askiní.

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