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Lew Goddard
Camrose, Alberta, Canada

Born Fifty Years Too Late

Photo of author's uncle.

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Don Blacklock was real. He was one of my maternal uncles and the second youngest of six children in my mother’s family.
         From the time I was a youngster, he embodied the essence of a hero to me. At that time, he was physically large, but in that respect, I outgrew him. I could never, ever outgrow my fondness for him and to this day, many years after his death, I often wish that he were still here to share my life.
           Don was a unique individual. His desire and drive were unsurpassed to live life as it was in the eighteen hundred. He homesteaded raw land twice and each time it took its physical toll.

           This is a work of non- fiction based on a true character. I have the honor to tell the story.   

Ruth Truman
Camarillo, Calafornia

The Professor's Obsessions: Jennie's Story

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How can one girl have so much happen when all she is doing is going to college?Jennie, a pre-med sophomore, is selected to lead a student mission team to work at an orphanage in Africa. Who would guess she would find herself mixed up with terrorists, a drug cartel, the FBI? Or, on campus with her best friend’s rebellion over an abortion? Then there’s the pesky professor who seems to turn up everywhere she goes, no matter how hard she tries to get rid of him. And what of that professor who is love-sick from the first day he sees her? Will he risk his job trying to date a student? Out-of-Here has new meaning. . . .

Ruth Truman
Camarillo, Calafornia

What Would Jake Do?
The Professor's Obsessions: Part III

Buy the paperback - $6.57
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An iPad and phone call turn the lives of Drs. Ben and Jennie Adkins and their two sons, Jake and Larry. Jake is in Afghanistan; Larry is a drop-out from Callegua University, his parents’ alma mater. Big choices have to be made. Internet-talented Larry takes off for California and coaxes his grandmother Joan to join him. This leads to a gang surrounded mission in Santa Ana, CA and an intriguing girl. Meanwhile his parents make a life change that brings them back to Callegua U. In a campus speech, Dr. Ben presents his dream for Higher Education in the 2020’s, reaching around the world. A reluctant faculty buys in, money flows from foundations, other colleges join, and Larry helps make the dream a reality. . .

Mary McIntosh
St. Petersburg, Florida

"Great job.  Thanks so much!"

Mary's Diary
A Secret Journal of the 1930s

Five Volumes
(Click on Volume number to buy at Amazon)

1935 - Volume One - Paperback - $6.55
1935 - Volume One - Kindle - $0.99

1936 - Volume Two - Paperback - $6.95
1936 - Volume Two - Kindle - $0.99

1937 - Volume Three - Paperback - $5.50
1937 - Volume Three - Kindle - $0.99

1938 - Volume Four - Paperback - $5.50
1938 - Volume Four - Kindle - $0.99

1939 - Volume Five - Paperback - $5.50
1939 - Volume Five - Kindle - $0.99
Mary McIntosh revisits her diary for the years 1935-1939.    Over the five volumes she describes the abdication of the English King, the fiery disaster of the Hinderberg, romantic rides in a rumble seat, visits to England on a steam ship, her first sexual encounters with a lover, and hundreds of other episodes brought back to her 90 year old mind in clear and vivid detail from the diary entries she made so long ago.
So start with her 1935 and 1936 volumes and then take a peek into her 1937 diary.  She will take you back to a slower and simpler time.  And the interlude will soothe your soul and enliven your mind.

Mary McIntosh
St. Petersburg, Florida

"Great job.  Thanks so much!"

Much Have I Travell'd

Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

Buy the paperback - $5.70
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     Mary McIntosh is over 93 years old, yet she writes with all the animation and verve of a twenty year old.  In this book she remembers her travels all over the world and the adventures she enjoyed and the wonderful people whe met.  Try a sample and you'll find you want to read more.  And your feet may start itching to get up and go see for yourself some of the wonderful sights Mary describes.  You'll also yearn for the times gone by before so many others had made the trips Mary describes.  In a slower and more innocent time she moved through many cities and lands few Americans had yet visited.  It's a wonderful read and a real inspiration to get up and get going!

J. R. Nakken
Tulalip, Washington

Jacey Cameron in
the Lost State of Franklin

Volume 1 of the Magic Necklace Series


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6 X 9
190 pages

     In this first Jacey Cameron adventure for middle-graders, the motherless 12-year-old heroine inherits what her grandmother told her was a magic necklace. It would on its own whim, Grandma confided, transport her back in time. Busy with her first year of middle school on Port Ransome Island in Washington state and not even half-believing her grandmother’s tale, Jacey tucks the necklace box away in her top drawer. She continues to touch the cold wood each night as she promised and, not long after Grandma crossed over, the box was warm!         Only then did it open and allow Jacey to put the necklace around her neck and goes to bed as she was instructed. She awakens in the 18th century, in the household of John Sevier, governor of the self-proclaimed State of Franklin. As the bound girl, Jane, she has charge of Sevier’s several young children (there were sixteen in all), cards wool, does baby laundry by hand and continually polishes Bonny Kate Sevier’s prized puncheon floors. Nancy Ward, the Blessed Woman of the Cherokee, enters the story early. She is a friend to John Sevier as well as a representative of her people, for her wisdom has told her that the whites will soon be “as grass in the meadow,” and she strives for peace. At a Christmas gathering at John Crockett’s (Davy Crockett’s father) at the mouth of Limestone Creek, little Catherine Sevier is kidnapped by marauding Chickamauga warriors who also take Jane/Jacey who has come to look for the child. Their adventures for several weeks in the renegade indians’ camp are the heart of the story, as is Nancy Ward’s rescue of the two girls.
       True to Grandma’s story, Jacey awakened in her own bed with the necklace back in its once more cold box. “But nothing came home with me, Grandma,” she whispered as she looked around her room. “And I’m not sure I made a difference as you said I would.” Only later did she find her memento of the Franklin trip, and learn in a history book what happened to John Sevier as six-times governor of Tennessee, in that land that once was Franklin
 Confessions of a Martian Schoolgirl

J. R. Nakken 

Buy the paperback - $12.00
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6 X 9
140 pages

    J. R. Nakken is an author whose work crosses several genres, from short stories to historical fiction and works for young adults. She lives on the Tulalip Indian Reservaton north of Seattle, Washington, with her soul mate and several felines.
   As a little girl, author J.R. Nakken was precocious, precognitive, left-handed and wall-eyed; her grandmother thought she was a witch. 

       In Confessions of a Martian Schoolgirl, Nakken shares a recounting of a period of twelve years when, almost four years old, her mother and new stepfather left her in Osceola, South Dakota (pop. 50,) and drove off with her little sister to begin their new life
      In this memoir, Nakken tells how she soon learned to retreat from the real world into books and fantasy, a beneficial lifesaving technique when she was reunited with her stepfather a little more than a year later.


     Readers Digest Assn. is proud to present Reminisce Magazine's Grand Prize Winner in its inaugural Memoir Contest. Our judges found Confessions of a Martian Schoolgirl an easy read of an honest story, with fine detail of growing up in the 40s and 50s on the Midwest prairie. Humor abounds amidst dark moments in an entertaining coming-of-age tale.
....Courtenay Smith, Executive Editor, Readers Digest and Reminisce magazines

Ann Boult Walling
Franklin, Tennessee

"The Preservation foundation, under the leadership of Richard Loller, expedited the process of bringing my book to print in many ways. . . . I had no idea what would be involved in publishing a book. Richard made it all happen."

Sunday Dinner

Coming of Age in the Segregated South

     Ann Walling grew up in Nashville, Tennessee, in the 1940s and 50s in a family with deep roots in Mississippi and a history tightly bound to the Old South. 

     To a small girl's sensibility, her family's lavish Sunday dinners were a liturgy that reinforced strict Southern mores she was taught never to question. But lurking behind the fine china were troubling contradictions, racial injustice, and tightly guarded family secrets. 

     Told with clear-eyed empathy, Sunday Dinner is a remarkable story of a young woman's moral awakening amidst a society's painful reckoning with the past, and of the things we choose to embrace and leave behind about the places we come from and the people who define us.

Buy the paperback - $11.95
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6 X 9
184 pages
Large Print
Sunday Dinner Cover
Frank Mann
Alva, Florida

"I'm amazed and pleased with the quality of the work and the attention to every detail.  Thanks from the heart."

Jungle Cruise From Hell To Hereafter

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6 X 9
96 pages
Large Print

     This story begins with a hunting trip trip George Mann organized for himself and his sons to celebrate his seventy-fifth birthday.
     It ends with the story of a kitten named Resurrection that was born on Easter and died not many months later. And that story ties seamlessly in with George Mann's passing at eighty-nine and his final gift to his sons and family.

     George had taken his boys to his hunting camp from the time they were six. They learned to share his love of camping, hunting, and the outdoors. A gift that they, in turn, have passed on to their boys..
     As his birthday drew near George conceived as a present to his sons a very special trip. It's object, hunting jaguars in Central America, did not quite turn out as planned.
     This is the Frank's first person account of that miserable 10 day survival experience where whatever could go wrong did.
Filled with wonderful details of incompetent guides, sharing the airplane with chickens, disgusting food, “tourista” ills, night time terrors, fierce mosquitos and ticks, and filthy bodies and clothes—all the elements that made it a hell trip it bacame.
     But, as so often happens, this worse-ever experience has become in retrospect Frank's best memory of his loving father. And it has ended up the gift George Mann intended—an adventure he and his sons shared that was er filled with love and wonderful memories.


     Frank Mann was born and raised in Florida, Fort Myers to be exact.  He left briefly for a degree from Vanderbilt University in Nashville but returned in 1963 to begin a 50 year career in Florida politics--a long time state legislator, candidate for Governor in 1986, and currently a county commissioner for Lee County.
     He was also for 17 years spokesman for the Association for Retarded Citizens of Florida. He has worked to get government assistance for society's often overlooked citizens.  He has written numerous political reports, news stories, and speeches, but his creative writing efforts are relatively recent.
     Twenty years ago Frank wrote a personal story on the subject of cats for a contest, which he won.   A Story about a hunting trip to Honduras with his father and brother, his second creative effort, also won first prize when submitted to another contest.   The two have been combined and have resulted in this, his first published book.
     Pretty good for a late blooming author!

Donal Buchanan
Danvers, Massachusetts

"Thanks for doing such a wonderful job! I wish I’d known about your site years ago."

The Naming of Joshua Bean

Buy the paperback - $6.95
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8 1/2 X 11
150 pages
Large Print

     Born of missionary parents in Japan, Donal Buchanan's has traveled widely throughout Europe and Asia. Among his many jobs was work for the CIA in the U.S., Japan, India, and Vietnam.
     He has published two mystery novels, a cartoon book on bridge, and two western novels. Another book on the adventures of Joshua Bean is in the works.
    He and his wife live in Danvers, Massachusetts.


     Joshua Bean, the son of an itinerant gunsmith, is in his 14th year when the story opens.
     He and his father have been traveling together for two years (since Mrs. Bean passed away) and Joshua has learned everything his father could teach him about the gunsmithing trade. Then,just outside the small town of Broken Spring, South Dakota, his father is stricken with a heart attack and dies.
     Joshua is taken in hand by the Kaufmans, a kind local family who run a general store and bakery. Josh does his best to be helpful to them.
     Mr. and Mrs Kaufman are killed by robbers in Joshua's presence. Joshua, who escapes, then learns that there was more to their murders than at first appeared. A larger plot is in process.
     Joshua is now in danger and his adventures begin in earnest.
     In the course of the story he receives a number of nicknames. But it is through his friendship with one of the local Sioux who befriends him that he comes to realize his need to find his true identity—his own name that is the key to his inner being.

W. Robert Abstein II
Nashville, Tennessee

"I am very pleased with my book and the readers of it have said how well it was done."

(See full text)

Standing In The Breach


Buy the paperback - $8.00
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6 X 9
108 pages

These poems and meditations reflect the struggles and the joys of living the faith. From sitting with a toad in search of a meal to reflections upon the mystery of God becoming flesh each piece is an examination of doubt and faith. The difficulties and the joys of being a minister during times of transition are explored with an open and honest heart and mind.
              The intent of the author is to take the reader on a journey from examining how we express our faith through the challenges we face and the struggles that often come from seriously grappling with them. We never reach our journey’s end but rather find it leads us to ever deepening issues of faith.
              After retiring as the Rector of St. George's Episcopal Church, Nashville, TN in January, 2005, he served as Interim Rector of St. Ann’s, East Nashville from 2006-2008; St. John’s, Tallahassee, 2010.; and presently Interim Rector of Church of the Resurrection, Franklin, Tennessee beginning in late 2013.
             He has served parishes in Florida and Georgia. He began his ministry in the panhandle of Florida with two missions in 1965.
             Dr. Abstein holds a B.A. from Florida State University, and a Masters and a Doctor of Ministry from the University of the South. 
             He and his wife, Roberta, have a son and daughter, eight grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.  His interests include reading mysteries, golf, and travel.

Ciro T. De Rosa
Babylon, New York

"I am happy to write a testimonial about the help, consideration and guidance you gave me when I asked you about publishing my anthology."

(See full text)

The Door To Naples

6 x 9
190 pages

Buy the paperback - $5.50
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     The stories in this book speak to the lives of the citizens and their priest who live in the ancient town of Casellino, in the Campania region of southern Italy. From the boy who gave his life in the fight against the retreating Germans during WW II, in An Unlikely Hero, to The Beloved Image of Oneself, and a

beautiful woman who could never conceive that her beauty would fade and she’d be left alone, and lonely. The Good Samaritan, who hoped to give solace to
those less fortunate, only to find that they wanted more than she could give. The old lady who realized she had lived too long, and was now leaving her home of seventy years with all its memories in the story,
 Moving Day. Envy and greed animates a man to conspire to steal an art gallery from his employer who treated him like a son in The Fifth Deadly Sin. Is the young novice in the convent of The Sisters of Mercy displaying the wounds of Christ’s Crucifixion in Stigmata? If so, is Don Ignazio’s faith challenged? In Unintended Consequences, lives are destroyed because of a clerical error. Don Ignazio is caught between two strong willed women in The Jealous Mother, who won’t consent to his son’s marriage and finessing Donna Rafe’ in Santo Piro, to continue her support of the church in need of repair. A young man comes from America to disinter the bones of his grandparents in The Ritual, and learns the mystery of life. An elderly couple who lost their son in the war is visited by The Stranger, who changes their lives forever. Finally, murder destroys the relative tranquility of Casellino in The Wolf Man of Casellino.

     Dr. De Rosa has taught English on the secondary level, in the ESL program for foreign students, and a review of major religions for Apollo College in Arizona. Ciro graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.A. in English from Dowling College. He received his M.A. from Stony Brook University and a Professional Diploma in Reading from Adelphi University. He completed his Doctorate in 1994 in the Graduate Teachers Program from La Salle University.He is a member of The Italian American Writers Association.His short stories have been published in Voices In Italian Americana and articles about his travels to Italy in Italian America Magazine. He writes a bi-monthly column for a state wide journal.He and his wife, Giovanna, have two daughters, five grandchildren and four great grandchildren.When asked about his writing, he says that he attempts to write with Clarity, Brevity, Simplicity and Humanity. He hopes he’s done that with this book.
Cityscape -Tales of the City

6 x 9
170 pages

Buy the paperback - $7.50

     Dr. DeRosa, a talented writer, has created a Cityscape of his beloved Brooklyn in a collection of 15 short stories that capture the essence of what makes that bit of the world unique. His characters, many of them of Italian background, work, play, love, and struggle amid the streets, homes, and buildings of the vast city - itself an underlying actor in all the stories. Dig in and enjoy these wise and wonderful stories of a time and place you will always remember.

Richard F. Bishop
Munich, Germany

"I’ll try to describe just how my “book” came about through the auspices of the Preservation Foundation, Inc., and Mr. Richard Loller, a modern “Wizard of OZ” located in Nashville, Tennessee."

(See full text)

Out of Kalamazoo County


8 1/2 x 11
126 pages

Buy the paperback - $5.95

     Richard Bishop, Lt. Col., USAF (Ret.), lives with his wife Elfi in Munich, Germany.
    He retired as a Regular Officer in 1976 after 25 years of Military service in the Comptroller field (a broad career field in Financial Management). After his Military Service, he was a Lecturer in Business & Management Courses for City Colleges of Chicago (an American Community College) for 17 years in their Overseas Program for the Military in Germany. He holds the Bachelor of General Education (BGE) Degree from the University of Nebraska at Omaha, Nebraska (1966), and the M.A. Degree in Business Management & Supervision from Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, Michigan (1974).
       He was licensed as a Public accountant in the State of Ohio for a number of years.

       His hobbies are his Computer and Old Languages such as Phoenician. He has published several articles about ancient languages in an Academic publication: Epigraphic Society Occasional Publications (ESOP) .

Patricia  M. Snell
Kendall, New York

Substitute Teacher Domain
Enter at Your Own Risk

An A-Z Memoir of Teaching at Kendall Elementary School

Photo courtesy of the author.
Buy the paperback - $5.50
Buy the Kindle - $0.99

6 X 9
42 pages
Large Print

     Remember when you were in school and you had a substitute teacher? Did you like having a substitute? Do you think the sub liked her job?
     This is a humorous look back at Patricia Snell’s decades of experience as a substitute teacher in a small town elementary school.

     In it she laments the disappearance of chalkboards from the classroom, and of the tastiest food from the cafeteria.
     In this memoir you will learn how she handled a class of unruly first graders and single-handedly fixed a problem with a classroom toilet. You'll also find out how she came to be called Mrs. Stinky and how she became a hero in the classroom.
     Everyone knows what it is like to be in school and have a substitute teacher. In this amusing book Mrs. Snell tells us what it is like to be the substitute teacher.
     As all good things must end, the memoir comes to a close as Mrs. Snell considers that it might be time to call it quits on her career as a stand-in for teachers.
     Patricia Snell recently started spending more time at home, and less time in classrooms. At home, Patricia enjoys reading and writing. Some of her published work includes a poem, entitled “A Silly Sort of Schooling Plan” in Ranger Rick Magazine. Her nonfiction article, entitled “The Eagle Has Landed” is published in Reminisce Magazine. Patricia and her husband live near Lake Ontario in the small town of Kendall, NY.

And don't forget our first paperback,  
A Curiosity of Cats!  

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Shivaji K. Moitra

The Weird Tale of Tony Woods

Kindle $0.99

The Preservation Foundation is an outstanding organisation serving the world of literature with the passion and intention of the Good Samaritan. Its Publishing Program earnestly endeavours to pull out the literary jewels hidden deep within the dark recesses of the obscure corners of society or lost beneath the mundane preoccupations of some unknown writer in the struggle for survival and spread them before the world so that the connoisseurs of literature could savour the beauty of those unintended but magnificent creations.

In a world driven by nothing other than economics and the urge of profit, the Preservation Foundation's Publishing Program has chosen to tread the lonely path for the noble cause of protecting and preserving the extraordinary works of ordinary people for generations to come.

While your Foundation's Publishing Program strives to bring more and more unknown authors into the limelight, may God's blessings be with you.  

Shivaji K. Moitra
Kharagpur, India - 721305

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Ciro T. De Rosa

The Door To Naples

Paperback $9.00
Kindle $4.00

Dear Richard,

I am happy to write a testimonial about the help, consideration and guidance you gave me when I asked you about publishing my anthology. You told me how to go about getting the project started and helped me throughout the entire process of printing and publishing, while making the entire process clear and very understandable.

I would certainly tell anyone interested in self publishing their work to get in touch with Preservation before deciding on another way to go. I'm also happy tell you that I'm in the process of completing another project that Preservation will definitely be involved in.

Ciro T. De Rosa, PH.D


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W. Robert Abstein II

Standing In The Breach

Paperback $9.00
Kindle $2.99

One of the great things about working with Richard Loller, publisher of The Preservation Foundation, is his flexibility in working with his authors. He had not done a book of poetry before and it was a challenge he accepted and carried off beautifully. I am very pleased with my book and the readers of it have said how well it was done. I am grateful for his perseverance and patience in working with this first-time author.

Bob Abstein


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Richard F. Bishop

Out of Kalamazoo County

Paperback $9.00


 Dear Fellow Authors:                              1 December 2014


If you have a moment, I’ll try to describe just how my “book” OUT OF KALAMAZOO COUNTY came about

through the auspices of the Preservation Foundation, Inc., and Mr. Richard Loller, a modern “Wizard of

” located in Nashville, Tennessee.

I started putting these stories of mine into the Preservation Foundation, Inc. on-line archives about five years

ago and there are now twenty-eight (as the Appendix of my book states). Each one was finished (with minimal

references to other events) so as to stand on its own. It was a random choice and it was lucky that I decided to do

this because it helped years later as I turned each one into a full, stand-alone, CHAPTER in a book.


FLASH 11/27/14



My actual book “project” was the result of Mr. Loller of Preservation Foundation, Inc., saying: "Well, now, 28 Stories are just right for a book."

I replied, saying: Maybe; but all I would want is just a free souvenir for my former classmates - can you get me a cheaper local Printing Shop there in Nashville, Tennessee, than these expensive ones here in Germany? He was nice enough to gather some estimates for me (they turned out to be rather high).

But then he said: "Let me play out my connections to Amazon - they could be the most inexpensive of all . . . better yet, they do all of the covering and layout and guarantee a full, attractive finished Paperback or E-book product which local print shops rarely can do -- if some local Print Shop would do the job it would probably look like a pamphlet ; staples and all. . . . and Amazon doesn't fret if it turns out to be a non-Bestseller. Above all, don’t forget, Amazon is now the biggest Publisher in the world."

The following events occurred over a time-period of about two months (after those facts had sunk into my mind).

It started me thinking seriously about a more professional product and I actually began investing some overtime into an "exercise" of putting all my stuff into book form. It was lots of work into the midnight hours. I had to cull out all the Stories that were "Editorializing" (such as “Blue-eyed Soul” and “Dueling Banjos”) but I kept the Memoir stuff. A few paragraphs swapped here and there and a few new chapters to create the historical big picture plus describing a rural "setting" and it was done. At my request, Mr. Loller was kind enough to search for and actually locate a satellite image showing the Great Lakes Basin for the cover.

I sent it in as an Adobe Reader .pdf file to Mr. Loller and that was it - he and his contact at Create Space Publishing Platform - a subsidiary of Amazon (who operates Printing Plants located in Kentucky and South Carolina) accepted it immediately, all in a few days.

A few corrections (plus adding an Index) and the rest is history. It was issued on     21 November, 2014.  Wow! - Amazon really is BIG and they really spread it around for you and it is now listed at 10 Booksellers: - Main Supplier   (Print on Demand) (Print on Demand)


Barnes & Noble


Half-Price Books


Schuler Books & Music

It is now listed (complete with cover image) in an all Michigan on-line free Ad ( and in an all World on-line free Ad (, as well.

To add some “oomph” into the marketing, I put a classified ad (complete with cover image and a LINK to Amazon) into the print version of the Stars and Stripes Newspaper (Europe and Pacific: daily circulation: 350,000) and it was listed there throughout January, 2015, together with a matching on-line listing (also with a LINK to Amazon). 

The Military Officers Association of America Magazine (MOAA Magazine) notified me that it will show a “one-liner” in the April, 2015, issue of their Magazine (monthly circulation: 283,000) and then they will list it permanently in their on-line MEMBER BOOKS database. They said it will include a LINK to Amazon.

The very first copy was purchased by the Kalamazoo, Michigan, Central Public Library from the trade information issued by Amazon. Another went to the Mattawan Consolidated High School Library.  So much for Posterity;  (sort of like my “Star” on the Hollywood walk of fame)

Rather a long story, isn't it? Well, there's really no short version !  I’m getting a big “kick” out of it; this short ride (November 2014 - March 2015) has been, so far, a crowning achievement in my 84 years!

It’s hard to keep your eyes on the original goal and I keep telling myself, it was only printed for myself and my classmates (but, when you’re  having so much fun, it’s hard to ignore those anticipated incoming sales numbers!) My enjoyment started with one little article for READER’S DIGEST Association’s Farm and Ranch Living Magazine. But it grew tenfold with the chance Mr. Loller created for me at Amazon.

And so, my Friends, if you have some stories, just bundle them all together and send them off to Nashville. Probably they’ll not ever be recorded for Posterity if you don’t do it right now. You could find out (just as I have) that: (1) the magical hand of Mr. Richard Loller and (2) the Preservation Foundation, Inc. and (3) the Amazon publishing world are just made for you.

And don’t forget; . . . People are waiting! . . . Posterity is waiting!

Highest Regards,  Dick Bishop, Munich, Germany.

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